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CyberLink PowerBackup 2.6 Build 0619

CyberLink PowerBackup 2.6 Build 0619
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CyberLink PowerBackup is the most robust data backup software which offers 3 backup methods: full, differential, and incremental is available to perfectly suit all your needs. Full is a complete backup of all files. Differential mode archives changed or new files. Incremental mode archives new files created since the last backup.

Fast Stream-to-Disc Archiving is a streaming burning technology that let’s you compress data and streams directly to disc, saving precious archiving time and hard disc buffer space throughout the process.

Easy Archive Scheduling automates the archiving of data so you don’t have to remember to archive. You can change the scheduled backup any time, including override schedule to back up immediately.

Backups can be scheduled to occur every day, week, month, or once only. You can also postpone backup indefinitely, add or remove scheduled jobs.

The Safest Way to Protect Your Valuable Data:

  • Archive files, folders and application data
  • Include or exclude files with advanced filtering
  • Schedule automatic backups of important data
  • Protect archives with password protection
  • Blu-ray disc support provides users with up to 50GB of storage space on a single disc

Sturdy Password Protection. Enhances security for archiving and restoring files, preventing unauthorized access to your data archives.

Flexible File Filters for Quick Archiving. Back up more efficiently by creating a list of files that you specifically want in or out of your archive

Fit Any Location by Splitting Volumes. Split archives across two or more destinations in order to fit the available destination space. Options include Auto, DVD, CD, and a user-defined storage size.

Vast Storage Media Support. Delivers incredible flexibility in archiving to major storage media, including Jazz and Zip drives, flash memory cards, hard drives, CDs, and DVDs, including 8.5 GB double-layer discs.

Data Compression Maximizes Storage. Ensure maximizing use of storage media and burning time by providing a choice for archiving huge volumes of files into the smallest possible space. Three flexible options are: no compression (fastest), quick compression, and maximum compression (slowest).

Data Restoration. PowerBackup gives you a choice of locations-My Catalog, a backup file, or disc-when restoring data. You may either restore them to a new location or back to the files’ original location.

Restorer Utility. Enables you to restore data without the original PowerBackup program that created the archive-a single executable file for launching the archive is created during the backup process. Restored data also retains the language settings of the original OS used to create the archive.

Size: 18.0 MB

DOWNLOAD CyberLink PowerBackup Trial

DOWNLOAD Update Patch to PowerBackup 2.5 build 5718a

This patch is for the OEM version that came with the Sony BWU-300S, with the SR number CDS080605-01.

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