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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 12.0
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Dr.Web Enterprise Security consists of a set of Dr.Web products to protect all hosts in a corporate network and a single control center that facilitates the administration of many of the products.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite lets you control any Dr.Web-protected computer from a single location. Employees can work all over the world with the same level of protection. Guaranteed data safety (including personal data) at any given moment.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite provides reliable protection from most existing threats. The unsurpassed quality of curing and reliable self-protection leave no loophole for viruses and other malware to break into the protected environment.

The built-in firewall included in the protection software for workstations and the Office control module will help prevent viruses from exploiting the vulnerabilities of operating systems and applications and control the operation of installed programs.

Incorporated into Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, Dr.Web Server Security Suite thoroughly protects systems running server versions of Windows from viruses, rootkits, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, hack tools, and other malicious objects.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite provides protection for:

  • Workstations, clients of terminal servers, clients of virtual servers, embedded system clients;
  • File servers and application servers (including terminal and virtual servers);
  • Mail servers;
  • Gateways;
  • Mobile devices.

Suite components

  • Control Center is provided free of charge
  • Dr.Web Web-administrator (Web console). Lets you control all services from any computer and respond quickly to security problems
  • Dr.Web Mobile Control Center for iPhone and iPad (iOS)/Android. Lets you control anti-virus network security from a mobile device that is not compatible with the Dr.Web Web-administrator.
  • Anti-virus server. Lets you centrally control network security, including deployments, updates, network protection-status monitoring, virus-incident notifications, and statistics gathering.
  • Anti-virus agents. Installed on protected computers, servers, and mobile devices, and, if necessary, on the anti-virus server.

Dr.Web Anti-rootkit Service, is a universal subsystem for detecting and neutralizing active infections that use rootkit technologies. The Anti-Virus Network provides efficient remote administration of Dr. Web Server Security Suite installed on Windows computers on the LAN. Now, if an administrator has the needed password, they can control the operation of the anti-virus software on any computer connected to the local network from another computer supporting the new feature. They can also create a master password that allows them to control all anti-virus settings and components.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products:

Workstation protection

Server protection

  • Windows Server
  • MacOS Server
  • Unix (Samba)
  • Novell NetWare
  • Novell Storage Services

Email filtering

  • Unix
  • MS Exchange
  • Lotus (Windows/Linux)
  • Kerio (Windows/Linux)

Protection for Internet-gateway users

  • Unix
  • Kerio
  • Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG
  • MIMEsweeper
  • Qbik WinGate

Protection for mobile device users

  • Android
  • BlackBerry

Homepage – https://www.drweb.com

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