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Trend Micro Mobile Security 16.2.0

Trend Micro Mobile Security 16.2.0
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Trend Micro Mobile Security protect your Android device from data theft, viruses or if it’s lost or stolen. It provides protection and privacy for your digital life. The application safeguards against lost devices and data, viruses, spyware, dangerous websites, fake apps.

Trend Micro Mobile Security guards against apps that steal personal information and may leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Moreover, it can identity theft on Facebook.

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This Trend Micro program identifies privacy settings in Facebook that may leave your personal information publicly available. Also it lets you restrict or filter website access for kids, protecting them from inappropriate content.

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Trend Micro Mobile Security enables you to find, lock or erase a missing device to protect your privacy, data and investment. Also it enables you to automatically backup personal data including photos, contacts and videos. Furthermore, it protects against malware and banking fraud by blocking dangerous websites.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Free version includes an Anti-virus scanner, 50 MB of cloud storage, privacy scanner for Facebook and a 30 day trial of the premium features.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Free Features:

  • App Scanning. Scans every app you have installed and every one you download to filter out virus and malicious apps that can steal your information and cost you money.
  • Unlimited Updates. Unlimited updates to virus protection files.
  • Cloud Scanning. Features unlimited cloud scanning connections to ensure continuous protection.
  • Backup and Restore. Backup your photos, contacts, calendar, videos, call and text history, and music (up to 50 MB).
  • Privacy Scanner for Facebook. Trend Micro Privacy Scanner verifies your Facebook privacy settings and recommends enhancements and facilitates the changes.
  • Online Technical Support. Offers support provided via online forums, knowledge base and email.
  • No Advertising. There is no third party advertising displayed in the app.

Trend Micro Mobile Security Premium Features:

  • Malware Blocker – an industry first! This innovative antivirus feature detects and blocks apps with malware before they install and damage your device and your data. Other products can only block malicious apps after they have been installed and can cause damage.
  • Malware Cleaner. Removes malware and restores your smartphone’s normal settings
  • Lost Device Protection. Features that let you find, lock, and wipe a missing device
  • Privacy Scanner. Warns you of apps that could expose your personal information
  • Vulnerability Scanner. Warns you of apps that could be exploited by hackers
  • Safe Surfing and Call and Text Filtering. Helps keep you and your kids safe from unwanted contact and content
  • App Lock. User selected apps (including system settings) can be blocked from unauthorized use
  • Pre-install scanning. Detects malicious apps from Google Play before they are installed on your device
  • Auto Just-a-Phone. Automatically kills non-essential background processes during calls when your battery is low
  • Smart Power Saver. Intelligently manages your network connections to use less battery power
  • Wi-Fi Checker. Notifies you when connecting to an unsecure network
  • App Manager. Helps free up device space by displaying each app’s last used date and storage space, and enabling easy app removal.

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 16.2.0:

  • User experience improvements and bug fixes.

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 15.5.0:

  • Onbording flow enhancement

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 15.4.0:

  • User experience improvements and bug fixes.
  • Notification Center – Manage notifications in one place to not miss any important messages.

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 15.3.0:

  • Add Feature demo for PayGuard
  • Enhanced UX and fixed minor bugs

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 15.2.0:

  • Scan app notifications for anti-scam messages
  • Stability improvements with minor updates and bug fixes
  • Support for new ways to create Trend Micro account and login

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 12.15.0:

  • Enhanced UX and fixed minor bugs

Changes in Mobile Security & Antivirus 12.12.0:

  • Better Web Guard support for Signal, Viber, Telegram & Hangouts.
  • App Freeze feature has been re-enabled for OS 10.0 or greater.
  • Social Network Scanner Facebook pattern updated

Homepage – https://www.trendmicro.com

Supported Operating Systems: Android OS 5.0 and higher

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