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ICQ 8.4 Build 7786

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ICQ 8ICQ 8 is an instant messaging computer program that lets you find your friends and associates online in real time. The program features include offline user messaging, multi-user chats, free daily limited SMS sending, resumable file transfers, greeting cards, multiplayer games and a searchable user directory. Chat with Facebook friends: Add your Facebook friends to your contact list and chat with them while their online in Facebook directly from your ICQ. Express yourself: Update your status and share your favorite links and images through the new ICQ status box. Share pictures: Pictures of yourself and others with the new ICQ picture sharing tool. Download ICQ 8 Messenger and chat for free with friends from ICQ, Facebook, Google Talk and more.

ICQ 8 includes:
• Free Messaging with PC and Mobile
• File Sharing Options
• ICQ Search Suite

ICQ Features:
• File Transfer
• Easy Login
• Multi instance support
• User Profile
• Google Talk
• Audio and Video
• Moods
• Messaging History
• Facebook Chat
• Take a Picture
• Add Friends
• Feeds from Friends
• Status Box
• Email and Notifications
• Online Games
• Client Personalization
• Picture Sharing

More ICQ Features:
• Voice and Video Chat. Write to your friends, talk to them or just stare at their face, with free text, voice and video chat.
• Multi Chat. The more, the merrier! Chat with multiple friends in one message window.
• Birthday Reminder. Send your friends an ICQ greeting card or wish them a ‘happy birthday’ with free birthday SMS*. (*This feature is available only in supported territories)
• Game Center. Play free online games on ICQ! RPS, Zoopaloola and many more.
• Emoticons Gallery. Get funny and free emoticons to spice up your text messages.

ICQ 8 Top Features

Your new ICQ2go is available on any computer, no download needed. Launch Web-ICQ

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Size: 35.5 MB

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    2011-05-03 at 13:10 Rich Says:

    thebigshot – yeah back in the mid to late 90’s this and IRC were the best methods for chatting on the net but now MSN, Facebook and Twitter have stolen the crown.