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Vivaldi 5.1.2553.3 Snapshot / 5.0 Build 2497.38 Update 5

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Vivaldi 5.1.2553.3 Snapshot / 5.0 Build 2497.38 Update 5

Vivaldi is a freeware advanced Chromium-based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It is company founded by the former Opera Software cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera’s transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process.

Vivaldi’s aim is to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12 as well as introduce new and more innovative ones. It has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts. Also a color scheme that changes according to the background and design of the visited web page.

Vivaldi browser also allows users to customize the appearance of UI elements such as background color, overall theme, address bar and tab positioning, and start pages.

Features of Vivaldi Browser:

  • Customize Everything, including the location of the browser tabs or address bars.
  • Adapt the Interface as you browse the web (the Vivaldi web browser’s color scheme adapts to the surroundings of the web you browse).
  • Tab Stacks. Organize your tabs using Tab Stacks (just drag a single tab to another for easy multiple grouping).
  • Spatial Navigation. Navigate spatially (you will get anywhere on the webpage just with the keyboard).
  • Page Tiling. Tile pages when you want to handily compare several pages at once in your web browser.
  • Web Technology. Vivaldi uses JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules.
  • Write Notes on the Go. take notes and add screen shots of web pages while browsing right in the Notes.
  • Quick Commands. They lets you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more with one single keyboard shortcut. Control everything in your browser from one place.
  • Always in Sync. You can synchronise the bookmarks, history, passwords and settings across different instances of Vivaldi browser through the encrypted Sync infrastructure.
  • This browser includes Qwant search engine that respects your privacy

Changes in Vivaldi 5.1.2553.3 Snapshot:

  • [Bookmarks] Bar icon cut off (VB-78527)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 98.0.4758.60
  • [Command Chains] Cannot be edited (VB-85899)
  • [Extensions] Chrome webstore is “blocked” (VB-85798)
  • [macOS] App Icon using P3 color profile and new doc icon (VB-85892)
  • [Settings][Themes] Add link to Themes Editor to encourage uploading themes (VB-85735)
  • [Tabs] Favicon display glitch on vertical tab bar (VB-76553)
  • [Window management][Gestures] Improve gesture handling for popup windows (VB-85987)
  • [Window management][Gestures] Should be disabled in fullscreen games (VB-66772)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [New][Mail] Alias mail addresses for a mail account: supports aliases with same SMTP server (VB-12785)
  • [Mail] Clicking a recipient rearranges list (VB-63323)
  • [Mail] Enabling imported account requires restart (VB-85854)
  • [Mail] Import from Thunderbird fails if email aliases exist (VB-85871)
  • [Mail] Integrate Calendar Event import into main import dialog (VB-84710)
  • [Mail] Less intrusive error display in panel (VB-85989)
  • [Mail] Prefetching 400k mails takes days (VB-65668)
  • [Calendar] Clicking today in agenda panel goes to bottom (VB-77193)
  • [Calendar] Upcoming events don’t respond when clicked (VB-84445)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.1.2549.3 Snapshot:

  • [Address bar] Add “Copy without parameters” to the context menu (VB-85455)
  • [Address bar] The Hover state is incorrect (button overlaps border) (VB-61312)
  • [Address bar][Downloads] Button has a non-clickable area in the progress bar. (VB-85586)
  • [Bookmarks] Can’t add if the folder where the last bookmark was added has been moved to trash (VB-81890)
  • [Capture] Doesn’t save to JPG as selected (VB-83776)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 98.0.4758.50
  • [Crash] When opening “vivaldi://apps” in a private window. (VB-85553)
  • [Linux][Media][arm32] No proprietary media support: download link expired (VB-85698)
  • [Periodic Reload] Of background tab is set on active one (VB-85652)
  • [Settings] Long passwords cannot be viewed in Settings (VB-80334)
  • [Sync] UI broken in French (VB-83483)
  • [Tabs] Active tab height is limited in two level vertical stacks (VB-85807)
  • [Tabs] Buttons can become unusable with multiple windows (VB-85667)
  • [Tabs] Cannot minimise vertical tab bar (VB-85585)
  • [Tabs] tooltip can be cut off at the bottom of vertical Tab Bar (VB-85894)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Active tab can be hidden on startup (VB-85607)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Align New Tab button to last tab in horizontal scrolling tab bar (VB-85655)
  • [Tabs][Tab Scrolling] Disable scrolling arrows when scrolling is not possible (VB-85589)
  • [Translate] Add support for translating the tag contents (VB-85679)
  • [Translate] Does not handle script tags with embedded br tags (VB-85721)
  • [Translate][Panels] Layout update (VB-85456)
  • [Window management] Javascript open popup inside a popup is not working anymore (VB-84851)
  • [Windows][Installer] Scaling issues: query DPI for the currently used monitor (VB-85752)
  • [Windows][Installer] Scaling issues: text does not fit the window when the scale is 3 or more (VB-84958)
  • [Windows][Media][Crash] Windows 7 (VB-85450)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and Feeds Beta

  • [Calendar] Adding a task under Agenda > Tasks does not work correctly (VB-84941)
  • [Calendar] Can click clear in calendar log even when it’s empty (VB-83785)
  • [Calendar] Can’t select long text in event description (VB-73775)
  • [Calendar] Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘description’) (VB-85546)
  • [Calendar] Ctrl+Backspace deletes event (VB-66068)
  • [Calendar] Erroring when viewing too many events in week or day view (VB-84649)
  • [Calendar] Event repeat count is incorrect or confusing (VB-62130)
  • [Calendar] Events imported without end time not shown (VB-68396)
  • [Calendar] Events with no Due date still get’s a reminder (VB-85730)
  • [Calendar] Infinity in progress status bar (VB-85600)
  • [Calendar] Missing for new events (VB-75936)
  • [Calendar] Multi-day event overlaps month picker in panel week view (VB-67217)
  • [Calendar] Odd tick box behaviour when setting up new Google account (VB-85288)
  • [Calendar] Restoring event should focus the viewport that the event is in (VB-66735)
  • [Calendar] Search shows from how many days events were found on instead of the number of events (VB-74481)
  • [Calendar] Wrong height for some events, using minimal display (VB-83171)
  • [Calendar][Panels] Agenda view in Panel is always focused (VB-85810)
  • [Calendar][Settings] Re-structure Notification settings (VB-85731)
  • [Mail] ‘Show’ toolbar should not be visible in Single Thread views (VB-85858)
  • [Mail] Error dialogs missing for mail errors (VB-32127)
  • [Mail] Folder error icon doesn’t have an associated tooltip (VB-58347)
  • [Mail] Prevent multiple oAuth pop up dialogs (VB-85682)
  • [Mail] Remaining time on import is meaningless (VB-85848)
  • [Mail] Separate Search and View Filters (VB-85747)
  • [Mail] Setting up accounts stops after a while (VB-84503)
  • [Mail] Some menu buttons are often inactive (VB-85584)
  • [Mail] X deletes wrong email address when replying with more than one address (VB-85742)
  • [Mail][IME] Label does not accept IME input (VB-74707)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.38 – Update 5:

  • [Translate] Does not handle script tags with embedded br tags (VB-85721)
  • [Mail Beta] Parentheses ruin search (VB-85391)
  • [Mail Beta] Cannot easily search in a contact (VB-85029)
  • [Mail Beta] Search results lost when going back and forth in history (VB-68499)
  • [Mail Beta] Prevent multiple oAuth pop up dialogs (VB-85682)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.35 – Update 4:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.137
  • [Crash] On and AOL Mail (VB-84978)
  • [Linux][Media][arm32] No proprietary media support for new users (VB-85698)
  • [Mail Beta] Uncaught Error: Filter not found when setting up account (VB-85021)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.32 – Update 3:

  • [Crash][Private Window] While syncing (VB-85274)
  • [Themes][Pop-out video] Icon overlaps with sound icon (VB-85096)
  • [Themes][Tabs] Vertical tab scrollbar invisible when theme is modified (VB-84739)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.30 – Update 2:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.113: includes fix for CVE-2021-4102
  • [Mail Beta] Import Email from Opera function is disabled (VB-84729)
  • [Reader mode][Themes] View doesn’t use the selected color scheme (VB-84447)
  • [Themes][Linux][Windows] “Fade Foreground Colors” setting has no effect on window colors (VB-84730)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.28 – Update:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.97
  • [Extensions][Private Windows] “uBlock Origin” won’t work when enabled (VB-84758)
  • [Settings] Password export to CSV saves no logins (VB-79750)
  • [Settings][Linux] Cannot view passwords (VB-84351)
  • [Speed dial] White flash when loading site if home button has been used (VB-79445)
  • [Tabs][Private Windows] Can’t save tabs as sessions (VB-84007)
  • [Themes] Audio icon may have wrong color (VB-84748)
  • [Themes] Image variables aren’t cleared when changing to a theme without background image (VB-84751)
  • [Themes][Settings] rendering glitches (VB-84966)
  • [UI] Improved warning dialog about profile being inside a Git repository (VB-84485)
  • [Upgrade] Migration code missing synchronization between Vivaldi windows: lost themes on upgrade to 5.0 (VB-84750)

Changes in Vivaldi 5.0 Build 2497.24:

  • [New][Themes] Theme sharing (VB-38363)
  •  [New][Translate][Panel] Provide a new way to translate selections and arbitrary text (VB-80593)
  • [New][Address bar][Download] Offer additional way of showing downloads (VB-80226)
  • [New][Page Actions][Chain Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Handle page actions as commands (VB-82950)
  • [New][Chain Commands] Add parameter to search with selection command: to specify search engine (VB-81860)
  • [New][Linux]Provide rpm packages for ARM and ARM64 (VB-84132)
  • [Address bar] Checking a URL with a search engine goes to URL instead of searching (VB-84115)
  • [Address bar] URL in address field not updated after opening a site from Bookmarks menu (VB-83568)
  •  [Address bar] URLs with encoded characters are not properly encoded when copying the URL (VB-77574)
  • [Blocker][Keyboard] Tracker blocking badge is not keyboard accessible (VB-65331)
  •  [Bookmarks] Duplicate text overlaid on javascript and mailto URLs (VB-81608)
  •  [Capture] Button not translated (VB-84477)
  •  [Capture] Dragging isn’t possible after screenshot (VB-84242)
  •  [Capture] Missing UI for screenshot of area (VB-83510)
  •  [Chromium] Upgraded to 96.0.4664.51
  •  [Download] Doesn’t finish although it reach 100% (VB-83809)
  • [Download] Data blob download fails (VB-84157)
  • [Gestures][Keyboard] Translate Page Not Available as a Command (VB-82214)
  • [Gestures][Settings] Animation not displaying (VB-82288)
  •  [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 98.0.4710.4—104707
  • [Locale] Swedish system long date format incorrect (VB-73701)
  • [Menus] Improve capability to recover from broken syntax in menu files (VB-84124)
  • [Menus][PWA][Speed Dials] Useless “Create shortcut…” context menu item (VB-83236)
  • [Panels] Can’t open “windows with N tabs” in window panel (VB-83590)
  • [Panels][Download] Missing information if disk is full (VB-77323)
  • [Panels][Download] Order of entries in download panel change on click after download finished (VB-69518)
  • [Panels][Tabs] Sort tabs by domain has stopped working (VB-84492)
  • [Performance] Enable backward/forward cache by default (VB-83644)
  • [Performance][Address bar] Improve performance by doing less re-rendering (VB-83559)
  • [Performance][Tabs] Fewer avoidable re-renders while dragging tabs (VB-83498)
  • [Periodic reload][Tabs] Only affects last selected tab in a group of tabs (VB-84439)
  • [Privacy] Add .gitignore file to profile folder; A warning should display if the profile might be in a Git repository (VB-84485)
  •  [Quick Commands] Should take history state into account with autocomplete (VB-83489)
  •  [Quick Commands] Tune history search (VB-82876)
  •  [Reader Mode] Failing in some cases when it should not (VB-83689)
  •  [Speed Dial] Cannot rename bookmark by clicking on the title; cut/copy/paste in the title field doesn’t work (VB-81991)
  •  [Speed Dial] Opening a page from a folder, then going back does not return you to the folder (VB-84101)
  •  [Speed Dial][Search] Ask users to consider using Startpage instead of Google (VB-73553)
  •  [Sync] Can’t use $ in password (VB-83806)
  •  [Tabs] Dragging should update less when animations are off (VB-83757)
  •  [Tabs] Dragging tab selects another tab (VB-83758)
  • [Tabs] When tab bar is hidden, a new tab from a stack opens outside the stack (VB-79128)
  • [Tabs][Keyboard] F6 focus selection disappears on tab stacks (VB-83959)
  •  [Tabs][Performance] Poor performance with many tabs (VB-84121)
  • [Translate] Better error handling to improve automatic detection (VB-84434)
  • [Translate] Error in console when loading XML file (VB-83681)
  •  [Translate] Selection button and popup might end up below the page (VB-83429)
  • [Windows][Media] Sound occasionally fails: fixes some of these instances (VB-82763)

Mail, Calendar & Feeds

  • [Calendar Beta] Add option to not show notifications (VB-84425)
  • [Calendar Beta] Allow selecting which calendars to sync on account setup (VB-84584)
  • [Calendar Beta] Assign or allow keyboard shortcut to refresh Calendar (VB-74323)
  • [Calendar Beta] Cannot connect to NextCloud CalDAV (VB-74906)
  • [Calendar Beta] Changing the color of local Calendar does not work (VB-83986)
  • [Calendar Beta] Deleting Vivaldi Calendar account hangs (VB-84030)
  • [Calendar Beta] Duplicate event created when using done button (VB-84384)
  • [Calendar Beta] Empty event with default notification is saved (VB-83664)
  • [Calendar Beta] Filter does not apply for tasks in agenda view (VB-83455)
  • [Calendar Beta] Hide “+” when editing event (VB-64642)
  • [Calendar Beta] Import iCal file into new Calendar (VB-84031)
  • [Calendar Beta] Imported ICS calendar containing events with no range doesn’t sync (VB-82935)
  • [Calendar Beta] Prevent update of web calendar from invite email (VB-84178)
  • [Calendar Beta] Setting for opening ICS files in Vivaldi or use OS default app (VB-56573)
  • [Calendar Beta] Setting up CalDAV or Google calendar is slow with many events (VB-83847)
  • [Calendar Beta] Status button shows events from hidden calendars (VB-84459)
  • [Calendar Beta] Store and use credentials when accessing Web Calendar (VB-83462)
  • [Calendar Beta] Web calendar event duplication (VB-84051)
  • [Calendar Beta][CalDAV] Changing calendar color does not work for online Calendars (VB-84001)
  • [Calendar Beta][Keyboard] Define command for shortcuts compatible with Google calendar: allows for shortcuts to be different between Browser, Calendar and Mail (VB-83320)
  • [Calendar Beta][Mail Beta] Error logger improvements (VB-84064)
  • [Calendar Beta][Mail Beta] Status button logs overflow (VB-84454)
  • [Calendar Beta][Panel] Creating a new event for today in the panel fails (VB-83808)
  • [Feeds Beta] Add feed dialog should allow adding an incomplete feed (VB-84424)
  • [Feeds Beta] Quirksmode feed causes several parsing issues (VB-83459)
  • [Feeds Beta] When parsing of a feed fails, it halts loading of all remaining feeds (VB-83819)
  • [Mail Beta][Calendar Beta] Add logs to status popup (VB-84024)
  • [Mail Beta] Add Oauth support for Office365/Outlook (VB-83729)
  • [Mail Beta] Add back threading toggle button (VB-84028)
  • [Mail Beta] Add “Rename Mailing List” to context menu (VB-83175)
  • [Mail Beta] Deleting from All Messages not working (VB-82670)
  • [Mail Beta] IMAP account setting for upload to Sent folder or not (VB-70666)
  • [Mail Beta] Implement new import UI: work in progress (VB-83982)
  • [Mail Beta] Import from M2 does not always put sent messages in sent folder (VB-83540)
  • [Mail Beta] Import – allow selecting accounts to include (VB-84133)
  • [Mail Beta] Inbox navigates to composer after closing a composer tab (VB-84412)
  • [Mail Beta] Links can get linkified incorrectly (VB-84003)
  • [Mail Beta] Mail list sorting (VB-28216)
  • [Mail Beta] Mail status popup fails for BCC-messages (VB-83623)
  • [Mail Beta] Messages sent to self don’t show in ‘received’ (VB-74552)
  • [Mail Beta] No result when putting symbols in search without quotation (VB-81236)
  • [Mail Beta] POP errors are too generic (VB-83516)
  • [Mail Beta] Performance fix for getting next filtering request
  • [Mail Beta] Retries too fast on failed connection (VB-83961)
  • [Mail Beta] Search does not find emails with txt attachments (VB-75874)
  • [Mail Beta] Some text in email is rendered in pure white color (VB-83925)
  • [Mail Beta] Support actions for filters: first actions are mark read, add/remove label (VB-79165)
  • [Mail Beta] Temporarily out of sync with server (VB-83577)
  • [Mail Beta] Undo fails at times (VB-64787)
  • [Mail Beta] Unnecessary confirm delete dialogs (VB-84118)
  • [Mail Beta] Wrong hover color on dropdown toolbar buttons (VB-84409)
  • [Mail Beta][Settings] Deleted mailing list filters can never be restored, with settings open in a new window (VB-84625)

Homepage –

Vivaldi browser runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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    DOWNLOAD Vivaldi 3.7.2218.58 for Windows 64-bit is invalid, it's 32-bit version link

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      Thank You

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    Vivaldi 3.4.2066.65 for Windows 32-bit link is invalid there is but should be

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    There starting add extra shortcuts 2.5.1511.4 Snapshot.

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    The 64bit beta 3 Vivaldi is very stable on Win7.