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Vivaldi 2.9.1745.22 Snapshot/ Vivaldi 2.9 Build 1705.41

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Vivaldi 2.9.1745.22 Snapshot/ Vivaldi 2.9 Build 1705.41

Vivaldi is a freeware advanced Chromium-based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It is company founded by the former Opera Software cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera’s transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process.

Vivaldi’s aim is to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12 as well as introduce new and more innovative ones. It has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts. Also a color scheme that changes according to the background and design of the visited web page.

Vivaldi browser also allows users to customize the appearance of UI elements such as background color, overall theme, address bar and tab positioning, and start pages.

Features of Vivaldi Browser:

  • Customize Everything, including the location of the browser tabs or address bars.
  • Adapt the Interface as you browse the web (the Vivaldi web browser’s color scheme adapts to the surroundings of the web you browse).
  • Tab Stacks. Organize your tabs using Tab Stacks (just drag a single tab to another for easy multiple grouping).
  • Spatial Navigation. Navigate spatially (you will get anywhere on the webpage just with the keyboard).
  • Page Tiling. Tile pages when you want to handily compare several pages at once in your web browser.
  • Web Technology. Vivaldi uses JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules.
  • Write Notes on the Go. take notes and add screen shots of web pages while browsing right in the Notes.
  • Quick Commands. They lets you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more with one single keyboard shortcut. Control everything in your browser from one place.
  • Always in Sync. You can synchronise the bookmarks, history, passwords and settings across different instances of Vivaldi browser through the encrypted Sync infrastructure.
  • Vivaldi includes Qwant search engine that respects your privacy

What’s New in Vivaldi 2.9.1745.22 Snapshot:

  • [Address Bar] Progress bar goes from right to left when adding content to existing page (VB-60699)
  • [Address Bar][Extensions][Regression] Hidden extension background-color is wrong (VB-60762)
  • [Address Bar][Mac] Right-click selects text in Vivaldi (VB-37269)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Navigating to a page or search from drop-down causes focus to stick to the URL field (VB-60846)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] Opening a new tab does not set focus to the URL field immediately (VB-60811)
  • [Address Bar][Regression] URL field is cleared after tab switching (VB-60761)
  • [Extensions][Regression] Dropping extensions onto extension manager fails in developer mode (VB-60693)
  • [Extensions][Settings] Revive the old toggle functionality in the new extension visibility (VB-60576)
  • [IME][Quick Commands][Linux][macOS][Regression] Doesn’t show all history items when a visited URL includes the search word (VB-60835)
  • [Regression] Geolocation permissions are lost (VB-60756)
  • [Regression] Tabs don’t get detached when dropped inside the window (VB-60807)

Changes in Vivaldi 2.9 Build 1705.41 Update 3:

  • [Linux] Update third party media libs and ensure they have correct permissions (VB-59413)
  • Some IMEs are no longer working, e.g. Yahoo IME: fixed by Chromium update below (VB-59490)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.99

What’s New in Vivaldi 2.9 Build 1705.31:


  • [Cookies] Page prevented from using cookies dialogue (VB-22928)
  • [Menus] Add a link to the bug report wizard from help menu (VB-12835)
  • [Menus] Add web panels to View menu (VB-50286)
  • [Menus] Alt + ‘letter with a diacritics’ does not open items (VB-12688)
  • [Menus] Let F10 and Alt toggle focus (VB-58586)
  • [Menus] Show Tab bar in View menu (VB-33425)
  • [Menus][Accessibility] Make available letters for menu accelerators case sensitive (VB-58985)
  • [Menus][Bookmarks] Edit/Add Bookmark/Add Folder missing from bookmark context menu (VB-50909)
  • [Menus][Bookmarks] Empty directory missing “Add Active Tab” menu item (VB-58682)
  • [Menus][Keyboard] Add F10 support (Focus Main Menu) for Vivaldi menu (VB-57596)
  • [Menus][Themes] Move background image from tab bar to window so that it also includes the horizontal menu (VB-37886)
  • [New][Settings] Options to globally block site permissions: “Menu → Tools → Settings → Webpages → Global Permissions” (VB-58931)

Address Bar

  • Searching with another search engine than default has wrong favicons in drop down (VB-58450)
  • [Regression] Search string becomes incomplete if it matches a bookmark nickname (VB-58642)
  • [Regression] The URL field in new tab clears if the tab is switched (VB-57553)
  • Autocomplete doesn’t match on history item titles (VB-57769)
  • [IME] Cannot go through dropdown suggestions after confirming input (VB-57896)
  • [IME] It is impossible to use same Korean letter in address bar (VB-58049)
  • [Regression] Autocomplete from bookmark nickname can write nickname itself (VB-57483)
  • [Regression] Clicking address field makes selected URL disappear (VB-57486)
  • [Search] Dialogue doesn’t close if you click the choose search engine button (VB-52599)
  • [Search] site: search restriction (VB-57702)
  • [macOS][Linux][Regression] Path to local directory treated as search query (VB-57353)


  • [Panels][Crash][Regression] Bookmark panel crash (VB-58221)
  • [Regression] Can’t create bookmark with Enter (VB-55841)
  • [Regression] Editor is not updated after deleting bookmarks from trash (VB-56360)
  • [Regression] Folders are not sorted separately in menu (VB-57652)

Developer Tools

  • [Regression] Ctrl+R reloads webpage and closes Developer Tools (VB-56590)
  • Pressing Esc may affect ajax requests (VB-58166)
  • [macOS] Crash when undocking (or opening undocked) (VB-48293)


  • Can’t query selected tabs with chrome.tabs.query webextension API like in Firefox and Chrome (VB-56501)
  • Tab status is not correct for when loading as pending content (VB-44228)
  • Volume Master extension does not work (VB-38661)


  • A warning is displayed on install via zypper/OpenSUSE
  • Make proprietary media (H.264/AAC) support more reliable (VB-59143)
  • Vivaldi does not offer to make itself the default browser (VB-56921)


  • Vivaldi becomes UI-less after opening a tab in fullscreen (VB-58176)
  • Proprietary media playback broken on older Macs (VB-55187)
  • Unreachable controls in fullscreen popup window (VB-44439)
  • Vivaldi has two “Quit Vivaldi” commands (VB-57532)


  • Clicking the Vivaldi menu two times does not close the menu (VB-23779)
  • Double-clicking anywhere in horizontal menu bar toggles window maximized (VB-57570)
  • Horizontal – with a too long list, items to the right cannot be selected (VB-57293)
  • [Linux] Alt opens menu, but will not close it (VB-39080)
  • Prevent menu from obscuring status bar button (VB-58631)
  • Show Tab bar in View menu (VB-33425)
  • Wrong shortcuts displayed on view menu (VB-54907)
  • [Accessibility] Make available letters for menu accelerators case sensitive (VB-58985)
  • [Gestures][macOS] Add “Focus Main Menu” command (VB-57550)
  • [Keyboard] Add F10 support (Focus Main Menu) for Vivaldi menu (VB-57596)
  • [Regression] Two menubar buttons can be selected (VB-59193)
  • [Themes] Move background image from tab bar to window so that it also includes the horizontal menu (VB-37886)


  • [Panels] Auto-close causes attachment not to complete successfully (VB-58364)
  • [Sync] Set the proper creation time (VB-57496)


  • Resizing Bookmarks Panel editor flashes (VB-58540)
  • Does not hide on touch (VB-58517)
  • Hidden sorting icon in narrow view (VB-46527)
  • Sidebar should also be floating along with the panel (VB-42338)
  • [Regression] Previously typed web panel gets added when you try to add a new one (VB-57499)
  • [macOS] Fullscreen toolbars covered by floating panel (VB-59173)

Quick Commands

  • Calculator can copy inexact number (infinite decimal) to clipboard (VB-57487)
  • Make ‘Create Note’ respect settings (VB-57734)

Speed Dial

  • Cannot cut and paste folders and entries on the start page (VB-53749)
  • No more alpha on icons (VB-57890)
  • Preserve thumbnail ratio (VB-57990)
  • Search button missing from search field (VB-57646)
  • [Regression] Search field opens dropdown in wrong direction (VB-58752)


  • [Crash] Browser crashes when closing certain websites (VB-54874)
  • [Performance] Various performance improvements, including a limit on overflow tab animation (VB-52682)
  • [Profile Manager] Deleting profile makes Vivaldi unstable (VB-57771)
  • [Sync] Typed whitespace around the username should be trimmed to avoid login issues (VB-58328)
  • [Sync][Crash] Vivaldi crashes when trying to authenticate (VB-55979)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Thumbnail does not display in some cases (VB-58069)
  • [Themes][Regression] Editor colors don’t update when selecting another theme (VB-49541)
  • [Themes][Regression] Low contrast in dialogs and settings for some themes (VB-57686)
  • [Windows] Razer Chroma popup and Default browser popup overlap (VB-56898)
  • [Reader] Line breaks in children of pre elements are ignored (VB-38035)
  • [Regression] Find-in-page affects new pages too (VB-57748)
  • [Search] Using a search engine with no Suggest URL, Vivaldi will show other engines last history (VB-54949)
  • [Windows][Linux] Disabled shortcuts are shown in menu (VB-50948)
  • [Windows][Linux] Icons in dark menus are invisible (VB-59064)
  • “Add search engine” dialog disappears after mouse-selecting default name (VB-56290)
  • Background click shouldn’t close JavaScript dialog (VB-57980)
  • Page Flash with multiple tabs (VB-33286)
  • Scaled displays does not work with “Styled find in page” (VB-54590)
  • Sensors permission popup needs improvement (VB-50904)
  • Tab drag image is scaled by device screen resolution (VB-58597)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 78.0.3904.72

Homepage –

Vivaldi browser runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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    There starting add extra shortcuts 2.5.1511.4 Snapshot.

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    There are Vivaldi snapshot builds as well..

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    The 64bit beta 3 Vivaldi is very stable on Win7.