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Vivaldi 3.6.2165.3 Snapshot / 3.5 Build 2115.87 Update 2

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Vivaldi 3.6.2165.3 Snapshot / 3.5 Build 2115.87 Update 2

Vivaldi is a freeware advanced Chromium-based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It is company founded by the former Opera Software cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

The browser is aimed at staunch technologists, heavy Internet users, and previous Opera web browser users disgruntled by Opera’s transition from the Presto layout engine to the Blink layout engine, which removed many popular features in the process.

Vivaldi’s aim is to revive the old, popular features of Opera 12 as well as introduce new and more innovative ones. It has a minimalistic user interface with basic icons and fonts. Also a color scheme that changes according to the background and design of the visited web page.

Vivaldi browser also allows users to customize the appearance of UI elements such as background color, overall theme, address bar and tab positioning, and start pages.

Features of Vivaldi Browser:

  • Customize Everything, including the location of the browser tabs or address bars.
  • Adapt the Interface as you browse the web (the Vivaldi web browser’s color scheme adapts to the surroundings of the web you browse).
  • Tab Stacks. Organize your tabs using Tab Stacks (just drag a single tab to another for easy multiple grouping).
  • Spatial Navigation. Navigate spatially (you will get anywhere on the webpage just with the keyboard).
  • Page Tiling. Tile pages when you want to handily compare several pages at once in your web browser.
  • Web Technology. Vivaldi uses JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules.
  • Write Notes on the Go. take notes and add screen shots of web pages while browsing right in the Notes.
  • Quick Commands. They lets you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more with one single keyboard shortcut. Control everything in your browser from one place.
  • Always in Sync. You can synchronise the bookmarks, history, passwords and settings across different instances of Vivaldi browser through the encrypted Sync infrastructure.
  • Vivaldi includes Qwant search engine that respects your privacy

Changes in Vivaldi 3.6.2165.3 Snapshot:

  • [Address bar] Crash with valid URL (VB-71940)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.85
  • [macOS] Render UI in system font on macOS 11 (VB-75888)
  • [Notes] Focus disappears when creating note from manager (VB-75760)
  • [Notes][Panels][Quick commands] Note created from quick commands does not show up in panel (VB-75839)
  • [Settings][Panel][Bookmarks][Notes] Hide Folder Counters (VB-75738)
  • [Settings][Panels] Lazy Loading option (VB-75737)
  • [Spatial navigation] It should be possible to select elements with onclick event handlers
  • [Tabs] Close tabs by middle clicking on tooltip thumbnails (VB-75807)
  • [Tabs] More fixes for moving tab stacks between windows (VB-75218)
  • [Tabs] Shift tabs selection in second level of tab bar is not working (VB-75597)
  • [Tabs] Tab stacks moved to new window unstack and then restack (VB-75780)
  • [Tabs] Tabs opened from links in a pinned tab do not follow tab order setting (VB-75775)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Broken/missing hibernated tab after moving it to a new window (VB-74400)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Tab thumbnail flashes for a brief second on close of tab (VB-75838)
  • [Themes] No more ugly pale color on (VB-75194)
  • [Windows][Regression] Autoupdate notification is not triggering shortly after start (VB-75769)
  • Use page title for URLs dragged to desktop (VB-3716)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Calendar] CalDAV syncing against horde/kronolith servers (VB-75803)
  • [Calendar] Copy event being edited and paste if editing new unchanged event (VB-75405)
  • [Calendar] Errors on syncing existing events (VB-75883)
  • [Calendar] Events pasted to wrong time (VB-75727)
  • [Calendar] iCal parser should handle invalid iCal (VB-75965)
  • [Mail] Add a shortcut to the Mail folder list/tab; improve layout of Mail Status Popup (VB-75143)
  • [Mail] IMAP/POP/SMTP login fails if password contains non-ASCII characters (VB-75488)
  • [Mail] No warning when adding the same email account (VB-58753)
  • [Mail] Source filter not found in MailMessage component on startup (VB-64081)
  • [Mail][Regression] Delete permanently context menu item is gone (VB-73920)
  • [Mail][Regression] INBOX folder doesn’t index on first run (VB-74155)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.6.2160.3 Snapshot:

  • [Address bar] Content no longer selected on new tab/new window (VB-73936)
  • [Address bar] Some URLs containing spaces triggers searches (VB-75336)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Show full address does not update already opened tabs (VB-74338)
  • [Bookmarks] Searching does not show the children of a matched folder (VB-75712)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.76
  • [Configurable menus][Panels] Make download list menu configurable (VB-75428)
  • [Configurable menus][Panels] Make window list menu configurable (VB-75257)
  • [Linux] Browser constantly crashes: potential fix (VB-75391)
  • [Linux] Signing key updated
  • [Linux][Windows][Menus] Separators can be displayed at end of main menus (VB-75450)
  • [Notes] ‘Go to URL’ does not work in manager (VB-72162)
  • [Notes] Improve search (VB-72567)
  • [Notes] Manager replaces note tabs when new note created (VB-64498)
  • [Notes] Note opened in a tab is blank after restart (VB-64369)
  • [Notes] Slow Notes Manager (VB-74259)
  • [Panels] Use same code to fetch favicons for Tabs and Web panels (VB-75761)
  • [Panels][Menus][Regression] Check-mark missing from Separate Width setting (VB-75777)
  • [Quick Commands][Bookmarks] Partial matching in quick commands bookmark search (VB-74998)
  • [Regression] HiDPI displays don’t work with “Styled find in page” (VB-73060)
  • [Settings] Hangouts is controlled by Chromecast media-router (VB-75371)
  • [Settings] Icons are wrong size (VB-75383)
  • [Sync][Settings] Sync settings are empty in private window but should just be unavailable (VB-71664)
  • [Tabs] Activate Right in Tab Order Close Tab Activation not always working (VB-75509)
  • [Tabs] Cycler getting stuck (VB-43227)
  • [Tabs] If Tab Bar Visible is set to false, the menubar still expands when viewing a stack (VB-75571)
  • [Tabs] Moving a tab stack into a new window breaks the tab stack and tiling (VB-75218)
  • [Tabs] Reopened tab from multi-line tab-stack doesn’t rejoin the stack (VB-75006)
  • [Tabs] Reversed Tab Order with “As Tab Stack with Related Tab” (VB-75435)
  • [Tabs][Menus] Null openerTabId for chrome.tabs.Tab opened with “Search with” feature (VB-54472)
  • [Tabs][Panels][Regression] Adding and deleting tabs in window panel fails (VB-75381)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Closing 2nd last tab in stack does not remove the stack (VB-75432)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Internal pages cannot be cloned (VB-75251)
  • [Windows][Regression] Full screening enters a broken state after minimizing to system tray (VB-75356)
  • [macOS] Update Sparkle update library to version 1.24

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Calendar] Dragging event to all day row in day view does not make all day (VB-75452)
  • [Calendar] Fix no calendars dialog on startup (VB-74126)
  • [Calendar] Parser error on Fastmail calendar sync: Improved logic for CalDAV service discovery (VB-75007)
  • [Calendar] Support Cut/Copy Paste events (VB-75405)
  • [Calendar] Support Editing exceptions for recurring events with CalDAV (VB-75203)
  • [Calendar][Keyboard] Page single-key shortcuts ignore modifier keys (VB-75717)
  • [Calendar][Menus] Add context menu options to copy and paste (VB-75405)
  • [Calendar][Regression] “Change External Event” pops up a dialog when dragging local event (VB-75384)
  • [Calendar][keyboard][Regression] Can not change tab in editor with pageup/down for task (VB-75451)
  • [Mail] Error on startup – viewId for SLE not found (VB-75150)
  • [Mail] Filtering requests in DB upgrade scripts should be low priority (VB-75495)
  • [Mail] Full mail address not always detected and linked in message body (VB-75099)
  • [Mail] Offline accounts shall not try to set flags on server (VB-75446)
  • [Mail] Offline accounts should not try to fetch the message body (VB-75549)
  • [Mail] Prefetch Count is Wrong (VB-74788)
  • [Mail] date quoted reply has English date format for non English users (VB-75043)
  • [Mail]Regression] Turning mail client off and on duplicates messages in list (VB-75444)
  • [Mail][Regression] Opening compose window got slower (VB-72952)
  • [Mail][Regression] Slow startup (VB-75375)
  • [RSS] Allow embedded videos, like YouTube to fullscreen (VB-75348)
  • [RSS] Better YouTube feeds detection (VB-75235)
  • [RSS][Panels][Menus] Add rename feed option (VB-74522)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.6.2137.3 Snapshot:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 88.0.4324.43
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 87.0.4280.66
  • [Notes] “New Folder” in panel not selected on creation (VB-71722)
  • [Panels][User Profiles] Crash by right-clicking in a web panel in Guest Profile (VB-75067)
  • [Panels][User Profiles] Web panels shouldn’t be remembered in the Guest Profile (VB-75160)
  • [Quick commands] Nickname search doesn’t trigger (VB-74941)
  • [Tabs] Closing the last tab with fullscreen video leaves the browser in fullscreen mode, that cannot be closed (VB-75106)
  • [Tabs] Enable two-level stacks
  • [Tabs] Revert fix for “Tab Cycler Sometimes Get Stuck”: there will be another attempt at a fix in the future (VB-43227)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Tabs cannot be closed after closing settings window (VB-75279)
  • [Tabs][Settings] Stacking settings changes
  • [Tabs][Themes][Regression] Accent color not set to tab if opened in background (VB-74408)
  • [macOS] Update application icon to reflect Big Sur visual direction (VB-75254)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Calendar] Error when syncing web calendar which has events with attendees (VB-75162)
  • [Mail] Offline accounts should not be listed as connected in Mail Status (VB-75272)
  • [Mail] Offline accounts should not offer to subscribe and unsubscribe folders (VB-75269)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.5.2131.87 Snapshot:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.142
  • [Linux] Signing key updated

Changes in Vivaldi 3.5.2131.8 Snapshot:

  • [macOS][Media] Some YouTube videos don’t play on Big Sur (VB-74195)
  • [Notes] New note button triggers error (VB-75082)
  • [Sync][Settings] Problems after syncing “Window Controls Postion: Right Side” to Windows 10 from a Linux machine (VB-75182)
  • [Tabs] Set Two-level tab stacks as the default form of stacking: first enable via experiments (VB-74709)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Can no longer clone startpage and blank tabs (VB-75132)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [New][RSS] Support YouTube feeds, including embedded playback: further work needed for better detection (VB-48800)
  • [Calendar] Notification missing after update of event (VB-74837)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.5 Build 2115.81 – Update:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.107
  • [macOS][Media] Some videos won’t play on certain machines running Big Sur (VB-74195)
  • [Media][Regression] Browser becomes completely unresponsive when accessing certain pages (VB-74757)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Canceling warning from onbeforeunload event makes tab-closing difficult (VB-75021)
  • [Tabs][Regression] window.close does not work (VB-73856)
  • [Tabs][Regression] “After Active/Related Tab” opens link at end of tabs for brief moment (VB-74879)
  • [Tabs][Regression] 2 or more cloned tabs inherit active tab property (VB-74961)
  • [Windows] Signing key updated

Changes in Vivaldi 3.5 Build 2115.73:


  • [Address bar] Trash should contain more than 25 items: now 100 and not cleared on exit (VB-74499)
  • [Configurable menus] Enable shortcuts in context menus (VB-73358)
  • [Configurable menus] Make menus on start page configurable (VB-73602)
  • [Settings] Accept-language setting (VB-3355)
  • [Settings] Make Google components optional: Hangouts, Cast, Cloud Print (VB-66018)
  • [Settings] Permanent close tab button setting for use on touchscreen devices (VB-12197)
  • [Tabs] Add Setting for opening a tab in the background by default (VB-10879)
  • [Tabs] Clone tab in background option (VB-14136)
  • [Tabs] Updated Tab Stack tool-tips (VB-73673)
  • [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR] Add support for sharing via QR code (VB-72604)

Address Bar

  • % doesn’t get encoded (VB-73959)
  • Cropping the URL discards the port information (VB-72226)
  • Editing URL removes slash from path (VB-71838)
  • Moving addresses and text to and from the address bar does not work as expected (VB-73930)
  • No autocomplete on vivaldi:// (VB-73275)
  • Question mark is stripped from URL (VB-71999)
  • Show Full Address ignored when URL field text gets selected (VB-71081)
  • URL string resets briefly before loading new page (VB-73309)

Break Mode

  • • Make hidden items un-clickable (VB-73829)
    • [Status bar] Button doesn’t change when clicked (VB-73097)


  • Cannot play data URIs as a video/audio SRC (Naver TV site video does not play) (VB-70553)
  • [Windows] Problems with DRM support on various sites (VB-72722)
  • [macOS] Problems with DRM support on various sites: macOS only for now, Windows later (VB-72722)


  • Empty entries in tab sync menu (VB-73353)
  • Move Settings from “Tools” to Root folder in the vertical menu (VB-73524)
  • The centre of the settings icon is not transparent (VB-72446)
  • [Periodic reload] Not available in all menus for customisation (VB-72749)


  • ‘Add attachment’ button is not translated (VB-74052)
  • [Panel] Add tooltip on hovering notes (VB-40828)


  • Should offer to tile tabs in the window panel, if more than the currently tiled are selected (VB-72050)
  • Width not preserved across sessions (VB-69937)
  • [Performance] Instagram slow the UI when leaving the page in the background (VB-74642)

Periodic Reload

  • Stacking tabs causes automatic reload to break (VB-74097)
  • Stops working (VB-73130)

Speed Dials

  • Custom folder images maybe not fill the full folder area (VB-73408)
  • Use “Aurora Light” as Default Background (VB-73071)


  • Always show tab close buttons on a touchscreen device (VB-12197)
  • Missing audio identification in the tab cycler (VB-72051)
  • Shutdown while in fullscreen video causes the Status Bar and Tab Bar to be lost on restart (VB-71702)
  • Tile automatically if they were previously tiled (VB-53778)
  • Updated Tab Stack tooltips: Unified border-radius and better text contrast (VB-73673)


  • Custom theme resets on the new window (VB-73103)
  • Image foreground color not calculated against blended page color (VB-73330)
  • Make highlight color more vibrant (VB-73430)
  • Menu button for some themes have a forced red color in some themes (VB-73422)
  • Scheduled themes needs a new window to take effect (VB-73144)


  • [Configurable menus][Periodic reload] Invisible and non-functional Periodic Reload in application menu (VB-73127)
  • [Gestures] Do not work when mouse inside date picker (VB-72912)


  • [URL Sharing][Address bar][QR][Themes] QR Code pop-up is unreadable on the dark theme (VB-74405)
  • [User Profiles] Closing all tabs in the guest window does not show intro (VB-73711)
  • [Blocker] Remove the adblock list from preset adblock sources (VB-71901)
  • [Configurable menus] Grouping context menu entries in folders creates empty items (VB-73160)
  • [Cookies][Dialog] Text in cookie blocked dialog too big causing button to be cut off (VB-72181)
  • [Developer Tools][Crash] When closing undocked (VB-72534)
  • [History] Problems displaying in Persian (VB-69116)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts lead to changing tab on some input fields: further, fix (VB-72174)
  • [Print] Preview fails/loads endless (VB-71592)
  • [Quick Commands][macOS] Show fullscreen command (VB-73977)
  • [Settings] No way to enable and disable the blocking of third-party cookies in Private Window (VB-74242)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.88

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.106 – Update 6:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.198

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.99 – Update 5:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.195

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.94 – Update 4:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.185

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.90 – Update 3:

  • [History] Broken search (VB-73761): resolved by reverting the fix for VB-72021

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.88 – Update 2:

  • [Address bar][Security] Spoofing issue that shows the wrong URL at the same time as a progress bar (VB-70637)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 86.0.4240.75
  • [macOS] No Ctrl+click context menu on some systems (VB-72136)
  • [Quick Commands] Improve Speed (VB-72021)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.86 – Update:

  • [Address bar][Extensions] Focus not in address field when using new tab extension (VB-73167)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.112
  • [Cookies] Logging into some sites in a private window does not work (VB-72568)
  • [Cookies] Blocking third party cookies without exception (VB-73372)
  • [Keyboard] Single key shortcuts leads to changing tab on some input fields (VB-72174)
  • [Menus] “Tools → Capture → Page to file” does not work (VB-72863)
  • [Menus][Settings] ‘Restore to default’ resets all menus not only the chosen menu (VB-73132)
  • [Menus][Tabs] Mute item shown even when already muted (VB-73296)
  • [Vivaldia game] Favicon is sometimes not displayed (VB-73184)
  • [macOS][Media] H.264 decoding/playback broken older macOS: further fix (VB-71803)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.4 Build 2066.76:

New Features

  • Vivaldia game (VB-70893)
  • [Menus] Add support for custom links via an “Open link” command (VB-72316)
  • [Menus] Support for configurable context menus (VB-71660)
  • [Notes][Capture] Option to directly attach a screenshot to a note (VB-71725)
  • [Quick Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Improved tiling commands: prioritizes 1) current tab selection, 2) current tab stack, 3) active + last visible tab (VB-71223)
  • [Speed Dial] Drag one item onto another to create a folder with both (VB-29880)
  • [Tabs] Periodic reloader with custom intervals (VB-7524)
  • [User Profiles] Allow for using a local image as avatar image (VB-71849)

Address Bar

  • Focus removes double slashes after URL scheme in extension URLs (VB-71625)
  • Need to double tap delete when editing a suggested URL (VB-72426)
  • Search fails when clicking “Go to address” (VB-71346)
  • Search parsing breaks with Google’s ‘site:’ search (VB-72423)
  • URL gets cleared when moving the tab between windows (VB-71907)
  • [Settings] “Include Browser History” option reverts to unchecked (VB-71350)


  • Focus styling bugs in the bookmark bar (VB-71597)
  • “New Folder” in Bookmarks not selected on creation (VB-71397)
  • [Address bar][Themes] Add bookmark in address bar becomes “invisible” (VB-64131)

Break Mode

  • End break when closing browser (VB-71530)
  • Make it easier for user to exit: allow the user to click play to resume (VB-72861)

Popout Video

  • Allow PiP window to be larger than half the monitor size (VB-72508)
  • Now available for Dailymotion videos (VB-69364)


  • Small tab internal page favicons disappear when hovered (VB-71602)
  • Tiling button sets incorrect default layout (VB-71508)
  • “Hibernate background tabs” hibernates visible tabs (VB-13680)


  • Accent Color from active page still not working reliably (VB-72133)
  • [Tabs] Use “highlight” color for selection (VB-57784)


  • [Blocker] Format blocking exceptions and warn if invalid (VB-69511)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 86.0.4240.101
  • [Clock][Toolbars] Drop-down arrow starts over button instead of underneath (VB-71654)
  • [HiDPI] Find in Page match highlight duplicated with wrong offset (VB-72127)
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 85.0.4183.121
  • [Notes][Themes] Notes Editor in Private Window has wrong text color (VB-71077)
  • [Permission notifications] Default Permission for “Popups” reverts from “Ask” to “Block” (VB-71357)
  • [Screen capture] Not possible to cancel capture with mouse or on touch screen (VB-44466)
  • [Settings] Remove defunct buttons in Startpage background settings (VB-70509)
  • [Spatial Navigation] Problems with scrolling and indicator init: handles cases when scrolling and no elements are available
  • [Speed Dial] “Paste & go” option in search opens two pages (VB-58834)
  • [Web Panels] Download links don’t work (VB-53443)
  • [Welcome page] Updates (VB-71601)
  • [Windows] Vivaldi taskbar icon targets vivaldi_proxy.exe (VB-72821)
  • [macOS] Will not maximize on double click (VB-71676)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.3 Build 2022.47 – Update:

  • [Address bar] Typing the URL while loading, causes it to be uneditable (VB-71391)
  • [Break mode] Favicons for pinned tabs are not hidden (VB-71382)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 85.0.4183.106
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 85.0.4183.83
  • [Permission notifications] Request popups overlap other open tabs (VB-71440)
  • [Themes][Razer] Accent color from active page not working reliably: Also affects Razer integration (VB-71441)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.3 Build 2022.45 – Update:

  • [Address bar] Typing the URL while loading, causes it to be uneditable (VB-71391)
  • [Break mode] Favicons for pinned tabs are not hidden (VB-71382)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 85.0.4183.106
  • [Linux][Media] Update proprietary codecs to 85.0.4183.83
  • [Permission notifications] Request popups overlap other open tabs (VB-71440)
  • [Themes][Razer] Accent color from active page not working reliably: Also affects Razer integration (VB-71441)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.3 Build 2022.39 – Update:

  • [Crash] UI frozen on startup when using locales with underscore e.g. zh_CH, pt_BR (VB-71473)

Changes in Vivaldi 3.3 Build 2022.36:


  • [New][Break Mode] Add the pause/break feature (VB-70213)
  • [New][Speed Dial] Add the ability to drag entries into a folder (VB-18719)
  • [New][Themes] Allow the use of a sperate theme for private windows (VB-28543)
  • [New][Address bar] Implement base domain highlighting (VB-69974)
  • [New][Address bar] Show clickable element of URL as links: holding Ctrl highlights the part that will remain on clicking (VB-23693)
  • [New][Blocker] Add support for blocking whole pages: if blocking rule that has the ‘document’ option, it will block the whole page (VB-69867)
  • [New][Blocker] Implement proper surrogate support in DDG rules and support for uBlock redirect rules (VB-70907)

Address Bar 

  • [Address bar] Doesn’t show about: blank (VB-63876)
  • [Address bar] Doesn’t show the custom port unless it’s focused (VB-69462)
  • [Address bar] Drag marked URL to desktop does not create a shortcut (VB-54945)
  • [Address bar] Fix POST searches when opening in a background tab (VB-70022)
  • [Address bar] New Private Window, vivaldi://private-intro/ overwrites whatever I started typing in         before it (VB-69663)
  • [Address bar] Quotes override disabling the address field search (VB-67915)
  • [Address bar] Spaces are replaced with %20 in the address bar even before hitting enter (VB-71280)
  • [Address bar] Unable to navigate to URL with space in the path (VB-63718)
  • [Address bar] javascript: stays after execution (VB-18245)
  • [Address bar][Settings] Provide a way to delete typed history (VB-69453)
  • [Address bar][Settings] ‘Copy and Cut Encoded Address’ should be enabled by default (VB-60842)

Tracker and Ad Blocker 

  • [Blocker] Allow ads from partners (+opt-out) (VB-69655)


  • [Bookmarks] Cannot drag bookmark from bookmark bar (VB-65291)
  • [Bookmarks] “Set as Bookmark Bar Folder” can remove the bookmark bar (VB-64511)


  • [macOS][Address bar] ⌘ + mouse click on the back/forward button does not open a new tab (VB-67968)
  • [macOS][Media] Video shown upside down (VB-70115) (edited)
  • [macOS] Browser window doesn’t resize when disconnecting external monitor (VB-70529)
  • [macOS] When the window is out of focus, the texts are not fading (VB-18189)
  • [macOS] Windows not resized/repositioned when disconnecting an external monitor (VB-49692)


  • [Notes Manager] Font zoom not working like expected (VB-69286)
  • [Notes Manager] Implement proper undo/redo (VB-69730)
  • [Notes Manager][Notes Panel] Different rules for title-sorting (VB-66050)
  • [Notes Manager] Edit area can be shrunk below the window bottom (VB-69940)
  • [Notes] Opening with quick commands appends a new line (VB-70664)


  • [Panels] Improve resizing and panel animations (VB-70972)
  • [Panels] Tab key focus in panel switcher almost invisible (VB-50250)

Quick Commands 

  • [Quick Commands][Notes] Notes aren’t opening if Notes Panel is disabled (VB-70397)
  • [Quick Commands] Page Zoom # gives NaN if you don’t type a number (VB-63008)
  • [Quick Commands] Saving a session has no focus in the name field (VB-56401)
  • [Quick Commands] Encode Term for Search Keywords (VB-71186)


  • [Settings] Case insensitive cookie filtering and deletion (VB-63511)
  • [Settings][Keyboard] Attempting to delete shortcuts can instead duplicate them (VB-70353)


  • [Sync][Settings] Option to open settings in a tab does not sync (VB-69563)
  • [Sync] Failure to renew credentials can occur after running for a day (VB-71146)


  • [Tabs] Drag tab out of stack does not open this tab (VB-70357)


  • [Themes] Minor change in colors of default themes (VB-71048)
  • [Themes][History] Increasing history graph color contrast in theme Blueprint (VB-69011)
  • [Themes][History] Poor color selection used on graphs with Blueprint (VB-69011)


  • [History] Search doesn’t match URL parts (VB-69246)


  • [Linux] ‘update-ffmpeg’ should run even without all OS updates (VB-68785)
  • [Welcome page] Show “useful tools/features” (VB-70347)
  • [Windows][Crash] Fails to start on 10 pro N edition if media pack is not installed (VB-68691)
  • [Permissions] Dialog is empty on some pages (VB-69271)
  • [Permissions] “Motion or Light Sensors” permission dialog is empty (VB-68900)
  • [Crash] After going Back on / USA Today does not load (VB-68277)
  • [Crash] Opening a link on a local website asking for permission (VB-70680)
  • [Crash][macOS] When scrolling preferences with a touchpad (VB-70626)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 85.0.4183.84

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Vivaldi browser runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

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4 Comments on Vivaldi 3.6.2165.3 Snapshot / 3.5 Build 2115.87 Update 2

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    Vivaldi 3.4.2066.65 for Windows 32-bit link is invalid there is but should be

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    There starting add extra shortcuts 2.5.1511.4 Snapshot.

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    There are Vivaldi snapshot builds as well..

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    The 64bit beta 3 Vivaldi is very stable on Win7.