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Samsung Internet Browser Beta/

Samsung Internet Browser Beta/

Samsung Internet Browser is a simple, fast, and reliable web application for your Android smartphones and tablets developed by Samsung.

It is based on the open source Chromium project, but ensures more secure Web browsing with Secret Mode, Biometric Web Login and Contents Blocker.

Most of the code differences to the standard Chromium code is the support of Samsung specific devices, such as Gear VR and biometric sensors.

Samsung Internet Browser for Android allows 3rd party apps to provide filters for Content Blocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.

It will warn you before you can view known malicious sites to prevent you from visiting web sites which may try to steal your data.

The URL bar redesign now makes room for helpful badges. A badge for allowing quick access to Reader Mode. Also an Add To Homescreen button which allows installation of Web Apps in a single tap.

Samsung Internet Browser Features:

  • Content blocking extensions.
  • Gear VR and DeX integration.
  • KNOX Support
  • Open Tabs and Bookmark Sync
  • Reader Mode
  • Saved Pages
  • “Secret mode” and biometric authentication.
  • Secure Web Auto Login
  • SPen features
  • Support for service workers and Push API
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode

Changes in SIB Beta:

  • Possible to show menu bars while scrolling
  • Fixed bugs and improved stability

Changes in SIB

  • New support for syncing History
  • Fixed bugs and improved stability

Changes in SIB

  • Fixed an issue of external apps not launching when making payments on some websites
  • Improved performance and stability

Changes in SIB

  • Increased number of days of History saved
  • Support of URL auto-complete in address bar
  • New support for syncing tab groups

Changes in SIB

  • Fixed an error in which apps terminated intermittently when entering full screen through the video assistant
  • Fixed an error in which deleted bookmarks were generated again on some devices
  • Improved stability issues and applied new security patches

Changes in SIB

  • Fixed abnormal termination when deleting all in the history screen

Changes in SIB

  • Fixed an error that occurred when making payments on certain websites
  • Fixed phenomenon in which letters were overlapping that occurred on certain websites when running Dark Mode
  • Fixed an intermittent delay error that occurred when entering the Bookmarks menu

Changes in SIB

  • Increase the number of History lists displayed
  • Improved Tab Manager list type UX in tablet devices

Homepage – https://www.samsung.com

Supported Operating Systems: Now supports Android 5.0 and above.

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