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Soft Organizer 9.05 by ChemTable Software

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Soft Organizer 9.05 by ChemTable Software

Soft Organizer (formerly Full Uninstall) is a complete software removal tool. The main function of the tool is the complete removing of programs from your computer.

This uninstall manager monitors all changes made to the system during the setup process of a certain application. You can easily learn what file or registry entries were modified during the installation.

Using these data, Soft Organizer completely removes an application when you order it to. A common problem we often face with, when uninstalling unnecessary software, is various traces left in the system. There are unneeded files or folders on a disk, registry entries and so on.

This can happen even if an application was removed correctly with its own uninstaller. The Soft Organizer program is intended to solve this problem.

Works Faster

The program performs much faster than many competing solutions. This is because Soft Organizer analyzes changes on disks in real time while tracking the modifications installation procedures have made, instead of taking a long time saving info about all files before and after installation. Such an approach saves much time compared to other utilities.

Application List On Hand

You can setup Soft Organizer so that all applications installed in your system will be accessible with a single click of the notification area icon. Another click, and you can immediately remove an unnecessary program without opening the standard Programs and Features tool or searching for a built-in uninstaller.

Simple Application Removal

The application removal process is very simple and is quite similar to the customary method. You simply need to select an unnecessary program in the ptogram area and click the uninstall button. The only difference is that, after removing the unnecessary program, Soft Organizer asks to clean up the program’s traces from the system.

Changes in Soft Organizer 9.05 (2021-08-18):

  • Getting the application’s traces before uninstalling as well as determining the sizes of the installed applications has been accelerated.
  • The Applications installing with tracing function bugs fixed.

Changes in Soft Organizer 9.02 (2021-06-11):

  • Fixed bugs.

Changes in Soft Organizer 9.01 (2021-06-01):

  • It is shown on the final applications uninstall step how much space has been freed.
  • An ability to choose any of the program’s unofficial translations variety has been added to Settings.

Changes in Soft Organizer 9.0 (2021-05-25):

  • It is now possible to launch applications from the list as well as open their installation folders. The corresponding commands have been added to the context menu.
  • A command to open the uninstall registry key has been added to the application’s context menu.
  • More accurate applications sizes are now displayed. When calculating the application’s size the data files it has created are also considered.
  • Improved the multiple applications handling support. If you mark an application in the list, a floating panel appears that displays how many applications are marked and helps you to execute their removing or updating in one click.
  • A new “Background Functions…” command has been added to the tray icon menu.
  • A new “Refresh Window Data” command has been added to the Settings and Commands menu.
  • The applications’ traces lookup algorithm has been improved.
  • Usability improvements.
  • Bug fixed: When viewing some backups in the Undo Changes Center window the list of files included to the backup was not complete.

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.18 (2020-12-26):

  • Some icons were optimized for the dark theme.
  • The new “Re-Show the Interface Hints” command in the HELP section of the Main Menu.

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.17 (2020-11-26):

  • Bug fixed: The icons for some applications in the list does not displayed.

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.16 (2020-10-20):

  • All data is now downloaded over a secure protocol (https).

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.15 (2020-09-15):

  • The minimal size for which by default the application is considered large has been increased to 200 Mb.
  • Visual interface changes (the search field and menu button icons).
  • The applications installing with tracing function improvements.
  • Bug fixed: Some elements colors haven’t corresponded the scheme in case of using the Classic Windows 7 theme.

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.11 (2020-08-11):

  • The algorithm of searching for traces of the application being uninstalled is improved.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.

Changes in Soft Organizer 8.10 (2020-07-13):

  • The complete application uninstall window look has been refreshed.
  • Earlier when installing a new version of Soft Organizer if the file could not be replaced, the error message “DeleteFile failed – code 5” used to be displayed. Now you will be prompted to restart the system in order to complete the update instead.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • RAM: from 256 Mb
  • Disk space: 50 Mb
  • Administrator rights

SoftOrganizer screenshot

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    This uninstaller is as good as the free ZSoft uninstaller, with the advantage that it supports newer Windows OS's. Pity author insists on packing it with ASprotect. Ineffective against crackers, and sets off some AV's. Be sure to edit the log before uninstalling stuff, it records EVERYTHING that happens during an install, including your torrent downloads. :)