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NoteZilla 9.0.15 – Sticky Notes Program

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NoteZilla 9.0.15 – Sticky Notes Program

Notezilla is a professionally designed, simple and elegant sticky notes program for Windows. It lets you quickly create virtual sticky notes on your Windows Desktop and organize them in to folders.

Sticky notes on desktop allow you to write memos, reminders or a tasks with very few mouse clicks without taking your attention from your current activity. Just click, write and go!

This is a very productive way of jotting down what’s on your mind without getting distracted. With digital sticky notes, you can set reminders, attach them to documents, copy/ paste content from other documents, share them with your friends/ co-workers, format content, take copies or backups.

The most attractive capability of NoteZilla is that it lets you stick notes to websites, documents, programs or any window. When ever you open the document or web page, the attached sticky note appear automatically.

NoteZilla Features:

  • Stick notes to Windows desktop, documents, websites or any program window.
  • Organize sticky notes inside folders to avoid desktop clutter.
  • Set reminder alarms to sticky notes.
  • Sync sticky notes with the cloud and access them from any smartphone.
  • Sync sticky notes between computers.
  • Send/share sticky notes with any contact over the Internet.
  • And there is lot, lot more


  • Save your precious time. Sticky notes are the quickest way to write your thoughts and move on to your next important task. Just click, write and go! This saves a lot of time.
  • Let notes come to you. Attach a sticky note to a document, website, program or window. The sticky note will pop up automatically when you access that particular document/website.
  • Respond spontaneously. Getting the information at the right time is important. Notezilla helps you to find your notes very fast.
  • Flexibility + Simplicity. The advantage of sticky notes is that they can be used as tasks, reminders, to-dos or memos without any complexity. Notezilla presents an intuitive way of doing this.
  • Assign tasks to others. Send sticky notes and task reminders to any contact via Notezilla.Net cloud service. If the contact is not a Notezilla user, he/she will receive the sticky note as email.
  • Remove confusion. Send sticky notes to folders to avoid clutter on your desktop.
  • Take the stress out. Set flexible reminders to sticky notes. Let the program take control and remind you about your things to do.
  • Save lots of money. Regular 3M Post-It notes are quite expensive. Instead create digital sticky notes on your Windows desktop and save loads of money.
  • Fun to use. Use these sticky notes with different colors and skins. Insert pictures inside Sticky Notes and leave them on your desktop.
  • Synchronize. Sync sticky notes with the Notezilla.Net cloud service. Keep multiple computers in sync.
  • Access from anywhere. Access your sticky notes using the Notezilla.Net web app from iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Tablet or any device with a modern browser.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.15 (2021-12-07):

  • Sometimes custom data folder location would reset to the default data folder location. This has been fixed.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.14 (2021-11-11):

  • Added ability to apply reminder settings from Preferences to all existing reminder notes.
  • Bigger icons used in sticky note’s toolbars on higher display resolution.
  • From the Markdown formatting toolbar, easily convert whole note to checklist note.
  • Resizing of sticky note is made easier on higher display resolution.
  • Markdown formatting improvements related to Heading, Code and Blockquote.
  • Ctrl+M shortcut key added to quickly stick the note to any other memoboard.
  • Other UI and usability improvements.
  • Small notes used to resize whenever they were edited directly from the reminder window. This is fixed.
  • Sticky note inside a reminder window used to appear at different places on the desktop. This is fixed.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.13 (2021-09-28):

  • Default editor is now set to Standard editor instead of the Markdown editor.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.12 (2021-09-24):

  • With auto-spellcheck enabled, the app crashed when trying to edit a sticky note with large content. This is fixed.
  • When resizing a sticky note, the mouse pointer would sometimes jump and flicker. This is fixed.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.10 (2021-08-27):

  • The message boxes that appear when switching between Markdown and Standard editors can be disabled.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.9 (2021-08-26):

  • Improved the way lighter text color is used on dark colored notes.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.8 (2021-08-23):

  • Notezilla allows you to show an additional taskbar button for quick access to desktop notes using mouse click or Alt+Tab.
  • Sometimes Notezilla’s CPU usage would increase to 15%-20%. This is fixed.
  • Removed the noise from the default reminder sound.
  • Switching to Markdown editor would still retain the old formatted text until the note was modified. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an outlining issue when using a bulletted list in Markdown.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.7 (2021-08-17):

  • When upgrading from the previous version, user is given an option to choose between the Markdown editor and Standard editor.

Changes in NoteZilla 9.0.2 (2021-07-31):

  • Android and iPhone apps now support formatted text
  • Create offline sticky notes
  • Snap sticky notes to grid on Windows desktop
  • Duplicate a sticky note quickly
  • Markdown support adds several benefits
  • Dark mode
  • Auto-arrange sticky notes in Notes Browser
  • Show sticky notes on desktop by memoboard or tag
  • Multi-select sticky notes and move around to organize/group them
  • Charming new sticky note colors
  • Access sticky notes from the new taskbar button
  • Temporarily disable sticky note reminders using ‘Do Not Disturb’
  • Flicker-free typing and resizing of sticky notes
  • Sort lines and checklists
  • Highlight text inside a sticky note
  • Inline hyperlinking
  • Add hyperlinks pointing to to other sticky notes
  • Improved tagging of sticky notes and searching them by tags
  • All matches are highlighted inside found sticky notes
  • One-click button arrange sticky notes inside a memoboard
  • One-click button to restore note from the Trash memoboard
  • Supports more than 90 spell-check dictionaries
  • Back and forward buttons in Notes Browser to navigate between recent notes
  • Directly edit a sticky note from the reminder popup window
  • Sender name shown on sticky note’s title
  • Create new sticky note from within a sticky note
  • Create new sticky note from clipboard content
  • Create new sticky note from Windows desktop
  • Create new sticky note from the Notezilla taskbar button
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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