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Power PDF 5.0.0 by Kofax

Power PDF 5.0.0 by Kofax
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Kofax Power PDF gives you everything you need to create, use and convert Portable Document Format (PDF) and XPS files. This PDF editor consists of three parts (creating, editing and converting) that are installed and (where applicable) activated with a single procedure.

Kofax Power PDF enables you to create PDF files from one or several source documents. The PDF files will be viewable, printable, searchable and editable. Also you will able to Convert PDF and XPS files to editable documents for the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect.

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You can also open PDF or XPS files directly from these and other applications, edit them and save them in the appropriate file type. Interact with Document Management Systems such as Microsoft SharePoint to acquire input files and to store conversion results.

Open, read, edit, annotate, share, search and form-fill PDF files for the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Kofax Power PDF Standard:

  • Convert paper and pdf into Microsoft Ofice documents.
  • Effortlessly create 100% industry-standard PDF files.
  • Search and highlight information in PDF’s
  • Control, view, edit, and print documents with complete security.

Kofax Power PDF Standard gives business users the features they need to be productive at a price that businesses can justify. This high performance PDF tool has advanced features and a user-friendly design that businesses and professionals demand. Assemble, compare, convert, create, dictate, edit, read, scan, search, secure, sign and print PDF documents and forms with unprecedented ease and speed.

Access tools to annotate, mark-up, secure and compress PDF files, plus additional features for document conversion, search, connectivity, and more. Software is compatible with most Windows operating systems.

Work faster with features that allow you to effortlessly create and convert single documents or batches of PDFs as well as unique tools like voice-controlled note taking. Access your documents anytime, anywhere via popular cloud services such as Google Docs, Windows OneDrive and others.

Kofax Power PDF Advanced:

  • All the great features of PDF Standard plus…
  • Ability to collaborate with SharePoint and DMS to store and share information seamlessly.
  • Automate PDF and Tiff tasks with a wide range of formats.
  • Specialized features geared towards the legal, and IT professions.

Kofax Power PDF Advanced is for deployment in company environments, containing extra specialized features. These are presented in a separate section of this Help system. A Customization Kit Guide provides advice to system administrators for product deployment across a network.

What’s New in Kofax Power PDF 5.0.0:

  • Improved comment tools behavior
    The Make comment tools persistent check box is now available on the Comment page of the Options dialog box. Select the setting to keep comment tools active after use. If the setting is not selected, Power PDF returns to the default tool after a comment tool is used. The setting is selected by default.

The setting is effective on the following tools:

  •  Note
  • Text Box
  • Callout
  • Highlight
  • Crossout
  • Underline
  • All draw tools
  • Extended bounding box lines for object editing
    When moving an object with the Edit Object tool, Power PDF projects the bounding lines to the side of the document panel, making it easier to read the object position and dimensions.
  • Snap to grid works with guides
    The Snap to Grid command now considers both grids and custom guides added by the user.
  • Improved compatibility with accessibility reader software
    Power PDF user interface navigation and compatibility are improved for accessibility readers, such as JAWS.
  • Restore last view settings when reopening documents setting
    Power PDF now has the Restore last view settings when reopening documents check box on the General > Miscellaneous page of the Options dialog box. If this check box is selected, users see the same view when reopening a document. The setting is selected by default.
  • Fuzzy search
    Similar to industry-standard search engines, the new Fuzzy Search supports the ability to produce relevant search results, even if they do not exactly match the words or phrases entered. A Fuzzy Search option is available on the Power PDF Search panel and the Search dialog box.
  • PDF/A-4 format support

Power PDF now supports the following PDF/A-4 formats:

  • PDF/A-4
  • PDF/A-4e
  • PDF/A-4f

When applicable, the user can select any of the above formats in:

  • Power PDF (including Compliance options, Export, Save As, Batch Converter, Watched Folder, and the e-mail conversion settings in Options)
  • Convert PDF
  • Create PDF
  • Scanner Setup
  • Power PDF Office add-on
  • Creation Settings in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Mail archiving settings in Outlook
  • Power PDF printer driver properties
  • Improved PDF printer driver performance. Power PDF now has better PDF printer driver performance, so PDF creation is faster in printcapable applications.
  • PDF printer profiles. Power PDF allows users to manage, save and reuse PDF printer profiles instead of configuring them each time. The Office export add-on uses the same PDF printer profiles. PDF printer profiles are independent of PDF Create profiles, though most settings look similar. Refer to the online help for details.
  • Watermarks in Create PDF and PDF printer profile settings support headers and footers. The Watermarks dialog box is renamed to Watermarks / Headers and Footers Controls both in PDF Create Assistant profiles and PDF printing profiles. The new dialog box has the same Macros drop-down list and settings as the Headers and Footers command on the Edit toolbar. The feature allows users to add headers and footers when printing to PDF in print-capable applications.
  • Improved sequencer commands (Power PDF Advanced).

Power PDF now includes the following sequencer command updates:

  • Page > Delete Pages : Blank Pages option added.
  • Page > Delete Pages and Extract Pages: The Pages with search result option added. The user can enter a search phrase into the Search For box. The Match Case and Match whole word only settings are available.
  • Headers and Footers > Add Header and Footer and Remove Header and Footer: Commands added for adding and removing headers and footers. The Remove Header and Footer command do not have settings. The Add Header and Footer command uses the same dialog box and settings as the Headers and Footers command on the Edit toolbar of the ribbon. Refer to the online help for details.
  • Document > Convert to Fillable Form : This command adds the FormTyper functionality. The Convert to Fillable Form command uses the FormTyper Settings dialog box and settings.

You can:

  • Choose to skip documents already containing form controls or delete existing form controls.
  • Select an OCR language or rely on the language set for the document.
  • Require auto-size fonts for text fields.
  • Enhanced SignDoc support
    You can now complete SignDoc packages and templates in the Power PDF embedded browser. Moreover, Power PDF allows you to replace the PDF document in package templates and upload the template with a new name. Refer to the online help for details.
  • Improved integration for Google Chrome and Chromium browsers
    When a PDF document is opened in the browser, the Open in Kofax Power PDF command is available in the menu of the Create PDF browser extension. If the Show “Open in Kofax Power PDF” menu setting is selected, the Open in Kofax Power PDF floating command appears over the PDF content panel. Both commands open the PDF document in Power PDF.
  • Context menu commands in the Kofax Power PDF add-on for iManage 10
    iManage 10 administrators can add custom commands to the add-on context menu to make Power PDF features easier to access. For details, refer to the iManage connector and serverconfiguration chapter in the Network Installation Guide.
  • eIDAS compliance by EUTL support
    To comply with the eIDAS regulation, Power PDF can import the qualified trust service providers’ certificates from the European Trusted Lists (EUTL). The Options dialog box now has the setting for the automatic EUTL list update, which can be limited to Qualified Trust Services only. Refer to the online help for details.
  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection support
    Power PDF now supports Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP). For details on applying AIP on a document, refer to the Microsoft Azure Information Protection section in the Security properties topic of the online help.
AD RMS (Active Directory Rights Management Services) is also supported for backward compatibility.
  • Watermarks support for FileOpen-protected documents
    When printing or viewing FileOpen-protected documents, Power PDF displays or prints marks according to the FileOpen DRM requirements included with the document. Both FileOpen print marks and view marks are supported. The Power PDF search function works with text included in view marks. Power PDF does not include FileOpen marks in the page content when saving.
  • Online Collaboration (Power PDF Advanced with Advanced Volume license)
    Power PDF supports collaboration meetings for any remote participant with Internet access. Invitees can work on the same PDF document and track updates in real-time. The feature requires an on-premise collaboration server to be up and running. Refer to the online help for details.
  • Kofax License Server (Power PDF Advanced with Advanced Volume license)
    Power PDF now supports Kofax License Server (KLS). Administrators can set up Kofax License Server and Licensing Client for advanced licensing features. Refer to the Kofax License Server configuration section in the Network Installation Guide for details.
Legacy serial numbers are also supported for backward compatibility.
  • Windows 11 snap layouts support. Power PDF supports the snap layouts feature in Windows 11, so users can snap the application window to a preset location and size.

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Minimum System Requirements:

  • 1.5 GHz or faster processor
  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows 11; 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    • Windows 10; 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    • Windows 8.1; 32-bit and 64-bit editions
    • Windows Server 2022
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Citrix Virtual Apps, Remote Desktop Service, Active Directory
  • 1 GB of memory (RAM) or greater
  • 1 GB of free hard disk space for application files
  • MacOS 10.13 through 11.6 Big Sur