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PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0

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PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0

Mathcad is an integrated environment for performing and communicating maths-related work. It combines a powerful computational engine, accessed through conventional maths notation, with a full-featured word processor and graphing tools.

Mathcad automates many tasks, including unit balancing and recalculation, saving you time and reducing errors. Expert documentation, sample applications and context-sensitive Help ensure you complete projects quickly and communicate the results effectively.

Engineers, scientists and other technical professionals across the world use Mathcad to perform, document and share calculation and design work. The unique Mathcad visual format and easy-to-use scratchpad interface integrate standard mathematical notation, text and graphs in a single worksheet, making Mathcad ideal for knowledge capture, calculation reuse and collaboration.

Mathcad drives innovation and offers significant personal and process productivity advantages for product development, engineering design projects and hundreds of other applications where calculations are key. Unlike proprietary calculating tools and spreadsheets, Mathcad lets you document, format and present your work while applying comprehensive mathematical functionality and dynamic, unit-aware calculations. Mathcad lets you work with updatable, interactive designs, allowing you to capture the critical methods and values behind each of your projects.

PTC Mathcad Benefits:

* Easy to learn and use – no special programming skills required
* Increases productivity, saving time and reducing errors
* Improves verification and validation of critical calculations
* Promotes calculation best practices and reuse of calculation content
* Complete documentation of calculations supports standards compliance

PTC Mathcad Features Include:

* Performing Calculations. Mathcad provides hundreds of operators and built-in functions for solving technical problems. Use Mathcad to perform numeric calculations or to find symbolic solutions. It works with a wide variety of numeric and data types, operates on scalars, vectors and matrices, and automatically tracks and converts units.
* Graphing Capabilities. Mathcad’s 2D and 3D graphs update along with changes in your calculations. Its graphing capabilities give you better insight into your work, and precise control over your graphs. Plot types include Cartesian, polar, surface, contour, bar, scatter and vector-field plots. Graph options include lighting effects, markers, line and grid colour control, overlapping graphics regions, axis markers and specialised line types for DSP. A picture operator gives you the same interactive display for image processing applications. Any part of a Mathcad document can be animated, including numerical results, 2D and 3D graphs and images.
* The User Interface. Mathcad’s patented ‘live’ maths technology lets you work with mathematical expressions using standard mathematical notation – but with the added ability to recalculate, view, present and publish with ease, even to the Web.
* Verifying Your Work. By integrating text, formulae and graphs in a single worksheet, you can easily visualize, illustrate and annotate calculation work. Your entire solution is contained and documented in one place. Formatting options and templates let you prepare documents to exact specifications.
* Programming. A powerful programming interface allows you to loop through complex calculations and develop result sets. You can write your own functions or simply generate a table of results using conditionals, error handling, and other programming constructs. Programs can be stored in their own document, and referenced from other Mathcad documents, for flexible, reusable code.
* Integrate data across software and systems. Mathcad features interoperability and connectivity with many popular desktop and engineering applications, including:
– Microsoft Office, Excel, Visio and other Office products
– SmartSketch
– VisSim
– ODBC-compliant databases including Microsoft Access and FoxPro
* Document Distribution. Share publication-quality worksheets across your entire organisation in Mathcad, print, XML, PDF or Web formats – enabling others to collaborate on design projects or simply view worksheets.
* Summary. For more than 20 years, Mathcad has been the standard for creating, documenting, and sharing technical calculations. Mathcad is a better tool for engineering and scientific calculations than spreadsheets (which hide the logic of your calculations behind cryptic expressions and embedded macros) or computation programming languages (which have steep learning curves). Mathcad uses real maths notation that looks and behaves just like the formulae in your reference books. Mathcad calculations are easy to create, understand, audit, share and troubleshoot.

What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0:

Homepage –

Size: 223 MB

Download PTC Mathcad Express

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