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BullGuard Premium Protection is a complete, simple to use security suite. It protects you against malware, identity theft, financial fraud, online data leaks and keeps your children safe on social networks.

It is based on the BullGuard award-winning security suite that safeguards you from online threats like hackers, spam, viruses and spyware. Now has new, unique features that give you the very best Identity Protection and Social Media Protection.

BullGuard Premium Protection 2017 with simple and intuitive interface provides the top-rated antivirus protection, as proven by independent test labs.

Safeguard all your personal and financial information. You will get email and SMS alerts the minute as BullGuard detects your information has been stolen or compromised.

Also BullGuard Premium Protection 2017 lets monitor your children’s social media activity and alerts you to inappropriate behaviour. Moreover, the security suite includes 25 GB of Online Backup to secure your most valued files and FREE PC Tune Up to keep your PC running fast.

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BullGuard Premium Protection Features:

  • Identity Protection. BullGuard Premium Protection 2017 monitors the web, social networks, as well as stolen and compromised data sources. Simply register your usernames, email and postal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers. And more and whenever one of your registered details is made public online, we immediately alert you via email and SMS, and provide you with advice on what to do next.
  • Social Media Protection. Monitors your children’s Facebook profiles, including private messages, photos and friends list. All possible threats will be flagged to your children’s safety, and notify you each time we find inappropriate content and ill-intended strangers.
  • Antivirus. BullGuard Antivirus 2017 combines state-of-the-art Behavioural Detection, which spots new viruses by how they act, and traditional Signature-based Detection, which deals with known malware. Together, they form a multi-layered superior protection system that catches all viruses.
  • Firewall. Fights cybercrime for you. The Firewall protects you against network attacks and prevents identity and data thieves from hacking into your system.
  • Spamfilter. No spam, no scam. Your time is too precious to waste sorting emails. Let BullGuard Spamfilter clean your inbox for you, and say goodbye to email spam, phishing and foreign language fraud!
  • Safe Browsing. Surf the entire World Wide Web in full safety. BullGuard Premium Protection 2017 checks all the links that come up in your search results and on your Facebook page, and flags the ones that lead you to malicious websites.
  • BullGuard Parental Control. You can block their access to suspicious websites, limit their time on the internet and monitor their activity. BullGuard Premium Protection 2017 helps you to protect them from being exposed to cyberbullying and inappropriate content.

Other Important Features:

  • PC Tune Up. Let BullGuard’s PC Tune Up improve your computer’s performance by cleaning out old files you don’t really need and fix the issues that might be slowing it down.
  • Game Mode. Turn on the Game Mode and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with no alerts, updates and pop-up messages.
  • Vulnerability Scanner. Keep your PC safe and healthy. The Vulnerability Scanner checks your PC for out-dated software that hackers and viruses can exploit, and hands you the appropriate patches.
  • Backup. Get 25 GB of FREE backup space to keep all your photos, music and more safe. BullGuard Backup lets you schedule your backups and access them from another device to review and restore.

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Homepage – https://www.bullguard.com

Size: 328 KB

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