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COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0.162151.21

COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0.162151.21

COMODO Cloud Scanner (CCS) is the lightning fast online service that detects viruses, junk files, registry errors and hidden processes that may be lurking on your computer.

It is an easy to use tool that quickly and accurately identifies malware, viruses, suspicious processes and other problems with your computer.

User Interface makes it easy to accomplish common tasks while providing guidance and information, all in a modern looking presentation.

Using an application like this shouldn’t require any advanced knowledge. Anyone can use it. If you need help with anything, we have our experts standing by round-the-clock. For high detection rate of obsolete entries we use a very large programs database that is constantly updated.

COMODO Cloud Scanner uses cross-product integration of issue detection engines from all Comodo desktop products. No menus, no settings, no pop-ups! Your report is just one click away.

COMODO Cloud Scanner moved on to be an integrated part of Comodo Internet Security.

Changes in COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0.162151.21:


  • Files verification before submitted via CIMA. The files already submitted have quicker verdicts.
  • Files Checking FLS vs CIMA. Either behind a proxy or in case of connection problems with one of our servers, now you can be sure that the other one will give you diagnostics.


  • COMODO Cloud Scanner not detecting modified files with hex editor.
  • Issue detecting files when working via proxy.
  • Problem with CIMA analysis (files already submitted to COMODO servers).


  • Cloud scanning. Using our latest cloud technology to scan your computer with Comodo online services and tools. Cloud Scanner makes a real-time connection to Comodo’s online database and it detects the very latest malware.
  • Hidden processes detection. Our tool detects processes that are hidden and could be dangerous to your system.
  • Fastest scanning engine. We use one of the fastest scanning engine, 30% faster than the previous one.
  • Detect junk files. Over time your disk becomes occupied by temporary internet files, unused icons and duplicate files. They can have a negative impact on the performance of your computer. They can be called junk files and are detected by COMODO Cloud Scanner.
  • Deeper scan in special folders (Windows and Program Files) for malware, from Malware & Suspicious section.
  • Custom Scan. Just by right clicking on your directories or process files, Windows Shell starts scanning for malware and suspicious files.

Homepage – httpS://cloud-scanner.comodo.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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