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Available for:

FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 880

FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 880
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FreeCommander XE 2023 is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock.

You can take FreeCommander XE 2023 anywhere and you can even work with this program on a foreign computer. Just copy the installation directory on a CD or USB-Stick – and you can evenwork with this program on a foreign computer.

FreeCommander XE 2023 is a dual-panel file explorer with many features. In addition to the standard file management features, it can be used to compare directories, display folder sizes, synchronize folders and more.

The program can also open/create ZIP and CAB files, and open RAR files as well as search inside those archives. You can set view filters, create folder list (for printing), change file attributes, launch a command prompt, take a desktop screenshot and more.

Main features in FreeCommander XE 2023:

  • The interface of FreeCommander is user-friendly and adaptable
  • Two panels that are arranged next to each other or among each other
  • For each panel you can fade in a tree-view
  • Drives selection as combo box or bar
  • FreeCommander has an integrated DOS command prompt
  • Most of the functions can be started easily by Shortcuts
  • File names and paths can be copied into the Clipboard
  • Drag and Drop support for the file operations
  • Windows or Norton Commander selection mode
  • The program can be adjusted to its user by various options


  • Different views for file lists: list, details, small symbols, big symbols, picture preview
  • Display of file symbols (fixed, registered, extracted) is definable
  • File and directory information are shown in the status line
  • File information can be shown as information tip
  • The displayed files can be sorted by name, size, type, file time and attributes
  • Several layouts can be saved
  • Tabbed interface can be used
  • Access to the most important system directories
  • Quick access to the Start menu as well as to elements of the desktop and control panel
  • A quick change into a directory or archive is possible because of directory favorites
  • Additional programs can be included as favorites
  • Type and colours can be changed
  • The intern file viewer enables a quick view of the files in the formats such as text, hexadecimal, binary and as picture

File Management

  • File and directory  operations are supported: copy, move, delete, rename
  • Wipe file operation is supported
  • Create and verify MD5 checksums
  • Multi rename function
  • Large files can be divided into smaller parts
  • Context menu and properties of files and directories are displayed
  • Size of directories can be determined
  • Directories can be compared and synchronised
  • File time and file attributes can be changed
  • Time shift of several files is possible
  • Directory list can be made
  • Supported archive formats: ZIP and other with plugins
  • Files can be compressed
  • Archives can be unpacked
  • Creation of self-extracting files is possible (ZIP)
  • The intern file viewer also works in archive files
  • Files can be also searched in  directories and drives
  • Search for file contents (text) is possible
  • Search in archives is possible
  • Display  search  matches
  • Quick view of the files out of the matches list is possible

Changes in FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 880:

  • Implemented: Cover for EPUB files is displayed in the Viewer and Quick Viewer
  • Implemented: If “Quick search” is active it is possible now to set the “Quick Filter” from the content of the quick search field – use Ctrl+Y when the quick search field is visible.
  • Implemented: If “Quick search” is active it is possible now to select all items matched with the content of the quick search field – use Ctrl+A when the quick search field is visible.
  • Implemented: QuickFilter setting added: Clear all on program closing
  • Implemented: PDF viewer (64 bit) – bookmarks display added
  • Implemented: PDF viewer (64 bit) – document printing added
  • Implemented: Automatic views – “Show size of folders” property added
  • Implemented: Search for duplicates – more selection functions added
  • Implemented: New option added Settings->General: Activate Jump List
  • Implemented: File search window – double click in the profile list activate the profile
  • Implemented: Favorite tools – new variable added %ActivItemOnlyExt”
  • Implemented: Multi rename – md5 and crc32 checksums can be used
  • Implemented: “Settings – File/folder operations – Rename/Create” – new option added “Delay in miliseconds” for rename on slow double click
  • Implemented: Address bar – popup menu für subfolders now with scroll bar
  • Implemented: Synchronize folders – new “Include” Option added: Selected folders only.
  • Implemented: New function added “View -> Reset view (Alt+R)”. For active panel and active tab the following options will be reset: quick filter, filter, plain view, all “only selected”.
  • Implemented: Favorite tree – with Ctrl+Click on icon or label full collapse/expand is made
  • Implemented: New action defined “Create symbolic link…”
  • Implemented: New action defined “Copy symbolic link…”
  • Implemented: FreeCommander copy dialog – new option on “Settings” tab added “When copying symbolic link of folder”
  • Implemented: Copy dialog (FreeCommander method) – new option on settings tab for copying of the symbolic links
  • Implemented: Make folder list dialog – new option on settings tab “Load method for symbolic link of folder”
  • Implemented: New action added: “Quick search – searched fraction at start; Toggles the option: Searched fraction must exists at the beginning of the text”
  • Implemented: New action added “Show/hide column headers” Shift+Ctrl+H
  • Implemented: New view type added “Thumbnail details” Alt+I
  • Implemented: New condition for auto selecting of the column profile: Implemented: Search dialog – it is possible to define ignore list for folder names: Options-> Ignore list for folders
  • Implemented: Search dialog – it is possible to ignore folders with the attribute: System, Hiden or System and Hidden
  • Implemented: New view type added “Thumbnail list” Alt+L
  • Implemented: New condition for auto selecting of the column profile: Implemented: New view type added “Thumbnail labels” Alt+B
  • Implemented: New condition for auto selecting of the column profile: Implemented: Quick starter – rename function added
  • Implemented: Viewer – new setting option “Zoom filter”
  • Implemented: New settings option added “One viewer for both panels – left-aligned”
  • Implemented: New FreeCommander column type added “OneDrive status” – OneDrive icons are displayed
  • Implemented: Attributes/Timestamps dialog – it is possible now to set random timestamps
  • Implemented: Compare folders – new option added “Ignore diacritical marks”
  • Implemented: New possibility to change of the folder timestamp in the “Attributes/Timestamp” dialog: Set folder timestamp from most recent item
  • Implemented: Column headers are now colored if any color scheme is active; For disabling colors define FileListColoredColumnHeader=0 in the freecommander.ini file
  • Implemented: Desktop snapshot – variables %ActivDir%, %InactivDir% are possible now as destination folder
  • Changed: Default value for the option Settings-General: “Activate Jump List” changed to false
  • Changed: The function “View only selected in both panels” works if no other “only selected” view is active in either panel. Otherwise the existing “only selected” view will be switched off.
  • Changed: The functions “View only selected files”, “View only selected items”, “View only selected in both panels” were changed internally. If used as a toolbar button, they must be removed from the toolbar and added again.
  • Changed: Compare folders (Alt+V) – it is possible now to select different or same items (till now only different)
  • Changed: Favorite tools – items without defined “Program or folder” are visible now in the submenu of the category
  • Changed: TABs – properties dialog is now sizeable
  • Changed: Option “Handle closing as minimization” now only for click on X symbol
  • Changed: Improved handling of the shell libraries
  • Changed: Favorite folder tree – now category item will be opened with delay if dragging some item over
  • Changed: Quick starter – the case of all items in the repository is now used “as is”.
  • Bug fix: Settings – definition of the new items for column profiles, automatic views and status bar is broken
  • Bug fix: Toolbar in quick viewer can not be made visible
  • Bug fix: Starting with parameters (e.g. /N /L=D:) does not update the tree and tab caption
  • Bug fix: Exception is possible when switching from dual panel to one panel and quick viewer is open
  • Bug fix: Layouts edit – using ENTER while renaming the item, closes the entire dialog
  • Bug fix: History drop down buttons broken on program start
  • Bug fix: Folder size value directly after program start maybe wrong (e.g. folder c:\windows)
  • Bug fix: Multi rename – option “Activate profiles combo box first” broken
  • Bug fix: Unpacking bigger (> 4GB) files from zip archive is not possible
  • Bug fix: Closing main FC window if multi rename form is open may cause exception
  • Bug fix: Multi rename – “Activate profiles combo box first” is broken
  • Bug fix: “Remove color scheme…” does not remove it from menu
  • Bug fix: Layouts – editing is broken if quick filter is active
  • Bug fix: Exception is possible if new scheme (FreeCommander_*) is used and view style is set to not custom
  • Bug fix: The width of the tree maybe wrong after FC restart if “One tree per panel” option is used
  • Bug fix: Folder synchronize – rename profile function is broken
  • Bug fix: Edit favorite tools – setting of the icon file does not set icon number to 0 as in the past
  • Bug fix: “Redirect Win+E to freeCommander” – Started program is opened in the background
  • Bug fix: Exception in viewer if VLC player is used
  • Bug fix: After minimize to systray and restore with click on the program icon exception is possibleBug fix: After minimize to systray and restore with click on the program icon exception is possible
  • Bug fix: File popup menu in address bar maybe displayed on wrong position (multi monitor system)
  • Bug fix: Tree pane – selected node may be not visible on program start
  • Bug fix: Exception when copying the file to the archive if the option “Move to archive” is activated.
  • Bug fix: Favorites may not working when using multiple favorite sets
  • Bug fix: Show column headers option not saved on program close
  • Bug fix: Position of the main splitter not properly set after orientation changing (Ctrl+H)
  • Bug fix: Auto size columns function is broken if using the option “By item name length”
  • Bug fix: Changing the option “Show hidden” – change only inactive site
  • Bug fix: AdressBar, Splitter toolbar – divider width definition is ignored
  • Bug fix: Semicolon sign cannot be used for icons on Address Bar, Splitter, action toolbar
  • Bug fix: Starting the drag operation may fail in detail view mode if the option “Show extension in Name column” is not active
  • Bug fix: Text in Hot Area in the Address Bar moves down when hovered upon
  • Bug fix: Viewer – problems with the “Document title” setting options
  • Bug fix: Click with middle mouse button on folder created on desktop causes exception
  • Bug fix: Exclamation point in a filepath causes incorrect link to be displayed in file preview
  • Bug fix: PowerRename item from context menu opens twice the tool
  • Bug fix: Save settings problem on Windows 7
  • Bug fix: Selecting thumbnails with Shift key doesn’t work properly
  • Bug fix: Rename per slow double click is broken if the option “Hot track only” is active (Windows selection mode only)
  • Bug fix: Sorting using toolbar button does not respect setting for sorting direction
  • Bug fix: Wrong folder may be selected in the tree on the program start
  • Bug fix: Search dialog doesn’t find content of folder with semicolon in its name
  • Bug fix: Tree panel per Site -> the tree width may be not properly set after F10 or program start
  • Bug fix: Synchronization – exclude folders filter is broken if the option “Include Empty folders” is active
  • Bug fix: With the “White_Default” color scheme the hex view has wrong background color
  • Bug fix: Searching for content fail for files with path longer as 260 characters
  • Bug fix: Quick filter does not work for lnk files in Recycle Bin
  • Bug fix: Filter Alt+Y does not work for lnk files in Recycle Bin
  • Bug fix: System tray icon is not always visible on Windows 11
  • Bug fix: Focused item rectangle is not properly drawed if “Show gridlines” option is active
  • Bug fix: Possible stack overflow on program start if the tree pane is visible and “Start minimized” option is active

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. 11  – 32 or 64 Bit
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 100 MB hard disk memory
  • 1024×768 display resolution

FreeCommander XE Screenshots: