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Available for:

Wing FTP Server 7.1.6

Wing FTP Server 7.1.6
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Wing FTP Server is a professional cross-platform FTP Server featuring speed, reliability, user-friendly and customization. It has Real-Time Information function, letting monitor FTP server in real time, keeping an eye on each user connected to the server and collecting detailed information about them.

Wing FTP Server is a multi-protocol file server for Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris. It includes a new set of advanced tools: Administrator Console, Task Scheduler, Web based Remote Control. The scripts support let users extend the Server by Lua language, Virtual Directories for easy sharing files and directories. And the ratio, disk quota system for controlling how much an user or a group uploads and downloads.

Also offers Email Notification and Event Manager, allowing the program to respond to different events, such as file upload or download by sending a default notification email to the administrator automatically.

Wing FTP Server supports the following protocols:

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
  • FTPS (FTP over SSL)
  • HTTPS (HTTP over SSL)
  • SFTP using SSH2 (File Transfer over Secure Shell)

Wing FTP Server Features:

  • Cross Platform. You can run the server on Windows, Linux, Mac, freeBSD and Solaris.
  • Multi-Protocols. Support FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH.
  • Web based Administration. Administrate your server from anytime and anywhere.
  • Web based Client. Access your files from anytime and anywhere.
  • Administrator Console. A powerful tool for administrator like Unix Shell.
  • Task Scheduler. Manage your Lua Scripts task to take an action at a specified time.
  • Programmable Event Manager. Run your Lua Scripts,send email, or execute third party software.
  • Database Storage. Database storage of accounts information via ODBC or MySQL directly.
  • Application Programming Interface. Provide a lot of API that can be called in Lua Scripts.
  • Virtual Directories. Share files and directories easy.
  • Real-Time Information. Give you the ability to monitor your FTP server in real-time. You can monitor each user connected to your server and gather detailed information about them (download speed, last command, idle time).
  • Multi-Language. Now support English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
  • MODE Z. Faster data transfers through data compression.
  • Advanced Security. Multiple mechanisms are implemented to tighten accounts security.
  • IP based access. Choose who can and who can not connect to your server (user account or server level).
  • Maximum connections limitation (IP, domain, user). Manage your network and system resources efficiently.
  • Custom commands and messages definition. Expand available commands and messages in your FTP Server and customize it to your needs.
  • Time of day access. Schedule your bandwidth usage per day, per week, or per month.
  • …and much more!

The program is available in 3 versions to meet the various needs of today’s server administrators. Standard Edition with the core tools and features. Secure Edition which adds support for SSH and SSL. Corporate Edition for use by medium to large corporations with high volume file server traffic.

Changes in Wing FTP Server 7.1.6 (2022-12-01):

  • Added a feature – Added a function “View/Edit Office Files” in web client, now you can view/edit office files locally (it requires the Google Chrome extension “Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides”).
  • Added a feature – Added a function “Rotate” in web client’s Picture Viewer, you can use it for rotating image.
  • Fixed a bug – The domain log files might be stored in a wrong place occasionally.
  • Fixed a bug – Web client will print out error message when opening a specific URL.
  • Improvement – Increased the default domain log size into 512MB.

Changes in Wing FTP Server 7.1.5 (2022-09-27):

  • Improvement – Improved the Lua script editor in Event Manager and Task Scheduler, now supports syntax highlighting.
  • Improvement – The HTTP Event “OnUserDisconnect” won’t be triggered when closing the web browser directly.
  • Fixed a bug – Unzip operation may abort due to the internal filename’s encoding.
  • Improvement – The filename of server logs might be wrong in some situation.
  • Improvement – The text editor in web client now supports syntax highlighting for Lua script.

Changes in Wing FTP Server 7.1.4 (2022-09-07):

  • Fixed a bug – Can’t download a file which filename includes special characters, this bug was introduced in v7.1.3.
  • Fixed a bug – Can’t jump into a subfolder which folder name includes special characters, this bug was introduced in v7.1.3.
  • Improvement – Now supported milliseconds timestamp for domain logs, you can enable the option “Domain > Settings > General Settings > Domain Log > Display timestamp with milliseconds”.
  • Improvement – Now will flush SSH debug logs into the file “Log/ssh_debug_log”, previously writing debug logs might be delayed.
  • Improvement – The read-only admin or domain admin now can’t see the detailed weblink under “Audit & Report”.

Changes in Wing FTP Server 7.1.3 (2022-08-29):

  • Fixed a bug – When using ODBC storage with an Oracle database, you may encounter an issue “ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded”.
  • Fixed a bug – If clients don’t send “OPTS UTF8 ON” or “CLNT” request, FTP transfer may fail with a Chinese (or non-English) filename.
  • Improvement – Now support opening items (like editing a user) by double clicking in the Tray application.
  • Improvement – Improved the local encoding compatibility when disabling the FTP option “OPTS UTF8 ON”.
  • Improvement – FTP server will return an empty result even if there is no LIST permission.
  • Improvement – Improved the user listing interface when using ODBC/Mysql database.

Changes in Wing FTP Server 7.1.2 (2022-08-09):

  • Fixed a bug – Can’t startup WingFTP service in Windows Server 2019 (with the latest update installed).
  • Improvement – Now you can get the value for variable “%Name” in the event OnExceedUSERPASS.
  • Improvement – Now anti-hammering feature will be available when using SSH public key authentication.
  • Improvement – Removed SITE MSG command and improved SITE HELP command.
  • Fixed a bug – Sometimes cannot open the page “Purchase” or “Install Update” with the tray application.

Homepage –

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022.
  • Mac OS X 10.5+ (including Catalina)
  • Linux OS: Ubuntu 12+, CentOS 7.0+, Red Hat RHEL 7.0+…

Size: 13.2 MB

DOWNLOAD Wing FTP Server Trial for Windows

DOWNLOAD Wing FTP Server Trial for Linux 32-bit

DOWNLOAD Wing FTP Server Trial for Linux 64-bit

DOWNLOAD Wing FTP Server Trial for macOS Intel x86

DOWNLOAD Wing FTP Server Trial for Solaris 10/11 Intel x86

Wing FTP Server is distributed under shareware license. You can download and evaluate fully functional trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you can continue use WingFTP as Free edition for non-commercial use. If you need more features available in Standard/Secure/Corporate edition, please purchase a license and register it.