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Hyena 15.2 by SystemTools

Hyena 15.2 by SystemTools
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Hyena 15 is known throughout the industry as one of the top Windows management utilities. Using the built-in Windows administration tools to manage a medium to large Windows 200x network or Active Directory environment can be a challenge.

Add multiple domains, hundreds or thousands of servers, workstations, and users, and before you know it, things can get out of hand.

Hyena is designed to both simplify and centralize nearly all of the day-to-day management tasks, while providing new capabilities for system administration. This functionality is provided in a single, centralized, easy to use product.

Used today by tens of thousands of system administrators worldwide, Hyena is the one tool that every administrator cannot afford to be without.

Hyena 15 uses an Explorer-style interface for all operations, including right mouse click pop-up context menus for all objects. Management of users, groups (both local and global), shares, domains, computers, services, devices, events, files, printers and print jobs, sessions, open files, disk space, user rights, messaging, exporting, job scheduling, processes, and printing are all supported.

Hyena 15 includes full exporting capabilities and both Microsoft Access and Excel reporting and exporting options. All of these features are part of the Standard Edition of Hyena.

Hyena 15 Features:

  • View your entire Windows or Active Directory network from one easy to use Explorer-style interface and make management a snap!
  • Audit your system configuration and quickly find security holes that need to plug.
  • Quickly generate reports for meetings or to use for further research to determine problem spots.
  • Change passwords for local administration accounts on multiple computers at once.
  • Find out which services are running and quickly show startup information; make changes to those services on all computers at once!
  • Go beyond the limits of Microsoft’s MMC and help you manage Windows 200x and Active Directory quickly and easily.
  • Control popular remote control programs, including VNC, with one utility.

Hyena also includes:

  • Full exporting capabilities with both Microsoft Access and Excel reporting and exporting options.
  • Terminal Server user properties and session administration.
  • Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 Server mailbox integration and properties management.
  • WMI integration.

What’s New in Hyena 15.2:

  • Increased size of Grouping “Group By…” dialog
  • Modified Settings > Display dialog for consistency with other dialogs.
  • Removed Settings > GUI double buffer option.  Double buffering automatically enabled for all list controls.
  • Modified Settings > Active Directory dialog to remove references to Windows 2003 on INetOrgPerson option.
  • Added search option to top of AD Queries dialog to allow searching and selecting queries by name.
  • Added Windows error code to open file errors to help in diagnosing issues.

What’s New in Hyena 15.0 Rev ‘C’:

  • Fixed graphic artifact when moving custom tools into a submenu.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect tool menu captions on ribbon tool menu under certain situations.
  • Added images to Group By dialog.
  • Added option to automatically display groups collapsed when using Group By on ribbon menu.
  • Worked around Windows 11 bug that caused non-localed date/times on AD displays.
  • Added DN path to error message when using find feature of user account lockout .

What’s New in Hyena 15.0:

  • Temporary Group Member Support – Windows Server 2016 added the capability to assign group memberships temporarily. Hyena v15.0 now supports both assigning members to groups temporarily as well as viewing the remaining TTL value.
  • Optional Primary Group Retrieval – Individual group member queries can now optionally not retrieve primary group information, which can have a substantial increase in query retrieval performance.

Other Changes

  • Added support for updating large integer values to ‘Manage Directory Attributes’ function and the Active Editor
  • Added support for ADSTYPE_PRINTABLE_STRING multi-valued attributes to Active Task
  • Increased maximum AD queries to 399 from 299
  • Added support for running AD queries against multiple OUs in object groupings from the right window
  • Fixed issue with viewing open files on non-Windows servers that did not properly handle the Windows Open Files API function
  • Added option to edit OU query targets
  • Improved performance to save AD query changes when only query ordering was modified
  • Added several advanced settings to complement new features, including TTLDisplayFormat, ShowTempMembersIconOnProperties, and DoNotShowPrimaryGroupsInProperties.  See the Advanced Settings topic in Hyena’s help file for more information on these new advanced settings.

Homepage – https://www.systemtools.com

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022

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