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VSO Downloader

VSO Downloader
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VSO Downloader is a multimedia downloader to grab streaming videos and audio from thousands of websites like Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. The program sits in the background and can be set to automatically download media as you surf.

VSO Downloader does not depend on any browser, it automatically detects when you are watching an online video and downloads it to your hard drive. It is a simple tool that is easy to use, it automatically detects the current video and downloads it to your hard drive.

The downloader is entirely customizable, for example, you can automatically download all the detected videos, launch several downloads simultaneously, etc. Additionally, thousands of more media sources will be covered through support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Files can be renamed as they are being downloaded from remote servers, and the engine ensures the highest possible speed is achieved. If a download stops, it can be resumed later. VSO Downloader supports VPNs and proxy servers too.

VSO Downloader has got a simple interface. Simple run the program and it will automatically keep track of any videos that you watch online. There is no need to manually add any URLs, it will automatically download the videos that you are watching to your hard disk.

The program comes with an Ad Blocker. Supports download resume and it is also compatible with HTTP, HTTPS protocols. You can configure the program to limit the number of files it downloads at a time or the number of threads to open per download. You can also filter the downloads by a minimum file size. The program will download the videos in its original format as it does not come with any converter.

Download Video streaming:

  • Download almost all video streaming from thousands of sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more
  • Streaming content is detected and downloaded automatically (no need to copy and paste URLs)
  • Series, movies, clips, documentaries…
  • Download HD video streaming by selecting HD resolution on your web page, even 4k Video

Download Audio Streaming

  • Save podcasts, web radios, any audio content
  • Smart Mp3 extractor: download Youtube to Mp3
  • Audio normalization option
  • All formats supported: FLV, MP4, WMV, MP3, AVI, SWF…

Audio and Video Converter integrated:

  • Convert video files to various formats automatically after download: AVI, Xvid, AVI, H264, Mp4Mpeg4, mobile phones and Apple formats: Ipad, Ipod, Iphone.
  • MP3 converter integrated, download videos in MP3 + convert in FLAC and M4A
  • Converter includes audio normalization setting
  • Download YouTube to MP3

Instant Download

  • Download accelerator integrated
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • No more buffering problems!

Download Everywhere

  • Works with any browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox..
  • VPN compatible to surf anonymously

Very Easy to Use

  • Automatically detects the file
  • No need to copy/paste URL

Content Selection

  • Detects Ads and does not download them
  • Filter list for file types and websites to be ignored
  • Compatible with all Ad Blockers

Smart Tool

  • Pause / resume unfinished downloads
  • Original filename detected or rename manually
  • Detects live streaming

Total Control

  • Watch videos where and when you want
  • Keep them as long as you want
  • Delete your download history

Streaming video/audio sites supported

The VSO Downloader Ultimate version includes:

  • RTMP support
  • Works with even more sites
  • Convert to high quality mp3 format
  • with more features coming…

Changes in VSO Downloader (2023-02-21):

  • [Bug] v6.0.0.88 After going in widget mode, you lose your open folder icon and new icons appear on the screen
  • [Bug] v6.0.0.100 Going in Widget Mode and returning, you lose your Large Folder Icon
  • [Bug] Video file is not available after download when conversion is needed

Changes in VSO Downloader (2023-01-17):

  • [Bug] Update skipped due to settings

Changes in VSO Downloader (2023-01-04):

  • [Bug] v6.0.0.88 After going in widget mode, you lose your open folder icon and new icons appear on the screen
  • [Suggestion] Downloader text TYPO
  • [Bug] Toggling in Widget Mode and returning to regular window messes up the icons and behavior
  • [Bug] Failed update
  • [Feature Request] Removing all titles from download list
  • [Crash] Loading freezes on “contacting update server”

Changes in VSO Downloader (2022-12-13):

  • [Bug] No subtitles in downloaded video
  • [Bug] Proxy not starting on MacOS
  • [Bug] Radar mode detect nothing on MacOS
  • [Bug] Cosmetic issue on popup menus
  • [Bug] Cosmetic issue in the activation form
  • [Bug] Information in the activation form is not always accurate and obscure
  • [Bug] No auto subtitles in downloaded video

Changes in VSO Downloader (2022-10-18):

  • [Unsupported file/stream format] [FFMPEG SAMPLE-AES encryption is not supported yet]
  • [Unsupported file/stream format] [http proxy error] not supported
  • [Suggestion] Activating Proxy takes a few seconds, there was no text, popup or hour glass to advise us Downloader is turning ON or OFF
  • [Unsupported file/stream format] [ unsupported]

Changes in VSO Downloader (2022-10-05):

  • [Bug] [] Wrong audio track ML selected
  • [Bug] [Live HLS] can’t keep alive connection if domain of manifest and fragments differs
  • [Bug] [Live Stream] Referer not taken into account
  • [Bug] Missing conversion progress for some files
  • [Bug] sometime download 2 times same stream
  • [Bug] url on port different than 443 or 80 not correctly reported by the proxy

Changes in VSO Downloader (2022-08-19):

  • [Bug] Got an access violation after configuration my settings
  • [Bug] critical errors in french
  • [Bug] Changing settings messes with Combobox content of item (selected resolution)
  • [Unsupported file/stream format] [AV1 codec not supported] Video Stream not recognized at merging
  • [Bug] Playlists removed persists to reappear after software relaunch

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).