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Hippani Animator 5.1.6360

Hippani Animator 5.1.6360
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Hippani Animator is a HTML Animation tool for modern web designers. Forget Flash, Silverlight and Java, Hippani Animator brings animation to smart phones and tablets.

It even works in old browsers like Internet Explorer 6 where new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are not available. No plugins, downloads or scripting knowledge is required.

Add your movies to a web page using 1 simple line of code. Or create whole animated web pages that scale to fit any web browser.

Hippani Animator is perfect for anybody who is interested in HTML animation, CSS animation, HTML5 animation, SVG animation, Silverlight animation, Flash animation, Java animation, javascript animation, VML animation, canvas animation, banner animation, GIF Animation, image to video, image to avi, web design, graphic design, dynamic HTML, DHTML, jQuery or any other kind web animation.

Hippani Animator Features:

  • Easy to use Editor. Hippani Animator is a powerful yet easy to learn editor. It’s simple to create great looking animation quickly. Perfect for beginners and experts. Help is included, try the video tutorials and you’ll be up and running in minutes. Customise the look with light and dark interfaces.
  • HTML Export. Hippani Animator exports a single scalable HTML page and a folder of images. You only need one line of code to add the animation to your own web pages. It’s as simple as we can make it. The HTML animation is cross browser, search friendly and doesn’t require any browser plugins or downloads.
  • Works on Phones and Tablets. Flash, Silverlight and Java animation is usually not supported by phones and tablets. Hippani Animator supports iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android to name a few. The movies automatically scale to fit any web browser size.
  • Vector Graphics. Hippani Animator uses vector graphics whenever possible. This means fast downloading and perfectly smooth edges no matter how big the movie scales.

More Features:

  • Image Editor. Hippani Animator has an image editor built in. You can resize, rotate, crop and flip your images without leaving the editor. You can also add effects like blur, noise, contrast and brightness.
  • Buttons and Interactivity. Add interactivity to your animated movies using buttons and a simple set of script commands. No previous scripting knowledge is required. Just select the command you want to use and fill in it’s options.
  • Slideshows. Quickly create slideshows using the image viewer object. Fade or slide between images. Load large images after the movie has loaded. Control the show using script commands to play, pause, go back and forward.
  • YouTube and Vimeo Videos. Add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your movies. If you don’t want to use those, there is also a page object that allows other web pages or videos to be embedded in your movie.
  • Audio. For that extra touch of class, add music and sound effects to your movie. Supports web browsers that don’t support MP3.
  • Javascript Engine Built-in. Create advanced interactive movies, complex games and applications using the built-in javascript engine. Javascript you test in Hippani Animator works the same as when exported.

What’s New in Hippani Animator 5.0:

  • 500+ new primitive shapes available in editor
  • drawings and images
  • new slider object.
  • new select object.
  • new templates.
  • new movie types.
  • script in timelines.
  • nested script ID.
  • css classes on objects
  • link to external JavaScript and CSS files
  • HTML5 export (work in progress)
  • external script export
  • updated OS X version
  • updated interface and icons
  • various bug fixes.

Homepage – https://www.hippani.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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