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Paragon Drive Backup 11 version

Paragon Drive Backup 11 version
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Paragon Drive Backup 11 is designed for hard disk imaging, complete system backup, bare-metal or separate files restoration providing your Workstation, Server and Small Business Server with the most efficient data protection.

Drive Backup keeps your system and applications protected and quickly and easily recovered. The regular use of Drive Backup ensures that your system and data are safe. Protect your hardware, undo software malfunctions or crashes, and safeguard your data with our latest Drive Backup.

Paragon Drive Backup 11 easily restores your system whenever disaster strikes, and optimizes storage utilization to keep your system running at top speed. Along with our reliable entire disk backup, this powerful application provides you with a new approach to file backup and enhanced recovery tools. Use its Smart Backup to free up disk space.

Paragon Drive Backup 11 is the most complete backup solution for mission critical systems. The P2V feature and powerful scripting options provide a solid virtualized infrastructure solution using network access storage devices. As a Paragon partner we have found much success with their products. So much so that we have been phasing out other vendors’ backup software and deploying Paragon solutions instead.

Paragon Drive Backup 11 Features:

  • Guaranteed support for the latest operating systems from Microsoft (including Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2)
  • Live imaging for a Win2K+ system with two snapshot technologies, Microsoft VSS and Paragon Hot Backup
  • Complete infrastructure for establishing a self-acting data protection system that is fully compliant with the set-and-forget backup policy
  • Server migration to virtual hardware (P2V) for increased availability of hardware and applications
  • No hardware dependency with the next generation of Paragon Adaptive Restore
  • Differential and incremental backups, and exclusive file complements allows different data time-stamps with no duplication, and minimizes backup storage requirements
  • Restore at a granular level to minimize downtime if there’s no need to restore an entire image; you choose only the files you want
  • Comprehensive recovery environments based on DOS, Linux, and WinPE 2.1 are available on CD/DVD/Blu-ray, thumb drives, or Backup Capsules
  • Support of all the latest hardware, including all SCSI, IDE and SATA RAID controllers, Blu-ray drives, USB 1.x/2.0 and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) devices, PC card storages, and many more…
  • Support for GPT and Microsoft dynamic disks
  • Support for Apple Boot Camp configurations

Paragon Drive Backup 11 Server

Powerful, yet easy-to-use backup and disaster recovery solution for physical and virtual Windows environments. It ensures business continuity and data security, and helps IT staff increase productivity and leverage previous investments in storage and virtualization technologies.

  • Support for SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks
  • Application-level excludes and incremental disk imaging
  • Full compliance with the “set-and-forget” backup policy
  • Live Windows OS migrations (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P)
  • Smooth restore to dissimilar hardware via Adaptive Restore
  • Non-destructive Connect VD to safely manage virtual storages
  • Comprehensive WinPE recovery environment

Paragon Drive Backup 11 SBS

Full value disaster recovery solution for Windows SBS at the lowest price with a 100% money-back guarantee! With Paragon Drive Backup 11 SBS, your company can have an effective corporate-level disaster recovery solution at the price of a consumer’s.

  • Modern technologies to protect your intellectual property
  • All facilities to meet strict Recovery Time Objectives
  • The lowest price in the market segment

Paragon Drive Backup 11 Workstation

Cost-effective protection for Windows workstations! It offers all the necessary facilities to help IT administrators secure stand-alone Windows desktops and laptops. With the next generation of Adaptive Restore and exclusive recovery environments, this solution is ideal to protect a company’s intellectual property with minimal effort.

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