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eScan Internet Security Suite 22.0.1400.2443

eScan Internet Security Suite 22.0.1400.2443
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.eScan Internet Security solution designed for home and small office users is a comprehensive Antivirus and Content Security Solution. It provides complete protection to your computers against objectionable content and security threats that creep around the internet such as Viruses, Ransomware, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Hackers, Spam, Phishing Web sites and range of information security threats.

eScan Security delivers complete protection for your devices. It’s packed with the largest threat-detection network, virus protection, and home network security that won’t slow down your PC.

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New cloud protection technology detects threats as they emerge in real-time, Dynamic Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine protects you even when offline, and our custom-built secure browser delivers top security and tough protection when shopping and making payments online. The sophisticated layered real-time protection monitors the computer against malware, keeping your application and data safe.

The powerful scan engine provides security against known and unknown malware, phishing, and virus attacks in real-time. eScan ISS is equipped with futuristic technologies like Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine (PBAE), Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern (NILP), MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) and many more. Smart parental control protects your kids from online threats and unwanted content.

eScan Internet Security Suite (Cyber Vaccine Edition) Features:

Real-time Protection

eScan provides a sophisticated layer of real-time protection to prevent any possible spread of malicious programs. It constantly monitors the system for malware, spyware, ransomware, and various other threats. It detects and restricts malicious threats from accessing the system and exploit personal data. eScan’s real-time protection has the potential to keep cyber threats away by continuously monitoring online activities.

Optimized Performance

eScan is equipped with advanced security technologies to reduce the memory and hard drive being used which eventually minimizes the CPU overhead. This, in turn, enhances the speed and performance of the computer making the regular tasks quick and safe. Moreover, using cache technology the scan time is minimized without causing any lag to the system.

Powerful Anti-Ransomware

eScan’s effective Anti-Ransomware feature using Proactive Behavior Analysis Engine (PBAE) monitors the activity of all the processes. The Intelligent Shadow Backup mechanism triggers during any eventualities. This helps users to protect their crucial data and overcome the aftershock of ransomware attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication

eScan provides an extra layer of protection to the log-in process that authenticates and prevents any criminals from accessing the computer and personal data. This offers an additional step of security as cyberthieves require more than a username and password for authentication.

Smart Parental Control

eScan has designed Smart Parental Control to protect children and teenagers from the latest cyberthreats. While accessing the websites or applications, defined users’ can be restricted based on different types of profiles. Different users have different profiles and access/web control rights.

Windows Essential Updates

eScan checks for missing security patches on the system OS by matching the installed patches with the released patch list in the database. After comparing both the patches, it installs the missing Windows critical security patches. This helps to keep the system to stay away from the latest threats and maintain the security of the home network.

Two-way Firewall

eScan Two-way Firewall filters all the incoming and outgoing network requests, which enables you to monitor every inbound and outbound connection. This locks out hackers from connecting to the system and defends the connection of undesired apps to the internet.

Effective Endpoint Security

eScan provides protection from the known and unknown threats that can spread through USB or Firewire-based portable storage devices, such as Flash drive, Webcam, SD Card, and more. It offers an advanced Application Control that allows you to block/permit applications and prevent critical threats.

Quicker On-demand Scan

eScan’s advanced On-Demand Scanner has built-in Whitelisting and Cache technology that make scanning of files, memory, folder, and all other storage devices, more efficient and quick. Being lightweight, it minimizes the consumption of CPU and memory resources during the scanning process.

Advanced Anti-Phishing

eScan uses a phishing detection technique that detects phishing links, emails, and attachment-based on malicious behavior and blocks automatically every time when they try to reach the email boxes.

Other Highlights:

  • Advanced Anti-Spam
  • Terminal Service Protection Module (TSPM)
  • Rugged Cloud Protection
  • Mobile Scan
  • USB Vaccination
  • Secure Delete
  • Windows Security Updates
  • Gaming Mode
  • Virtual Keyboard

Homepage – https://www.escanav.com

eScan is available in English, German, French, Nederlands, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Greek, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Latin Spanish, Czech, and Slovak.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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