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Abelssoft MalwareTerminator 2024.11

Abelssoft MalwareTerminator 2024.11
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Abelssoft MalwareTerminator kills annoying browser toolbars with a single click! Many programs and download portals provide you not only with your requested software, but also with an unrequested browser toolbar. No one needs these toolbars – and they’re incessantly irritating.

This Abelssoft program finds each of these pests and tosses them out of the system with a click. Ready, aim, fire: finally the browser is back under control! Have you ever wonder how can I remove toolbars?

Every Windows user know this sequence: you’ve only just finished installing a new program, only to have some toolbar mysteriously pop into your browser. A quick, one time installation of unrelated software has somehow netted you an ever-present annoyance.

MalwareTerminator analyzes the Windows system

The question becomes: how does one get rid of these pesky little bars? Over time, one’s browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome – can accumulate quite a lot of these toolbars. And, unfortunately, these toolbars often install their own protective programs that make uninstalling them intentionally difficult. Dr. Sven Abels, founder of Ascora GmbH: “We all get annoyed by these toolbars. They are by and large completely unwanted, polluting the system and slowing the browser down. So they must go. To that end, our developers have been hard at work on MalwareTerminator, a tool written to be an uncompromising, one-click solution to these annoying bars.”

Remove malware and toolbars with 1 click

Upon starting MalwareTerminator the program will analyze the individual Windows system, listing all installed toolbars. The list also displays which browsers each toolbar has already taken root in. Additionally, the program offers a short description of each toolbar. Any toolbar can be marked and removed by clicking. This kill-command also targets any underlying programs protecting the toolbar which would normally interfere with uninstallation.

Functions Of Abelssoft MalwareTerminator:

  • Removes annoying malware from your PC. MalwareTerminator has been developed by a team of experts with one goal: To fight back malware and to throw them out of your system.
  • Yes: It supports your browser. All of the most used web browsers in the market are supported by MalwareTerminator. The app scans your system and shows you all browsers in an overview.
  • Startup-scan for your Windows PC. MalwareTerminator scans your PC for malware on each Windows start and shows you all of them in a neat dashboard allowing you to remove them easily.
  • Free „MalwareDefinition“-updates. Abelssoft helps you to find them by keeping MalwareTerminator up-to-date with its new “MalwareDefinition” updates. This service is free of charge for you!

Homepage – https://www.abelssoft.de/

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 11.

MalwareTerminator screenshot

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