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SlimBrowser is a powerful and compact tabbed multiple-site browser with full unicode support. It incorporates a large collection of powerful features like built-in popup killer, skinned window frame, form filler, site group, quick-search, auto login, hidden sites, built-in commands and scripting, online translation, script error suppression, blacklist / whitelist filtering, URL Alias.

SlimBrowser let you open several sites at once with the support of site groups. It provides one-click access to search engines via pre-defined quicksearch entries. You can easily define your own quicksearch entries. SlimBrowser provides one-click access to personal accounts via predefined autologin entries.

This browser supports URL filter and in-page ad filter which blocks annoying advertisements and offensive content effectively. It is able to render RSS new feeds into readable web pages.

SlimBrowser support URL alias and built-in commands. It also supports ftp file uploading. The built-in ScriptPad is able to edit JScript / VBScript and HTML files with syntax highlighting. The interface is fully skinnable and a large collection of skins are available for download. It brings you convenient and comfortable browsing.

All features of SlimBrowser:

  • Multiple site browser based on tab-page interface
  • QuickFill Form Filler/Password Manager
  • Multi-threaded Download Manager
  • One-Click Facebook Integration
  • Instant Photo Upload and Photo Framing
  • Download Youtube Video to MP4 and MP3
  • Open Multiple Sites As Site Group
  • Web Page and Text Translation
  • Block Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker
  • Ability to turn on/off Flash Animation
  • Weather Condition and Weather Forecast
  • Block Popups with Popup Blocker
  • Skinned Web Browser Window Frame
  • Integrate with Popular Web Services
  • ScriptPad: Built-in VBScript/Jscript/HTML/Text editor.
  • URL Alias: Type short alias instead long URL.
  • Web Form SpellChecker
  • Web Page Screenshot (Whole Web Page or Selected Area)
  • Auto Refresh / Auto Reload Web Page
  • AutoLogin: automatically connect and log into specified website with just one click.
  • Delete Browser History Completely or Selectively
  • Proxy Switcher
  • Upload Clipboard Image
  • Seamless integration with online translation engine and dictionaries
  • Built-in RSS News Rendering Engine. Now you can read RSS news directly inside SlimBrowser without additional RSS Reader software.
  • Compatible with all plugins and extensions designed for Mozilla Firefox.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2021-05-19):

  • Fix bug with upload file dialog.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2021-05-11):

  • Upgrade to Gecko engine 87
  • Improved “Highlight All” feature feature on Find in Page
  • Added support for simultaneously watching multiple videos in Picture-in-Picture
  • Improved Print functionality with a cleaner design and better integration with the computer’s printer settings;
  • credit card management and auto-fill for users in Canada;
  • notable performance and stability improvements achieved by moving canvas drawing and WebGL drawing to the GPU process;
  • Introduction of Total Cookie Protection to Strict Mode
  • Protection from supercookies, a type of tracker that can stay hidden in the browser and track users online, even after they have cleared cookies.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2021-01-13):

  • Fix bug with ad blocker on youtube website.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-09-09):

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 79.
  • The Protections Dashboard includes consolidated reports about tracking protection, data breaches, and password management. To view your dashboard, type about:protections into the address bar, or select “Protections Dashboard” from the main menu.
  •  Rolled out WebRender to Windows users with Intel and AMD GPUs, bringing improved graphics performance to an even larger audience.
  • Disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 to improve your website connections. Sites that don’t support TLS version 1.2 will now show an error page.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-08-08):

  • Fix ad blocker issue with youtube.
  • Fix bug with settings not transferred with portable version.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-08-02):

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 77
  • Supports Audio Worklets that will allow more complex audio processing like VR and gaming on the web. Now you can now join Zoom calls without the need for any additional downloads.
  • Improved Picture-in-Picture feature. Now, when you are ready to focus on the video, a double click can take the small window into full screen. Double click again to reduce the size again.
  • Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms.
  • Your login management has improved with the ability to reverse alpha sort (Name Z-A) in Lockwise, which you can access under Logins and Passwords.
  • Add support for importing bookmarks from new Edge browser.
  • Add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager (about:addons). Going forward, only users can install add-ons; they cannot be installed by an application.
  • Implemented a new global default zoom level setting. This option is available in about:preferences under “Language and Appearance” and can be scaled up or down from 100% as needed and sets the default zoom level for all sites. Per-site zoom is still available to make adjustments to individual sites as needed.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-06-19):

  • Add support for side tabs (Select menu View->Side bar->Tabs).

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-05-06):

  • Fix bug about openning links in gmail.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-04-03):

  • Fix a bug with forum link

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-03-12):

  • Fix a bug with language file manager
  • Fix a bug with youtube video downloader

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-03-09):

  • Fix a few UI localization issue.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-03-04):

  • Fix UI localization issue with French and German.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-03-02):

  • Fix bug with language file manager.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-02-24):

  • Fix bug with share page on facebook/twitter.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-02-15):

  • Fix bug with some menu labels

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-02-05):

  • Fix bug with youtube video downloader

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-01-19):

  • Add support for auto reload tabs (Right click on tab and select “Auto Reload” from popup menu)

Changes in SlimBrowser (2020-01-08):

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 72
  • blocks fingerprinting scripts by default
  • show a speech bubble in the address bar that you can use to opt-in to web site notifications
  • Picture-in-picture video feature: “Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs or apps

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-12-07):

  • Fix bug with private browsing mode.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-11-04):

  • Fix bug with default new tab page.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-10-26):

  • Fix bug with ad blocker

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-10-17):

  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager
  • Improve ad blocker

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-10-12):

  • Fix bug with search provider

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-10-09):

  • Fix bug with UI translation
  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-10-02):

  • Fix bug with UI translation

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-09-30):

  • Fix crash with turbo charged download manager.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-09-29):

  • Migrated to Gecko Engine 68.0
  • Fixed bug with youtube video downloader.

Changes in SlimBrowser (2019-08-22):

  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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5 Comments on SlimBrowser

  • Gravatar


    is there a point to this?why not stick to Maxthon? everything you'll ever need in 1 browser?

  • Gravatar


    Lately Firefox is very disappointing. New Betas every other day, not as stable and Fun as it used to be. I wish I could use Opera on everything, but in its place it's Chrome. This is IE engine not FF

  • Gravatar


    don't know about other OS but i'm on Win 7 and though it shows google toolbar it wont let u sign in to get ur google i don't rate it...anyway its based on internet explorer so if u want to go with ie then do so with chrome frame enabled..not bad at all!

  • Gravatar


    Try Green browser for an alternative

  • Gravatar


    Exactly! I use this when I can't use Opera, Or FF, and forced to use IE. Still Opera is tops