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Total Uninstall 7.0.2 by Martau

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Total Uninstall 7.0.2 by Martau

Total Uninstall is a powerful installation monitor and advanced uninstaller. It is alternative uninstaller to Windows Add Remove Programs to remove programs completely. Total Uninstall is a complete uninstaller which include two working modes.

This program creates a snapshot of your system prior to installing a new application. Then Total Uninstall takes an additional snapshot after the installation has completed. It then compares the two snapshots and displays all changes in a graphical tree view. Moreover, it marks all registry values and files that have been added, changed or deleted.

Total Uninstall saves these changes and if you decide to uninstall the application. It will reverse the changes to the previous state.

With Installed Applications module Total Uninstall analyzes installed programs and create a log. That can be used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of provided Add/Remove program.

With Monitored Applications module Total Uninstall helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new application. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add/Remove program which can leave files or changes behind.

Total Uninstall Features:

  • Monitor changes from registry and file system for new installations
  • Accurate analyze existing installations and create a log with installation changes
  • Completely and thoroughly uninstall monitored or analyzed applications
  • List without delay installed or monitored applications and with appropriate icons
  • Organize in groups monitored or installed applications
  • Find the application to uninstall by keyword quickly and easily
  • Summary and detailed information for each installed or monitored program
  • User configurable views of the detected changes
  • Detailed uninstall log
  • Powerful search in detected changes
  • Export registry changes for install or uninstall
  • Stand alone and low resource usage agent for notification of running installation programs
  • Export installed or monitored applications list to file
  • Export to file or print detected changes
  • View and apply pending file rename operations without restart
  • Multi-language interface

Changes in Total Uninstall 7.0.2 (2021-07-10):

  • Trying to backup/restore two consecutive locked files could interrupt prematurely the backup/restore process.
  • When is restored only the changes log, the restored log is linked to the source backup. This enable the individual file restoration from the detected changes tree context menu.
  • Improved analysis

Changes in Total Uninstall 7.0.1 (2021-06-02):

  • Improved analysis: new locations analyzed and new system locations protected.
  • Forced uninstall will accept programs located outside the standard program files location even if a similar program exists in the program files.
  • Fixed Autoruns, some 32bit services were displayed as not found/gray on 64 bit systems.
  • Some translations updated, new Gujarati translation in options dialog

Changes in Total Uninstall 7.0.0 (2020-08-13):

  • The location of the program data has changed. Use menu File->Import to load previous version monitored programs.
  • Create a new empty monitored program log.
  • Add manually to monitored program log items as created from file system and registry.
  • Add manually file system and registry items to be included in analysis. Restart analysis after that.
  • Fixed issues after Window 10 updates
  • Removed obsolete agent and color schemes.
  • Russian help file.

Changes in Total Uninstall 6.26.2 (2018-12-07):

  • File properties dialog didn’t show up on some previous Windows 10 builds (since previous TU update).
  • Delete to recycle bin could crash the program on some systems.
  • Interface translation updates.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10  (32-bit, 64-bit).

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5 Comments on Total Uninstall 7.0.2 by Martau

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    Alba Webs To be licensed you must make a series of operations and all subject to fees does not seem right Per ottenere la licenza è necessario effettuare una serie di operazioni e tutto a pagamento non mi sembra giusto

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    Using this application too much will render your OS useless as it deletes too many valid registry keys. I thought this was the best but now I'm going back to Your Uninstaller! User beware!!

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    full uninstall is much better i do the test,and you will see.

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    Just wait for Windows 8 compatibility!

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    I do not like programs that allways connect to internet on every one my step, also look at the license – it work with time limits, this is absurd, that is why i don’t buy it! I like independent programs. And i hope someone to help us.