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Light Image Resizer by Obvious Idea

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Light Image Resizer by Obvious Idea

Light Image Resizer from Obvious Idea (previously known as VSO Image Resizer) is a free tool that organizes your photos by shrinking their resolution or moving them within your hard drive.

It is the perfect tool for those who store their digital pictures and images on their PC and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, import or organize photos.

Using this free resize image software, you can create e-mail friendly versions of your images, load them faster, move them easily from folder to folder, change their format, edit large numbers of image files/batch image resize and thus save space on your hard drive.

Add your own watermark to protect your work or add a copyright to photos with html-like text formatting and transparency support. Customize pictures by converting them to sepia or add a border. Use the live preview to see what the final result will look like before actually processing the image.

The ObviousIdea Photo Resizer/Picture Resizer works on files, subfolders and folders, and supports RAW formats. With multi-core support integrated, you can convert images even faster. Launch the application easily from Windows shell explorer with a right click on the image or folder.

Light Image Resizer Key Features:

  • Resize pictures, resize photos and resize images – compress, convert, and easily create copies of your pictures
  • A fast batch photo resizer
  • High quality results using ultra fast multi-core, photo resize technology
  • High quality image resizing filters – Lanczos and Bicubic for best compression quality, and Linear for speed
  • Create e-mail friendly images or use them for internet publishing
  • Sort, rename or add a watermark to protect your pictures from being stolen
  • Use the profiles library – iPhone, iPad mini, forum, HQ
  • New – create custom PDF pages !
  • Easy to convert JPEG to PDF

You can add photos directly as attachments, individually or in a ZIP file, to email by using the publish function, without exceeding the maximum size permitted by email servers. Create PDF files from your images, like jpg to PDF. Do this for individual or multiple images. Edit, create, export, backup new profiles with your favorite settings.

The most popular profiles are already pre-defined, such as FULL HD resolution wallpaper images, iPod, NTSC, 640 x 480. Access to profiles in 1 click with the shell integration.

Transfer photos and optimize space on digital frames with the Digital Picture Frame Wizard. You can use the resize picture options to resize to the frame’s supported resolution, and add even more photos for viewing !

The program is available as a windows shell extension. Just right click to easily resize pictures as copies or continue to work on the original HQ photos. Then share your resized photos online with friends. It’s freeware software if you use it for personal use.

Changes in Light Image Resizer


  • support for reading Canon .cr3 raw files


  • clicking cancel during processing and then continuing could lead to a crash
  • undoing a manual crop did not disable the save button, which could cause a crash when clicked
  • context help was broken for some controls
  • mouse scrolling in help window worked only if it had focus
  • screen width & height were not updated when resizing animated GIFs, leading to enlarged background


  • validate API key when entering
  • clearer message for errors during background removal
  • when undoing a manual crop, the crop selection is now displayed again automatically
  • use LZW compression for TIFF output when converting from other formats
  • log proper error in case dimensions are too large for output format

Changes in Light Image Resizer


  • manual crop crashed in some cases when saving
  • division by zero when size is set too small
  • collage preview was not correct for sizes smaller than 1000
  • sometimes preview was not loading on first try
  • preview was not showing split lines when using split in parts option for transparent images


  • when doing a manual crop the thumbnail in the list is now updated
  • changed collage size in preview will apply to dimensions in main window
  • when adding HEIC files and a required codec is missing a notice is shown

Changes in Light Image Resizer


  • background can now be filled with a color when using background removal


  • dimensions could not be set to values smaller than 1.00 in/cm when Mode was set to Stretch
  • potential deadlock when processing is cancelled
  • deadlock when cancelling overwrite prompt
  • wrong dimensions could be output when processing certain raw files
  • out of memory issue when outputting files with huge dimensions

Changes in Light Image Resizer

  • FIXED: link was not clickable
  • FIXED: Some dialogs were not scaled to DPI correctly

Changes in Light Image Resizer

  • FIXED: load fallback for Fuji raw files (.RAF) from newer cameras did not work
  • FIXED: installer was unable to close the application while update form was showing

What’s New in Light Image Resizer 6.0:

  • Extend to square mode makes the image rectangular by adding blurred content (for Instagram)
  • Create animated GIFs from separate images with several transition effects
  • Rename action to just rename image files without changing content
  • Manual visual crop for added images
  • Background removal (powered by
  • Metadata customization: select which metadata to keep, or remove, or even override (for text based values)
  • New collage templates for stunning layouts
  • …and other improvements

Changes in Light Image Resizer (2018-02-13):

  • FIXED: relative font size for watermark text was set too small for large images
  • FIXED: some compressed Fuji Raw files (RAF) didn’t load correctly in collage mode
  • FIXED: wrong locale ID set for Georgian translation
  • IMPROVED: better memory management while processing (should reduce out of memory issues)

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64 or 32 bit).

There is no version available for Mac.

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2 Comments on Light Image Resizer by Obvious Idea

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    There are many more free programs better than this one, when VSO updated it, it was a good program.

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    So many updates, I love it!