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XRECODE3 1.106 – Audio Converter

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XRECODE3 1.106 – Audio Converter

XRECODE3 is audio converter, which supports most of the common audio formats, such as mp3, wav, flac, dsd, etc. It also supports extracting audio file from most video files as well as Audio CD grabbing.

XRECODE3 can also perform CUE splitting of audio files as well as an experimental feature that detects automatically silences to split a large audio file. That is a perfect for quickly splitting large audio files, like vinyl to MP3 conversion.

Moreover, you can edit the ID3 tags for each file. Among the details you can add are the track number, song title, artist and album name, year of release and music genre. Additionally, the app can download tags automatically from online sources. Also, you can add the album’s cover art from a separate menu.

XRECODE3 is light on system resources with a clean and easy to use interface. It is optimized for converting multiple files in parallel in systems with multi-core CPUs.

XRECODE3 allows you to save different profile settings that you create for easier conversions. Command Line parameters are supported.

XRECODE3 features:

  • Parallel conversion by utilizing power of multi-core CPUs.
  • Support of embedded CUE sheets (for FLAC, WavPack, APE and TAK files).
  • Support of mp4, mka chapters (can split mp4, mka by chapters to any supported format).
  • Built-in Metadata editor with Cover Art support.
  • Has support for LossyWav.
  • Supports portable mode.
  • Merge input files to one large audio file and create CUE sheet.
  • Converting to many formats at once using “Multiple” output mode.
  • Grabbing of multi-channel Audio CDs to the desired format at once.
  • Informative and resizable UI suited even for netbooks.
  • Extracting audio from flv, avi, mov etc. video files (multiple audio streams are supported).
  • Can export/import Metadata to/from external file.
  • Support for 24/32bit audio files.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.106 (2020-11-30):

  • FIX: fixed issue when illegal characters where not removed from the track title coming from the CUE file.
  • FIX: program will now preserve the order of added folders (they were sorter before).
  • FIX: fixed issue when profile name could not contain a comma.
  • FIX: fixed issue when incorrect CUE files was created when merging WAV files resulted in creating of a .W64 file.
  • FIX: fixed ALAC encoder initialization error when Max Sample Format was set in Output Audio Settings.
  • NEW (console): added /ec command line parameter (additional to /exportmeta) to export covers from the added files.
  • NEW added the support of aften.exe for AC3.
  • NEW increased profile name field width.
  • NEW added support of lossyWAV in flac and wavpack manual command line parameters.
  • NEW added 352.4 Khz sample rate support for WAV encoder.
  • NEW added option to limit the max output path length.
  • NEW added manual encoder settings for WMA.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.105 (2020-09-23):

  • FIX: fixed issue when incorrect sample rate was used when converting multi-channel 96Khz file to mp3.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.104 (2020-09-06):

  • FIX: fixed issue when encoding .opus files to .wma using 2-pass encode method.
  • FIX: fixed encoding of 7.1 files to alac.
  • FIX: fixed issue when lossy to lossless confirmation was shown for copy operation.
  • FIX: fixed issue when tag value for DISCTOTAL and TRACKTOTAL were not read from mp3 files.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.103 (2020-07-28):

  • NEW: added option to “Verify encoded output” for WavPack .exe encoder.
  • NEW: fixed issue with handling of some DVDA iso files.
  • NEW: added some helpful functions in tags replace file.
  • NEW added Korean (EUC-KR) char-set detection when retrieving Metadata.
  • NEW improved appearance of the progress bars on a classic Win7 theme.
  • NEW (console): added /pt command line parameter to preserve the timestamps of files and folders (the same option as in GUI version).
  • FIX: fixed issue when “SplitBy” was used together with “Move source file to Recycle…”.
  • FIX: fixed decoding of .tak files on x64″.
  • FIX: fixed extracting of DST encoded dff files.
  • FIX: fixed issue when “Preserve the structure of the source folder” was creating incorrect file names on a network share.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.102 (2020-05-28):

  • NEW: added possibility to use semicolon (;) in tagsreplace file.
  • NEW: added decoding support for .amr files.
  • NEW: fixed issue with handling of some DVDA iso files.
  • NEW: fixed issue when program got stuck on some Win7 PCs.
  • NEW: properly handle skipped frames when decoding SACD .iso files.
  • NEW: added option to replace illegal characters in file names will space or underscore (under Pattern settings/Additional).
  • NEW: added feature to specify several (comma separated ) values in the file name pattern optional parts.
  • FIX: fixed issue with transcoding DSD 5.1 to 2.0.
  • FIX: fixed issue with decoding of some DTS/CUE files.
  • FIX: fixed issue when matrices were not properly used when encoding to dsd.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.101 (2020-04-06):

  • NEW: added Windows 10 long file names support.
  • NEW: added Loudness Normalization ( under Normalize settings.
  • NEW: added function to reset program settings under About/Advanced.
  • FIX: fixed “GetTitleGain failed” issue occcuring for some files.
  • FIX: fixed isue when manually specified command line parameters were not working wiht tak encoder.
  • FIX: improved DSD encoding quality by using sox library (
  • FIX: fixed issue when files were not added from XRECODE3 list file.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.100 (2020-02-19):

  • NEW: program will display error when trying to decode scambled DVDA iso.
  • NEW: wav files won’t be scanned for chapters (too confusing). If chapters are needed, rename them to .bwf.
  • NEW: updated to wavpack 5.2
  • FIX: fixed issue when saving Metadata in some flac files.
  • FIX: improved dsd to pcm conversion quality.
  • FIX: fixed issue with creating some .w64 files.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.99 (2020-01-10):

  • NEW: Added support for transferring more id3v2 to other formats.
  • NEW: Added “Shutdown PC when done” setting also under Settings/Process.
  • NEW: Updated FLAC to 1.3.3.
  • FIX: fixed issue when program froze while decoding some SACD .iso files.
  • FIX: fixed issue when program froze while adding some .wav files.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.98 (2019-12-06):

  • NEW: improved detection of DTS Audio CDs.
  • NEW: added read support for chapters in BWF/WAV/RF64 files.
  • NEW: added option to encode to DTS via Surcode.
  • NEW (console): added dts as a destination.
  • NEW (console): added dts as a destination.
  • NEW (console): added /encoderexe command line parameter to specify executable of the encoder (works for dts only).
  • NEW (console): added /pad command line parameter. Works the same as Remove clicks when decoding/Number of samples to Skip/Pad.
  • NEW (console): added /fadein /fadeout command line parameters.
  • FIX: fixed issue with decoding some SACD .iso files.
  • FIX: fixed AV error when resampling some flac files.
  • FIX: fixed issue when program become unresponsive when Add button was pressed (happened for some PCs equipped with a blue-ray drive).

Changes in XRECODE3 1.97 (2019-10-17):

  • NEW: DTS 96/24 tracks will now be recognized as 24-bit ones.
  • FIX: fixed issue when TOTALTRACKS Metadata was wrongly written into output m4a files.
  • FIX: fixed issue with encoding of some FLAC files to DSD.

Changes in XRECODE3 1.96 (2019-09-14):

  • NEW: Track and Title tags will now be added to the merged audio file (if they are equal for all tracks).
  • FIX: fixed issue with extracting tracks from some DFF/CUE files.
  • FIX: fixed issue with merging to DFF/DSF some DFF/CUE files.

What’s new in XRECODE3:

  • Native 64bit support.
  • Added support for DSD/DST and DFF decoding (as files or as SACD ISOs).
  • Added support to extract track from SACD ISO as DFF or DST.
  • Added support to merge SACD/DST/DFF files to DFF/DST formats without transcoding.
  • Added option to extract audio without transcoding.
  • Added option to encode several files to one multi-channel file.
  • Added option to split file into individual track-per-channel for all available output formats.
  • Added option to merge files per folder.
  • Output and Metadata settings are now output format specific.
  • Enhanced Metadata settings.
  • Added support for multiple Cover pictures in Metadata editor.
  • Added 32bit int/float output for formats which support them (e.g. WAV).
  • Added dithering option in Output Settings.
  • Added option to use EBUR128 in Normalize.
  • Added option to Album Mode Normalize.
  • Added option to configure Matrices under Output Settings.
  • Added more output file pattern elements.
  • Tabbed UI.
  • CUE files are now displayed more nicely.
  • Enhanced Shell Extension.

Homepage –

Multilanguage support: Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Spanish Traditional, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Finnish, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish and Chinese (simplified) languages.

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