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F-Secure SAFE 17.5 – 50% OFF

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F-Secure SAFE 17.5 – 50% OFF

F-Secure SAFE is the multi-device Internet security for your PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet - with one simple solution. It is F-Secure’s new security service for both PC and mobile users.

It combines F-Secure’s award-winning technologies into one unified security experience across all your devices. You can now protect your whole family’s online activity with a single service.

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NOTE: The code only works in the US.

F-Secure SAFE protects all your devices against malware, hackers and identity theft. Regardless of the device you use, you can now protect your information and activities online.

With F-Secure SAFE you can choose your subscription based on the number of devices you want to protect. Installation is simple and fast. Whenever you get a new device you just switch protection from your old one to the new one or add more devices to your F-Secure SAFE account.

F-Secure SAFE has an easy web portal for managing the security for all your devices. You can also manage your family’s devices, and for example locate missing devices and erase any important data if one of your devices gets stolen.

With Parental Control, your children are safe too. You decide what content your children can and can’t see and when they can go online. Secure Internet surfing, banking and shopping has never been easier. F-Secure SAFE is digital freedom for your entire family. Whatever your device, you can always make sure that you are secure with F-Secure SAFE.

In addition, F-Secure Freedome brings you privacy, anonymity, and digital freedom. At the push of a button, Freedome gives you your own private network. So that you can change your virtual location and access blocked services while staying protected against spying, tracking, and harmful apps and web sites. Even when you use public Wi-Fi.

With F-Secure SAFE you can handle your everyday activities safely - browse, shop, use online banking services. Stay safe from phishing attempts that try to capture your personal information. For example through fake banking sites or unsafe web stores. Keep your money safe and make your online transactions worry-free.

F-Secure SAFE Benefits:

  • Protect all your devices with one service
  • Quick and easy for you to install
  • Give your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet the best protection in the world
  • Stay safe from online threats with automatic protection
  • Explore the Internet safely with Browsing Protection
  • Secure your online banking with Banking Protection
  • Protect your children online with Parental Control
  • Protect your personal data if your mobile device is lost or stolen
  • Manage your security and locate your missing devices through an easy-to-use personal portal

Make the technology work for you. F-Secure SAFE detects known malware and provides proactive security whenever you use your device. You will always have up-to-date security protecting you from the constantly changing threat landscape.

Choose your F-Secure SAFE subscription based on the number of devices that you own. Manage the protection on your devices with an easy-to-use personal console. For example, if you purchase a new device, you can easily switch the protection from one device to another to make sure that all of your devices are protected at all times.

What’s New in F-Secure SAFE 17.5:

Dialog and notification enhancements

  • ‘Recent events’ has a Clear all button.
  • The Advanced network protection toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Trust button.
  • The DeepGuard toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Remove button.

Family Rules enhancements

  • The main user interface displays a warning if a child’s account has administrative rights and parental control/family rules is turned on.
  • The Allow/deny web sites feature works for individual web pages; not just web sites.

Product architecture changed

  • Instead of three separate modules that combined to make the product, there is now just a single package.
  • The product is installed first, and the license is entered/acquired after installation.
  • The new architecture makes the installation and updates more reliable.
  • Smaller disk space required.
  • Reduced the memory footprint (excluding Ultralight processes).

Subscription/licensing subsystem redesign

  • A subscription reminder is first shown as a toast message and only closer to expiration date, as a dialog.
  • The subscription expiration date is shown in the local timezone with hour accuracy.
  • The main user interface has a Manage subscription link, which turns into a Renew link when the subscription is about to expire.
  • A subscription update is shown as a toast message with the new end date (if available).
  • The subscription status updates faster and in all places of the product at the same time.
  • The new virus signature databases are not downloaded when the product has expired.

Other improvements

  • When you report a website from the browsing protection block page, the URL is pre-filled in the submit form.
  • Support for the Korean language was added.
  • The F-Secure Support tool has been improved:
    • The F-Secure Support tool supports high resolution and accessibility features.
    • The F-Secure Support tool uses zlib for compression instead of 7-zip. You can now inspect more easily what has been collected before you send it to F-Secure. This helps with privacy and transparency.

The following features were removed:

  • The Installation complete page, as it did not bring additional value.
  • A warning indicating the Firewall is off. Windows shows the warning already.
  • Browsing time lock mode. Now the whole device is always locked.
  • The Installed applications page from Common settings.
  • The Subscription keys page from Common settings.

Homepage –

Supported platforms:

  • INTERNET SECURITY: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • ANTI-VIRUS FOR MAC: macOS 10.12 (Sierra), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • MOBILE SECURITY: Android smartphone and tablet devices using Android 4.0 or later. iPhones and iPads using iOS 9 or later. Windows Phone 8 smartphones

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