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Opera One 112.0 Build 5197.25 Update for ALL OS

Opera One 112.0 Build 5197.25 Update for ALL OS

Opera One 112 is a fast and free alternative web browser, based on Chromium and Blink (the rendering engine used by Chromium). It includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches.

Opera One 112 has come up with bigger guns to enter the race for the most popular web browser, as the current leading role is played between Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

This web browser has one intuitive, powerful location for searching and navigating the web. Search using multiple providers and view site suggestions as you type. The Discover feature gives you top-quality news and entertainment from around the globe.

Moreover, Opera One 112 also has the advanced functions such as Opera Mail program. It is the lightweight, customizable mail client that refines your email experience.

Opera One 112 Browser Features:

Anti-Bitcoin mining tool

The browser comes with an innovative anti-Bitcoin mining tool. It also displays security badges, which give you a quick glance at the security of a page. If the browser’s Fraud and Malware Protection detects anything potentially dangerous, it will display a popup to warn you.


Enjoy cleaner and smoother browsing with less distractions. Ad Blocker protects your privacy and speeds up your browsing on both mobile and desktop.


Chat with AI on desktop and mobile in Opera Browser. ChatGPT and Aria, Opera’s free and unlimited browser AI, are seamlessly integrated into your browser.


Easily use your favorite messengers and social apps while browsing the web. WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and more are built right into your sidebar.


Browse privately using Opera’s built-in, free VPN on desktop and mobile. Or even subscribe to VPN Pro to get enhanced protection for your entire device.

Flow file sharing

Instantly send files, links and notes between your devices.

Sync data

Synchronize Opera Browser between all of your devices. If you install Opera browser for Android or iOS mobile and for Desktop on your computer, you can see cross-device syncing in action. Make some bookmarks on your computer and see them appear on your Android or iOS phone.

Music Player

A world of music and podcasts at your fingertips. H.264 video and MP3 Audio is widely used on the internet. Therefore, with Opera Browser you will have native access to such content.

Opera Wallet

Make secure crypto transactions with a built-in crypto wallet.


A world of music and podcasts at your fingertips.

Integrated PDF viewer.

In addition, Opera has integrated a fast PDF Viewer directly into the browser so you can keep reading without changing applications.

Video pop out.

Allows you to shift your video frame to the side of your screen, so you can truly multitask. Browse, shop online or do the research without missing out on the video action.

RSS in personal news.

RSS support makes the built in newsreader even more customizable.

VR Player Support

Opera is the first browser to support 360-degree videos in virtual reality headsets! It has a built-in VR 360 player for leading headsets, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other OpenVR compatible devices. That unlocks the immersive world of 360-degree videos for Opera users.

Changes in Opera One 112.0.5197.25:

  • CHR-9787 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-126-5197 to 126.0.6478.127

Changes in Opera One 112.0.5197.24:

  • CHR-9762 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-126-5197 to 126.0.6478.62
  • DNA-112153 [Speed Dials] Add to Opera – text barely visible in light mode
  • DNA-114379 Support markup in titles and descriptions
  • DNA-114787 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*)
  • DNA-114999 Favicon in opera://version
  • DNA-115026 Extension corrupted after removing it and reopen Opera
  • DNA-115228 Adblocker is blocking ads when turned off
  • DNA-115350 Wrong “end_index” in “Move” event_tab when moving tab out of island
  • DNA-115603 [Rich Hints] Pass trigger source to the Rich Hint
  • DNA-116062 Crash at base::debug::BreakDebuggerAsyncSafe() | base::RepeatingCallback::Run(char const*, int, std::__Cr::basic_string_view, std::__Cr::basic_string_view) const&
  • DNA-116081 [Mac] Workspace switch animation shows web view being resized
  • DNA-116089 [Win/Lin] Fullscreen view has rounded corners
  • DNA-116208 The red dot on the Aria’s icon is misaligned
  • DNA-116236 [Win] [Address bar] Impossible to highlight typed text using mouse
  • DNA-116253 Popup checkbox doesn’t use Opera One colors in dark and light modes
  • DNA-116254 Popup Translate button doesn’t have a background (both modes)
  • DNA-116256 Crash at TabHoverCardController::UpdateHoverCard(opera::TabDataView*, TabHoverCardController::UpdateType, bool)
  • DNA-116313 [Win] Crash at opera::component_based::AnimationData::OnChildViewRemoved(views::View*, views::View*)
  • DNA-116317 Create outline or shadow around emojis on tab strip
  • DNA-116319 Create animation for emoji appearing on tab strip
  • DNA-116320 Create animation for emoji disappearing from tab strip
  • DNA-116391 Missing ‘Reset’ button on popup
  • DNA-116395 [React emoji picker] Not all emoji load correctly
  • DNA-116420 Wrong WebUI colors (History, bookmarks, player, sidebar setup etc. from sidebar)
  • DNA-116456 Update links to atlassian projects on opera://crashes for Vanilla
  • DNA-116477 [ContentFilter] Improve breaking rules detection
  • DNA-116479 [Badges] Design replaced by chrome
  • DNA-116480 Wrong display of Opera sliding toolbars
  • DNA-116491 Site info popup is cut with dropdown opened
  • DNA-116511 When Search Box hidden Continue On can not be expand/collapse/closed
  • DNA-116525 Clicking outside Translator popup doesn’t close it
  • DNA-116529 Remove sound from Opera One splash screen
  • DNA-116538 Tab island is not properly displayed when dragging
  • DNA-116543 Twitter migrate to x.com
  • DNA-116544 Update Twitter URL in all locations
  • DNA-116564 Assign custom emoji from emoji picker
  • DNA-116566 Crash at autofill::AutofillBubbleHandlerImpl::ShowIbanBubble(content::WebContents*, autofill::IbanBubbleController*, bool, autofill::IbanBubbleType)
  • DNA-116569 Twitter in Panel loading for the first time opens two Tabs automatically
  • DNA-116571 Crash at opera::services::live_wallpaper_metrics::CpuProviderMac::CollectData()
  • DNA-116573 Bookmark popup menu is not clickable
  • DNA-116582 [Win] [Emojis on tabs] Close tab button visibility
  • DNA-116601 Crash at static void translate::TranslateAgent::ReportTranslateStatus(opera::TranslateStatus, opera::TranslateError)
  • DNA-116605 Crash at opera::BrowserContentsView::NonClientHitTestPoint(gfx::Point const&)
  • DNA-116636 Crash at opera::BrowserWindowImpl::ShowTranslateBubble(content::WebContents*, translate::TranslateStep, std::__Cr::basic_string const&, std::__Cr::basic_string const&, translate::TranslateErrors, bool)
  • DNA-116637 Build netinstaller on all architectures
  • DNA-116645 Settings icon is not visible in Dark Mode
  • DNA-116646 Emoji doesn’t shows up on Tab if we have collapsed Tab island before it
  • DNA-116661 [opera:settings] IPFS/IPNS Gateway box has the wrong design
  • DNA-116665 Crash at __crt_stdio_output::output_processor::process()
  • DNA-116669 Crash at opera::content_filter::LoadBlacklists(opera::content_filter::RulesLoader::LoadParams, scoped_refptr, base::RepeatingCallback, base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-116674 Instagram and Aria sidebar notification dot don’t show up
  • DNA-116687 Wrong drop_index when dragging tab into group
  • DNA-116690 Make chrome://emoji-picker attachable by webdriver
  • DNA-116691 Allow Opera features to determine base::Feature states
  • DNA-116693 X (twitter) logo is not available on opera:about page
  • DNA-116711 ‘Translator’ icon in address bar looks misaligned
  • DNA-116723 “Leave site” popup has wrong buttons design
  • DNA-116732 Introduce stat event for setting / unsetting emoji on a tab
  • DNA-116737 [Bookmarks] Bookmarks bar favicon have light theme color in new window
  • DNA-116743 Crash at extensions::PermissionSet::HasAPIPermission(std::__Cr::basic_string const&)
  • DNA-116748 Release opera intro 2.0.10
  • DNA-116749 Unnecessary icons in the advanced sync settings
  • DNA-116752 [sync] Later button is not visible on light theme
  • DNA-116753 Emoji picker does not follow browser theme
  • DNA-116755 Record tab emojis added / removed
  • DNA-116760 Closing Translator popup not always works as expected
  • DNA-116761 Page is not in ‘Language’ doesn’t work as expected
  • DNA-116764 Emoji picker scrollbar should change color according to theme
  • DNA-116769 Extension popup – pin icon is replaced
  • DNA-116777 Enable #tab-art on all streams
  • DNA-116787 Emoji sometimes shown behind tab title
  • DNA-116789 Translations for O111
  • DNA-116791 [Mac] “Accept” option in showOpenFilePicker does not allow to enter folders
  • DNA-116794 The active tab is unresponsive and will not close when the close button is clicked
  • DNA-116802 Previously selected tab displayed while dragging tab island
  • DNA-116804 [Speed Dials] Add to Opera button – text barely visible in light mode
  • DNA-116813 [React emoji picker] Flag emojis are not load correctly
  • DNA-116814 [Translator] Clicking on Translate button in the popup does not have any effect
  • DNA-116816 Emoji is shown behind tab island handle
  • DNA-116837 [Win][Light Mode] Black lines are visible at the corners with #fast-rounded-web-view-corners
  • DNA-116849 Make flag #tab-art public
  • DNA-116855 Cannot close tab island’s tab when popup was hovered
  • DNA-116871 [Lin] Rounded corners in the video popout window
  • DNA-116874 Change hover overlay in video popout
  • DNA-116875 Update top buttons in video pop-out
  • DNA-116893 Put ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’ in Settings
  • DNA-116912 [Win] [Intro] During the intro, when hovering the mouse, emojis appear at the top of the window
  • DNA-116915 [Mac] Rounded corners in the video popout window
  • DNA-116918 Translations for ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’
  • DNA-116956 [Tab art] Emoji on tabs dissapearing on restart/update
  • DNA-116967 Promote 112 to beta
  • DNA-117001 Crash at base::internal::check_is_test_impl(base::NotFatalUntil)
  • DNA-117050 [Settings][Sync] Synchronization options aren’t visible
  • DNA-117076 [Player] Background of the icons has changed and the Tidal icon is now missing
  • DNA-117097 [Win] Spaces between items in context menus and the Omenu are too large
  • DNA-117109 Browser freezes when trying to remove a tab
  • DNA-117153 [Win] Emoji picker category titles are invisible
  • DNA-117181 Translations for O112
  • DNA-117202 Crash at syncer::SyncServiceImpl::NotifyObservers()
  • DNA-117295 Remove emoji names field in picker
  • DNA-117347 Start page is not rendered on first switch to workspace after its creation
  • DNA-117431 Promote 112 to stable

Homepage – https://www.opera.com

Opera System Requirements:


  • Windows 10 or later
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or later with support for SSE2


  • macOS 10.13 or later


  • 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or later
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or later with support for SSE2

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