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ActiveSMART by Ariolic

ActiveSMART by Ariolic
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ActiveSMART is an award winning hard disk status analyzer and failure prediction software for your hard drive. It uses S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to monitor the health status of Hard Disk Drives (HDD), prevents data loss and predicts possible drive fail using special algorithms.

The program has several monitoring modes and can be used for personal use as well as for large computer systems. Various local and remote monitoring modes and alerting options are available.

ActiveSMART allows every HDD in the system to monitor for faults and potential failure 24 hours for a day for things that may lead to a crash. If a fault is detected, you are notified with various local alerting options. Also remote notifications via e-mail or network messenger are available.

With ActiveSMART you have full information about S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard disk, general information about the drive, special information about drive’s features and manufacturing information. No special technical knowledge is required to use ActiveSMART.

ActiveSMART Benefits:

  • Powerful hard drive health monitor
  • Disk space usage – find out what’s using up all your hard drive space
  • File shredder tool – wipe files permanently using special shredding algorithms
  • Hard drive Temperature monitor
  • Full support of hard drive S.M.A.R.T. technology, USB and SSD drives
  • Feel safe with ActiveSMART protecting your hard drive
  • Notebook power saving mode support. Use the same version of ActiveSMART on desktop PC and laptops!
  • Detailed hard drive status reports
  • Health, Performance, Free Space information for all your drives
    Scan for bad and unstable sectors on our hard drive
  • Alerts if something wrong is about to happen with your hard drive!
  • User friendly interface

Key Features:

  • Realtime hard drive diagnostic
  • S.M.A.R.T. disks technology support
  • File shredder utility included
  • Alerts about hard drive health status changes
  • Analyze hard drive space usage and show disk space chart
  • Hard-drive temperature control to prevent disk overheating
  • Hard drive Performance, Health, Temperature and Free Space indicators
  • Set critical disk temperature and Active SMART will automatically save your work and suspend your PC in case of hard drive overheating
  • USB and SSD drives support
  • Various types of alerts about disk state
  • This Power-Aware application saves the battery power on notebooks in Power Saving modes
  • Flexible settings
  • and many more…

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.14:

  • Add more support for M.2 NVMe SSD drives
  • Add support for hi-res laptop screens
  • Improved UI on different desktop scaling modes
  • Minor bufixes

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.13:

  • Fixed wrong USB drives detection
  • Updated SMART Attributes definitions
  • Minor UX changes

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.12:

  • Improved support for NVMe SSD drives
  • Fixed “Send SMART Report”
  • Fixed licensing issues
  • Minor, but important cleanups

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.11:

  • Add support for NVMe SSD HDDs (Samsung SSD 970 EVO, WD Black NVMe SSD, Intel Optane SSD and others)
  • UI updated for different desktop font scaling (150%)
  • Fixed licensing issue
  • Many small, but important fixes

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.10:

  • Major improvements for drives, connected through USB (WD My Passport, WD Elements, Seagate Backup and others)
  • UI related fixes
  • Fixed S.M.A.R.T. attribute raw data intepretation for Seagate drives
  • Add check mark for selected drive

Changes in ActiveSMART 2.9.82:

  • Fixed crash in Disk Space Analyzer
  • Cosmetic improvements

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