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Advanced Renamer 3.95.4

Advanced Renamer 3.95.4

Advanced Renamer is a batch file rename utility. It is a free program for renaming multiple files and folders at once. By configuring renaming methods the names can be manipulated in various ways. It is easy to set up an advanced batch job using multiple methods on a large amount of files.

The 12 different methods enables you to change the names, attributes, and timestamps of files in one go. The files can also be copied or moved to new locations based on information in the files.

With Advanced Renamer you can construct new file names by adding, removing, replacing, changing case, or giving the file a brand new name based on known information about the file.

Before performing the operations on the files you can verify that the output will be correct and if you perform the rename and regret it, you can undo the the complete batch.

Advanced Renamer features:

  • Unicode support
  • Preview new names in real time
  • Tag based renaming
  • Rename with MP3/ID3 information
  • Use Regular expressions and Wildcards
  • Image renaming with EXIF support
  • Display thumbnails of images
  • Rename with video tags
  • Use GPS information from image files
  • Use imported TV Show data when renaming
  • Supports for both files and folders
  • Undo previous batch
  • Several renaming methods
  • Use multiple methods at once
  • Batch modes: Rename, copy, move
  • Create custom methods with JavaScript
  • Set file timestamps and file attributes

Renaming methods:

  • New name with Tags
  • Change case of filename
  • Remove / Delete part of filename
  • Remove pattern from filename
  • Replace part of filename
  • Add / Insert text into filename
  • Move part of filename
  • New names based on a list of names
  • Change file attributes
  • Change file timestamp
  • Trim filenames
  • Renumbering
  • Swap
  • Custom batch script

Advanced Renamer ChangeLog

Changes in Advanced Renamer 3.95 (2024-04-15):

  • New program icon
  • New statusbar layout
  • Changes to the Date Taken image EXIF metadata to better reflect the values seen in File Properties window in Windows Explorer. This is now the default behavior for new installations
  • Added fallback values for – Img Author, Img Copyright, Img Subject, and Img Title
  • Fixed a problem where jpeg-metadata would be extracted multiple times
  • Test Names button added to the menu when Auto Test is turned off
  • Settings window: New options “Show image preview in FileInfo Box”, Default: On
  • Changed visual apperance of Last Result panel to horisontal orientation
  • Fixed Folder Panel not being able to resize before restart when not active at startup
  • Changed program font to match Windows design guide lines
  • Better support for UTF-8 characters when integrating with ExifTool
  • “DirName” tag renamed to for added naming consistency. Old tag name still work for backwards compatibility
  • Tag “Exe ProductVersion” renamed to “Exe Version”. Also added “Exe VersionMajor” and “Exe VersionMinor”
  • Functionality to remove items by special properties in the right click menu. New options are: “Remove unchanged items”, “Remove unmarked items”, and “Remove by pattern”
  • When using “Mark by pattern” and counterparts, patterns had to match exactly if no asterix (*) was used for pattern matching. Changed so that asterix is automatically added in front and back of pattern if none are used
  • Buttons to quickly show and hide file info panel
  • New information error code when name collision rule has altered the filename
  • Fixed bug in Remove By Pattern when not adding a asterisk to the pattern
  • When adding files, the last result panel will hide automatically. Added button in statusbar to toggle last result panel
  • Show data in file info panel for selected item when closed panel is opened
  • Some controls were not scaled correctly on high resolution displays
  • When saving the list to a .txt the program now uses UTF-8 for encoding

Changes in Advanced Renamer 3.94 (2024-02-06):

  • New tags for fetching metadata from executables: , , , ,
  • New Setting (Program tab): Menu sizing. Values are normal, compact or super compact. Default: Compact
  • New Setting (Program tab): Enable or disable menu group names. Disable group names for a more minimal user interface when using compact or normal menu sizing
  • Help button layout changed
  • Moved menu button “User guide” to Help drop down
  • Reduced the height and width of the menu
  • Switch menu between super compact and normal/compact by small button in the menu
  • Mouse scroll wheel didn’t work for method list
  • Don’t allow columns in listview to be sized to 0 pixels width
  • Timestamp method: Option “Dirname pattern” renamed to “Parent folder pattern”
  • Redesigned how Replace List is rendered to fix a random display bug
  • Settings window: First page i now the Program tab instead of Environment
  • Upgrade message and “Help getting started” moved to the bottom of the window
  • Upgrade message didn’t look as expected in dark theme
  • Default size of main window is now wider
  • In the “Quick add method” panel, some buttons were not arranged correctly in some circumstances, making some not visible
  • Various minor visual changes and optimizations

Homepage – https://www.advancedrenamer.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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