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AB Commander 23.1.0 Build 3064 by WinAbility

AB Commander 23.1.0 Build 3064 by WinAbility
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AB Commander is the next generation dual-panel file manager and Windows Explorer replacement. It enables you to work with your files and folders quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the regular file management operations, it includes built-in file splitter, folder synchronizer, image viewer with the slideshow capabilities, full-featured text editor and more.

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AB Commander offers a rich set of tools for navigating your computer and managing files. You can save time by using the quick access tools such as drive bar, history and favorites lists, customizable toolbars and keyboard shortcuts.

AB Commander has power tools such as the built-in command line, commands to filter, compare, and synchronize the contents of folders. Supports the regular, virtual, and compressed folders through the same unified interface, and more.

AB Commander Features:

  • Control your files and folders. You can use AB Commander to work with two folders at the same time, side by side, and perform operations with files and folders quickly and efficiently.
  • Wide range of file management tasks. You can copy, move, rename, delete files and folders, using the familiar drag-and-drop operations, or built-in commands. You can split large files into smaller pieces. Then merge them back into the original file. You can compare and synchronize folders, to determine which files require updating.
  • Works with drives of any format. The application can manage files and folders on both NTFS and FAT/FAT32 disks, including the network and removable drives.
  • Easy to use. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use by both novice users and computer professionals.
  • “Speaks” plain English. User’s Guide describes its commands and operation in plain English, without “pseudo-techno” or “geeky” talk.
  • Flexible. You can customize the look and feel of AB Commander to suit your personal style and preferences. It lets you perform many operations in more than one way, letting you choose the most convenient method for you.
  • Other disk and shell tools. Fully supports the third-party shell extensions that enhance the operation of Windows Explorer.

Changes in AB Commander 23.1 (2023-01-22):

  • You can choose what happens when you click with the scroll wheel of the mouse on different parts of the user interface, or disable the scroll wheel clicks altogether, if they get in the way of your normal workflow;
  • You can now add the Undo button to the toolbars of AB Commander for quicker access to the Undo command;
  • Several other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Changes in AB Commander 22.12 (2022-12-12):

  • Several minor improvements and corrections.

Changes in AB Commander 22.10 (2022-10-24):

  • The digital signatures of the executable files have been updated according to the latest security requirements of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Changes in AB Commander 22.9 (2022-09-21):

  • A new command added to the internal Quick Editor that lets you reload the file contents in case the file was mofidied externally;
  • The internal Quick Editor now detects when the file has been modified externally and prompts you to reload the file to keep it in sync with the latest updates;
  • You can now open the same text file in a new internal Quick Editor window by selecting the file in AB Commander pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q keys;
  • A problem has been corrected that caused only one selected file to be launched from AB Commander even if more than one file were selected;
  • Several other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Changes in AB Commander 22.1 (2022-01-03):

  • A new option has been added, Confirm when changing from the Details view, which you might find useful for preventing accidental changes of the view of the file panels;
  • A problem has been corrected that caused an error message displayed on Windows 11 when right-clicking on a file and selecting the Open with… command from the shortcut menu;
  • Several other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

Changes in AB Commander 21.12 (2021-12-07):

  • Right-clicking on the This PC button in the AB Commander toolbar now opens the built-in context menu for the This PC folder;
  • When switching to a tab that was displaing a folder that has been deleted, you are now prompted to close the tab;
  • The option to show the UNC paths for the network drives is now used for other parts of the user interface, not just for the title bar of AB Commander;
  • You can now use the Page Down and Page Up keys to cycle though the open tabs;
  • Several other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

AB Commander screenshot