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Reg Organizer 9.45 by ChemTable

Reg Organizer 9.45 by ChemTable
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Reg Organizer application designed to edit, clean and maintain registry, fix errors in the system, and improve computer performance. The deep registry search feature lets you find all registry keys related to a specific application.

The program helps you to preview and edit registry files (.reg) and view their content directly from Windows Explorer. It includes Registry cleaner, which will safely compact, repair and optimize the Registry.

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With Reg Organizer you can thoroughly search the Registry to find all the keys related to a certain application. The registry tool does this job quicker and better than other similar programs.

Other Reg Organizer features include the ability to find and replace the Registry entries, automatic Registry cleanup, Disk Cleanup tool. Moreover it ensures access to many undocumented Windows features.

With Reg Organizer you can customize the ‘Open with…’ context menu, delete items from the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ dialog. Also you will able to specify the programs to run at Windows startup, analyze the shared dynamic link libraries (DLL) and more. Another set of features will be useful to administrators, as well as ordinary users.

Plug-in expandability gives unlimited possibilities of third party enhancements. There is also a built-in application uninstaller. That allows you to uninstall redundant applications from the system completely.

Reg Organizer main features:

  • Registry editor for viewing and editing the system registry. Also for manipulating the registry keys and values, exporting, importing, copying them, etc.
  • The registry cleaner can detect many types of registry errors. These include searching the registry for invalid references to files, folders and DLLs.
  • Registry search feature can find all keys related to a certain application and delete them, if necessary.
  • Defragmenting and compressing the registry. Increase the performance of the registry and consequently the overall performance of your system.
  • Ability to get information about any selected registry key and monitor changes of the specific keys.
  • Preview of the registry files (*.reg) before adding their contents to the system registry. You can view the files directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Functional registry file editor allows you to edit keys and values, add and delete data containing in the .reg files.
  • Provide quick access to all programs automatically started with Windows. Using Reg Organizer, you can inspect, edit, or disable such programs.
  • Registry search and replace mode offers you a variety of options for searching the registry and replacing the records matching the specified criteria.
  • Built-in software uninstaller, based on the Full Uninstall technology. Moreover,  it displays changes made by the application to each of the system components.
  • Disk Cleanup tool lets you automatically remove unnecessary files from the hard drive. Also it can search for and fix invalid shortcuts.

Changes in Reg Organizer 9.45 (2024-06-17):

  • Applications Tool: The Modify command is now available in the context menu for certain applications, allowing you to add or remove application components.
  • Automatic Reg Organizer update.
  • Improvement of certain visual elements, such as displaying cleanup part titles in two lines on the main screen within the Privacy section to prevent them from being truncated.
  • Undo Changes Center: It is possible to resize the internal parts of the window.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • If the background cleanup is enabled, the Reg Organizer window could appear without information about the cleanup performed.
    • the program could fail to unload from memory after using the rarely used programs search function.
    • If you press Enter in the program renaming window in the Applications tool, its deletion would start spontaneously.
    • When exiting the bulk startup applications changing mode, the service icons disappeared from the applications’ list.
    • When counting the number of deleted applications whose traces were found in the system, user excluded items were also taken into account.
    • Main window flickering when resizing under the dark theme.
    • Applications Tool: Some applications installed using the Windows Installer technology could not be uninstalled.

Changes in Reg Organizer 9.41 (2024-03-12):

  • The cookies, cache, and browsing history cleanup of the Opera browser has been updated to match the latest changes in the browser itself.

Changes in Reg Organizer 9.40 (2024-02-05):

  • New feature: Scheduled (background) cleaning. If enabled, the program can run periodically in the background and report when it is possible to free some disk space.
  • The Maximum cleanup mode of the System Cleanup tool now finds more unnecessary files. This is made possible by automatically adjusting the cleanup locations settings to free up the maximum amount of space when this mode is activated. In the previous version, the same cleanup locations settings were used for both the normal and Maximum cleanup modes, with the only difference being the set of cleanup locations they targeted.
  • Added an option to increase the safety of System Cleanup: “Remove only files older than 24 hours from the temporary folder”.
  • The Obsolete Downloads location scan has been speeded up.
  • While performing the background tasks the tray icon is animated.
  • Improved the update checking mechanism for Autorun Organizer itself.
  • Bugs fixed:
    • The cleanup block on the Express Check screen could hang.
    • Disabled startup applications were not excluded from optimization recommendations.
    • Sometimes, right after running the cleanup, the Express Check would show that the cleanup is still recommended.
    • The program failed to close Yandex Browser before deleting its cache or other cache or other data during system cleaning.
    • Fixed white flickering in the Dark theme when switching to the final cleanup screen.
    • In the registry editor, above the list of search results, a black rectangle could appear.

Homepage – https://www.chemtable.com/organizer.htm

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

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