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Stardock DeskScapes 11.0.0 – Final

Stardock DeskScapes 11.0.0 – Final
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Stardock DeskScapes gives you the capability to animate and customize the wallpaper on your Windows desktop. Choose one of the animated wallpapers already included with DeskScapes, or use your own images WMV files to personalize your desktop. It supports playing video as animated wallpaper, dynamically generated content as animated wallpaper, and more.

Users also have the ability to change specific colors in their current wallpaper or choose the “Random wallpaper option”, and set how often the wallpapers will rotate.

The .Dream format. is supported by DeskScapes and has been specifically designed to contain content intended to be used as animated wallpaper. Choose from over 60 effects to apply to a new or existing Windows wallpaper.

Stardock DeskScapes Features:


Picking a single background can be tough but with Playlists, you can create a collection of your favorite images.

  • Easily configure how often an image changes.
  • Apply the playlist to a specific monitor or your entire setup.
  • Quickly add or remove images from a playlist.


From the app menu, you can apply a wide range of special effects to your background, including color filters, textures, blurs, and over 120 effects to mix and match.

  • Turn a simple photo into a dynamic landscape that elevates the desktop experience.
  • Quickly add gradients or texture effects with a single click.
  • Combine effects to create a style that is uniquely yours.


DeskScapes 11 is built from the ground-up to make it the easiest way to manage your desktop wallpapers, animated backgrounds, and to create new backgrounds:

  • A single application to keep your desktop collections organized.
  • The easiest way to find new wallpapers, add it to your background, but not lose previously utilized wallpapers and animations.
  • View popular backgrounds or sort your installed backgrounds by static or animated.


Making changes to your desktop has never been easier. The program’s user friendly design makes it easy to find your wallpapers, make adjustments, and organize them for future use.

  • A simple and clean UI that matches Windows 11 with automatic light and dark mode.
  • Adjust sizing of thumbnails and more within the browsing window.
  • Theme options let you personalize the look and feel of the app.

Turn your static desktop into a vibrant canvas.

Turn your static desktop into an animated work of art.

  • DeskScapes makes it easy to animate your desktop. Turn any image or video into a background for your PC.
    Bring images to life. Enhance static photos with over 60 special effects.

Creativity made easy with all the tools you need.

Create your own background or browse user-generated designs.

  • DreamMaker Pro is Included. DreamMaker Pro is a powerful tool that makes animating backgrounds easy.
    Easy to find and easy to share. Browse the expansive user-generated catalog and share your designs with the community.

Organize your creations with an intuitive interface.

DeskScapes 11 makes it easy to manage your backgrounds.

  • Create playlists of your favorite backgrounds. Can’t choose a favorite background? Create a playlist to cycle through your favorite designs.
  • Organized to perfection. Never lose another wallpaper again as DeskScapes 11 makes it easy organize your backgrounds.

What’s new in Stardock DeskScapes 11.0:

  • Adds a host of desktop background features to Windows, including animated wallpapers, advanced background customization, and much more.
  • Adds a powerful design tool for creating animated wallpapers, as well as integration with the cloud for sharing and applying both animated and standard user-made wallpapers.
  • The included DreamMaker Pro tool is designed to make it easy to create animated backgrounds. It includes dozens of different effects, drawing tools, brushes, logos, particle effects, and much more.
  • Also added seamless integration to cloud-based services for finding desktop backgrounds.
  • Extends the Windows built-in desktop background manager to support features such as adding custom directories for backgrounds, fast searching, timed playlists, playing videos as backgrounds, online cloud integration, similar background search, additional scaling and sizing options, advanced multi-monitor customization, colorization, wallpaper filters, scheduling and more.

What’s new in Stardock DeskScapes 10.0:

  • NEW! Easy-to-use desktop background manager
  • NEW! H.264 video support
  • NEW! WinCustomize.com background and dream library integration

Homepage – https://www.stardock.com/products/deskscapes/

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10, 11.

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