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CraveInvoice by Reflection Software Solutions

CraveInvoice by Reflection Software Solutions
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CraveInvoice Pro helps you in managing your customers and sales for multiple companies. Create quotations, sales invoices, service invoices and track customer payment receipts. Setup and generate recurring invoices. Email quotations and invoices directly to customer.

Batch print invoices. Export reports to various formats such as pdf, html, Excel, csv, xml, Word, rtf, png, jpg, tif etc. The program allows you to easily create quotations for your customers. Also you can print and send quotes to your customers via e-mail from within the software. Choose to print the quotation on different quotation templates.

Create sales or service invoices and print it on different invoice templates. You can also email the invoice copy to your customers directly from within the software. CraveInvoice Pro allows you to keep track of invoicing records for one or more companies you own. You can switch between companies seamlessly and without restarting the software.

  • Track and Manage Receivables from Customers. You can easily track receivables of your company in this software. Whenever you receive a payment from customer, you can create a new receipt record in which you can settle the received amount against multiple invoices or otherwise save it as an advance payment record.
  • Setup and Generate Recurring Invoices. Setup and automatically generate recurring invoices for all the sales and services you provide to your customers. A recurring invoice can be setup based on an existing invoice record and you can later generate new invoices with just one click of a button.
  • Batch Print Quotes and Invoices. CraveInvoice Pro allows you to print quotations, sales invoices and service invoices in batches.
  • 15+ invoicing and sales analysis reports. You will get 15+ invoicing and sales analysis reports to easily track company sales revenue and customer due payments.

CraveInvoice Highlights:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Customizable invoice report templates
  • Import existing data in the software from CSV (Excel) files
  • Manage multiple companies with different currencies
  • Email reports from within the software
  • Flexible and multiple tax management
  • Batch printing tool
  • Multiple user system (central database over a network)
  • Backup and restore database
  • Password protected user interface

Changes in CraveInvoice – October 22, 2020:

  • Added purchase order drop down on delivery note and returnable delivery note form in case jobwork module is enabled.
  • Added order type drop down on purchase order form in case of jobwork module is enabled.
  • On purchase order form – Menu command added on all records tab to update status of order if it is not marked as complete properly.
  • Added billing type drop down on delivery note and returnable delivery note form if work module is enabled.
  • Bug fix: New document number generation error if suffix is given in document settings for any document.
  • Option added to ask before closing the form if entry is not saved before closing the form.
  • Option added on Invoice for posting reverse charge tax amount to different ledger.
  • Amount and rate added in stock issue entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
  • Amount and rate added in stock return entry form based on optional setting (not visible by default).
  • Option added to calculate price and retail price based on rate at specific percent on Item form.
  • Option added to control no. of print copies for each report.
  • Daily report form updated so that user can select company for the report.
  • Computer name can be printed on each report based on a setting.
  • Tax setup form – Added drop down to select refundable and reverse charge ledger accounts.
  • Account settings form – added drop down to select reverse charge (shipping) and interest on capital ledger accounts.
  • New form added to define interest calculation on capital and to post the journal entry for the same.
  • Bug fix: Purchase journal – net amount field was not visible on the form in some cases.
  • Copy record option added on purchase journal form.
  • Option added to show supplier type by default instead of customer on returnable delivery note form.
  • Bug fix: The transaction history form columns were getting messed up in some cases.
  • User manager – Option added to show username of the person who created the record on all records list tab for all forms.
  • Option added in file menu to switch / login user without restarting the software.
  • Option added to minimize software to Windows system tray.
  • Option added to update rate from purchase journal to item form’s price and retail price.
  • It is now possible to restrict receipt entry date to today’s date to avoid entry mistakes.
  • Data from all records tab of each form can be exported to excel sheets.
  • Purchase return form added to quickly post debit notes for suppliers.
  • User name added on POS Sales report.
  • Employee payment form in payroll can be used by doing manual data entry. No need to import data of attendance or hourly entries.
  • Added payment mode drop down on payment receipt list report parameters window.
  • Added order type drop down on Purchase order with item details report.
  • New report – Supplier statement with due days.
  • Bug fix: on Stock return form – Delivery note drop down shows now only pending delivery notes based on type i.e. returnable or non-returnable.
  • Added delivery note type parameter for report of returnable delivery note with items.
  • Added date selection for delivery note with details report.
  • Added sales order type drop down on sales order form.
  • Bug fix: Stock receipt form adding blank lines if barcode inventory is enabled.
  • Added order type drop down ons sales order list report.
  • New Service purchase order report.
  • New Purchase indent with item details report.
  • New Debit note list report.
  • New credit note list report.
  • New supplier balance report.
  • New customer balance report.
  • New stock return note with item details report.
  • New monthly summary report.
  • New purchase summary report.
  • New expense summary report.
  • New purchse journal with item details report.
  • New quality report for stock receipts.
  • New quality report for production entries.
  • New shortage quantity for production orders report.
  • New shortage quantity for production order summary report.
  • On Sales person form, option added to add all items at once for commision rate calculation.
  • Stock receipt and sales order form – added vehicle no. and eway bill no.
  • Custom date selection added to trial balance, balance sheet and profit statement reports.

Changes in CraveInvoice – August 29, 2020:

  • Improvement: Save data entry form width and height if resized by user
  • Improvement: Software optimized for cloud hosted databases
  • Improvement: Item selection pop up form now has ability to hide columns
  • Bug Fix: TDS in case of lump sum payments was not calculating on purchase payments
  • Improvement: Item return form in Accounting menu has ability to select unpaid invoices
  • Improvement: Credit note form has now ability to select only sold items if customer is selected without invoice on the form
  • Improvement: Option added to show warehouse name on POS form
  • Improvement: New Daily report form added with print option
  • Improvement: Daily report added in report scheduler
  • Improvement: New report added – Purchase order report with details
  • Bug Fix: Debit note form had error when printing with serial numbers enabled
  • Bug Fox: On payment receipts, Ref number and date were not enabled in case of bank payments
  • Improvement: ENTER key option added for adding new row on all forms
  • Bug Fix: Bill of material import form had errors while importing
  • Bug Fix: Payment modes were not loaded from table on supplier payment form
  • Improvement: Production order number saved in production entry table from update button of production order form
  • Improvement: New report added – Trial balance with totals
  • Improvement: On Payroll Worksheet entry form, added “from date”, “to date”, “period” and “total days”
  • Bug Fix: From Stock transfer form, double entry was saved in certain cases
  • Improvement: Bulk Product price change tool improved for direct editing

Changes in CraveInvoice – June 3, 2020:

  • Length field added in bill of material and in bom reports in case of raw material items.
  • Cost center feature added in accounts with reports.
  • Required date added on indent form.
  • Bug fix: Debit and credit notes not working properly for inventory tracking and accounting entries.
  • Bug fix – Supplier balance was not updating from post payment form.
  • Approval system added for Indent, proforma invoice.
  • GSTR3B export to JSON feature added.
  • GSTR3B bug fix for credit note entries.
  • GST refundable report added.
  • Bug fix: POS invoice wrong tax calculation in case of tax inclusive in some cases.
  • New feature: option added to quickly receive payment from customer from invoice due, invoice and tax invoice form.
  • Bug fix – ledger balance was not updating properly from auto adjust form, make payment and receipt payment form.
  • Support request form added in software to quickly get in touch with support team.
  • Item code length changed to 40 characters.

Changes in CraveInvoice – January 23, 2020:

  • New feature: Multiple purchase order selection for stock receipts.
  • Option to hide inventory values from stock in hand and stock reports for selected users.
  • Option to select supplier for received order list report.
  • Option to drill down on account balance form to detailed show ledger and data entry forms.
  • Added field “Aging days” in customer statement report.
  • Cash discount field added for purchase journal.
  • Line discount option added for export invoice.
  • Bug fix: TDS calculation will be calculated only for service items now.
  • Item history report button added on item form to show delivery notes, invoices and all other records for the item.
  • Purchase journal form – added eway bill number and vehicle number fields.
  • Added option to select item tag on item form to identify non-inventory items used for shipping , insurance, freight and so on.
  • Item form – added income ledger account field to post the revenue amount for the item to respective ledger accounts.
  • Sales report for routewise sales improved to show total sales, itemwise sales, daily payment collection etc.
  • Option added on sales person form to specify itemwise commission as well as single commission.
  • Sales person commission report added.
  • Report scheduler form added which can be used to configure reports to auto-email to specific person at specific time.
  • Search option added on customer and supplier due forms.
  • Due days added in customer dues report (printed from customer dues form).
  • Bug fix: Only pending sales orders will be visible on delivery notes.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Changes in CraveInvoice – October 16, 2019:

  • Validation for transactions to be between financial years.
  • Bug fix: Show only pending quotations on invoice and sales order form.
  • New report – Raw material used during production.
  • Bug fix: Account setting form – Delete row button was not working.
  • Bug fix: GST report for sales – in case of tax inclusive invoices, the taxable amount was not correct.
  • Bug fix: TDS amount was not getting calculated if receipt form is opened from invoices due form.
  • Bug fix: TDS amount was not getting calculated if payment form is opened from purchase due form.
  • Improvement: Report copies form – added option to add copy names automatically.
  • Bug fix: If stock ledger opened from stock in hand form then only first warehouse records were displayed.
  • Setup and BasicInputs Menus rearranged and grouped properly.
  • Improvement: Financial year form – If new year button is clicked then from date and to date is calculated automatically.
  • New report – Subitem report for a particular item.
  • Validation to not allow selection of same account on bank and cash journals.
  • Company name added on backup file name during backup process.
  • Improvement: Discount scheme form to specify free item quantity schemes. If this item is selected on invoice then the quantity scheme is applied automatically based on quantity.
  • If customer price list is specified for a customer then on option is available on invoice to show only those item on invoice selected for the customer.

Changes in CraveInvoice – September 23, 2019:

  • Product+Tax price on item form list.
  • Bug fix: Only approved sales order will be visible on tax invoice if approval system is enabled.
  • Update: Ledger account form – added validation to match both debit and credit amounts.
  • Added quotation button on main toolbar.
  • Bug fix: Stock adjustment form – Entry was saving without serial number for items with serial number tracking in case of addition quantity.
  • Bug fix: Calculation mismatch between invoice and proforma.
  • Bug fix: GSTR3B report was showing incorrect values in non-GST outward supplies section.
  • Bug fix: Invoice form – incorrect/double receipts saving if received amount is entered.
  • Financial year form – duplicate financial year validation added.
  • Other minor bug fixes and validations added.

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Supported Operating Systems: from Windows XP to Windows 10.