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Automation Workshop 7.5.0 by Febooti

Automation Workshop 7.5.0 by Febooti
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Automation Workshop is a software tool for Windows that allows automating time-consuming, complex, repetitive, and recurring processes. Create automated tasks easier than ever before with no scripting, programming, or coding skills.

The program can monitor folders for content modifications, and execute various scenarios, from simple reporting to complex autonomous file operations. Automation Workshop can easily become an integral part of your automated IT infrastructure design for Microsoft Windows.

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By effectively uniting an intuitive visual interface with rich parameter specificity, this Automation tool allows designing Tasks of script-like complexity. Thus, without requiring any coding experience, you are equipped with tools capable of automatically joining normally unconnected (i.e., manually connected) processes.

Automate anywhere and everything using advanced Job Scheduler Trigger, intelligent file and remote folder watchers, or simply system startup triggers. These Triggers can be dynamically linked with 100+ workload automation Actions allowing users to create automated tasks for jobs like file and folder operations, compressing files with popular Windows or Linux archiver support, uploading or downloading files from secure FTP servers or even a cloud.

Automation Workshop includes the necessary managing, monitoring, reporting, and logging features. That allow the user to uniquely identify processes and problems and to stay informed about relevant system operations.


  • Monitor local and network folders for changes and automatically launch the appropriate Task to handle the situation in a predefined yet flexible manner.
  • Automatically synchronize directories to retain exact copies of data in local folders and remote directories, such as SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3, or WebDAV.
  • Advanced Task Scheduler executes jobs on a flexible schedule, including advanced recurrence patterns, configurable repetitions, and exclusions.


  • Excellent industry-standard secure email capacities with SSL and STARTTLS options not only present the user with all the necessary means for sophisticated email sending but also can easily take care of automatic email distribution of any complexity.
  • Securely monitor remote files and directories. New, existing, modified, deleted changes, file count and size. From anywhere via SFTP with SCP and SSH modes, FTP with Plain, Explicit and Implicit modes, Amazon S3 with access and secret keys, and WebDAV with Plain and SSL · TLS modes. To make your connection more secure, configure allowed server fingerprints and trusted CA certificates.
  • Automatic zip compression and unzip extraction with multi-core processor support for efficient archive management. This enterprise-level solution easily handles archives of virtually unlimited size, Unicode characters in file names, and AES-256 encryption. As well as formats popular on Unix/Linux/BSD, such as Tar, Gzip and Bzip2.


  • A powerful set of almost 40 file operations with file and folder listing, copying, moving, renaming, deleting, content saving and retrieving, as well as remote file upload and download.
  • Features powerful Start application and Run DOS command Actions. That provide the user with the means for both executing Windows command interpreter commands and connecting with almost any application already deployed within the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Designed with multi-core processors in mind, it implements Task execution strategies that allow unlimited Task parallelizing.
  • Powerful error handling options allow the user to avoid or circumvent issues by running additional predefined Tasks automatically.


  • The Operations manager provides real-time data on memory use, active Triggers, executed Tasks, and service uptime. That allow you to ensure that the system is running in optimally.
  • The Queue manager provides an overview of all currently running and pending Tasks.
  • Take automation even further with System Startup Trigger, which automates Tasks that are executed upon either system startup or shutdown.

Smart and unattended

  • Once set up, Automation Workshop runs fully unattended in the background as a Windows service without requiring to log in.
  • User Logon Trigger allows monitoring the logins or logoffs of any user. Furthermore, the Tasks include an advanced Run As settings. That allows Task execution with different credentials and within different user environments.
  • The application is designed with energy efficiency in mind and is perfectly suited for all platforms, from servers to laptops.

Changes in Automation Workshop 7.5.0:


  • Added 2 new Folder Actions:
    • Ensure Folder—combines Create Folder, Remove Folder, and If Folder into a single highly convenient Action, streamlining the workflow creation experience.
    • Wait for Folder—expands the range of Wait Actions by adding the capability to conditionally wait for folders on both local and network drives.
  • Introduced a new multi-triggering feature—a seamless Variable Wizard experience that simplifies accessing variable data in the same manner as with any individual Trigger (automatically populates variables from the Trigger that initiated the workflow).
  • Launched the Remote Trigger Manager—an extensive view of the Triggers on your remote machines. Observe the most recent execution dates, along with forthcoming schedules and detailed triggering information.


  • Tasks with multiple Task Scheduler Triggers now always behave consistently. Minor improvements in the triggering algorithms ensure reliability of such Tasks.
  • To assess whether a file requires syncing, the Synchronize Folders Action accurately evaluates the size of particularly large files (exceeding 4GB).
  • List Remote Files Action now sorts file lists (especially by applying the modified date option) in a consistent and reliable manner.
  • Now, the Enclosed Text, Find Text, and Find & Replace Text Actions are correctly processing empty values (and not the next character) for zero-length matches (e.g., parsing empty tags, regular expressions, boundaries, etc.).
  • Terminate App Action assures smooth, precise, and consistent operations when terminating child processes—it intelligently discards incorrect PIDs, especially in scenarios where Windows kernel rapidly reassigns the same Process ID to different processes.
  • Fixed the Close Connection variable to always return the correct server name, regardless of workflow complexity or active connections.
  • Occasionally, certain FTP & Cloud Actions, when utilizing the ignore specific errors feature, were resulting in unexpected behavior.
  • While executing the Task with SYSTEM credentials, the spare error message (related to an invalid handle) may be encountered for most App and all Service Actions. Yet, the actual workflow functionality was not affected.


  • Automation Workshop interface:
    • Remote Log Manager is now available from the Remote Tools menu.
    • Slightly rearranged context menu items of the Task Pane.
    • Manually refreshing the Task Pane now invokes the Task auto-importing feature.
    • Prevents minor flickering in the Task Wizard’s final step on considerably slow servers.
    • Minor UI refinements in the Task and Remote Task Properties.
    • Minor visual changes to the status bar.
  • Automation Workshop Service:
    • Further improved Task compatibility with previous versions (e.g., downgrading scenarios), ensuring functionality even when certain features are absent in those versions. Upgrading to a higher version is always 100% compatible.
    • Further fortifies the Service engine by eliminating potential numerical overflows and reducing large variable stack sizes.
    • AW should not hang when downgrading to the previous versions.
    • Ensures consistent syntax in the command line API.
  • Productivity improvements:
    • Trigger Manager now displays comprehensive, verbose details for each Trigger in a Task, replacing the previous simple, generic data.
    • Queue Manager introduces Focus Mode for effortless and continuous real-time Task monitoring. Also, the toolbar and status bar are slightly redesigned for a streamlined UI experience.
    • Remote Queue Manager now features the Locate Task option (via the context menu).
    • Aligned the Remote Manager Deploy form with other similar windows for consistency.
    • Lists in all Managers now correctly handle any number of items—from zero to extremely large.
  • Trigger refinements:
    • Trigger operations, such as copying/pasting, adding, and removing, now consistently function within the context of the current selection.
    • The UI for some Triggers has been subtly realigned.
    • Inactive Triggers are now displayed as remarks (slightly grayed out and in italic) for instant recognition of their disabled status—both in the Task Properties and in Variable Wizard.
  • Workflow canvas improvements:
    • The context menu of Actions list is overhauled (with new viewing and adjustment features) and improved to respect indentation for seamless navigation.
    • Added a new option to display long file paths in a compact format.
    • The current selection now retains its correct position within the workflow after adding specific FTP & Cloud Actions.
  • Multi-copy improvements:
    • To ensure an uninterrupted and seamless experience, activating the multi-copy window in larger workflows will now retain the same scroll position as the main workflow.
    • The footer now always displays the count of selected Actions.
  • Minor tweaks to the Add Action window:
    • The search feature has been upgraded with supplementary keywords and tags, enhancing both search speed and relevancy.
    • Refinements in subcategories, by including the “Use web content” shortcut in the FTP & Cloud category, “Characters” in the Text category, among others.
  • Numerous improvements in Actions:
    • The UI has been slightly rearranged and aligned for nearly all Actions. Additionally, more input fields now include hints with examples.
    • The FTP Connection Action now supports Anonymous FTP templates, offering 3 methods—standard, simple, and fast.
    • New variables have been added to the App Information Action—process creation date/time, running time (since), and CPU time (usage). Additionally, the case of some keys for values has been adjusted to match the overall theme.
    • The Text Lookup Action now can retrieve the following columns (using extra output variable) which are located to the right of the regular key/value pairs.
    • Both the Enable and Disable Task Actions now include a new option to prevent failure with an error if the Task is already in the desired state.
    • The Print File and Open Document Actions display the default printer, if available.
    • The Rename Folder Action has been updated to allow more flexible syntax—with or without a backslash character.
    • The If Folder Action has been aligned with other Folder Actions by introducing a new variable that includes a mandatory backslash character.
    • The UI of the If Action is now in line with other Actions.
    • The preview example of the Pad Text Action is now consistent and accurate.
    • The color name Endeavor was renamed in the Separator Action.
  • Variable Wizard visual adjustments:
    • Improved handling of the F2 keyboard shortcut to seamlessly navigate from variable editing to variable adjustments.
    • From now on, the Variable Wizard will display comments in italic, aligning with the style of the workflow canvas.
    • The Split File Path variables have been aligned with other path variables to ensure consistent display of the backslash character.
    • The variable “Task startup folder” no longer displays a forced backslash character.
    • Minor and consistent renaming has been applied to the “Task Parameters” variables.
    • The “Process ID” variable for the Run CMD Command and Start App Actions is now displayed as “PID”.
  • A lot of minor UI & UX improvements.


  • The length variable in the Remove Partial Text Action now reflects the length of the final string. Also, adds a new variable—Removed length.

Homepage – https://www.febooti.com/

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019.

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