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Puppy Linux 8.1.1 “Raspup Buster” Beta/ 8.0.0 “BionicPup”

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Puppy Linux 8.1.1 “Raspup Buster” Beta/ 8.0.0 “BionicPup”

Puppy Linux is an evolutionary operating system for computers, based on GNU/Linux. It is completely free and open source software. Puppy is a full-fledged operating system bundled with application suites covering a wide variety of tasks which can be used productively by general users.

However, because Puppy has a small size and can boot from many media. It is also useful as a rescue disk, a demonstration system, or for reviving old computers.

Puppy Linux enables you to save money while doing more work, even allowing you to do magic by recovering data from destroyed PCs or by removing malware from Windows.

Puppy Linux comes with a choice of 2 graphical servers: X.Org (full-featured) and Xvesa (lightweight). A wizard during the start-up process guides the user through setting up a graphical server appropriate for their video card and monitor.

How is Puppy Linux Different:

  • Small size, ~300MB! This lends itself to some very useful and unique features.
  • ‘Live’ booting from CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other portable media.
  • Runs from RAM, that makes it unusually fast even in old PCs and in netbooks with solid state storage media.
  • Very low minimum system requirements.
  • Boot time is well under a minute, 30-40 seconds in most systems.
  • Includes a wide range of applications: wordprocessors, spreadsheets, internet browsers, games, image editors and many utilities. Extra software in the form of dotpets.
  • Puppy is easy to use and requires the little technical knowledge. Most hardware is automatically detected.

Puppy Linux was first released in June 2003 by Barry Kauler The community, is completely organic, without any formal agenda or structure. It often takes newcomers a while to realise that there aren’t really any rules to Puppy, if you want to do something, make a new Puplet, offer your skills or take things in a new direction. Puppy is covered by the LGPL license, an open source license.

Puppy Linux is a Live CD Linux distribution that is very small and focuses on ease of use. If the computer has at least 64 MB of RAM (depending on the version, up to at least 256 MB of RAM), the entire operating system and all the applications will run from RAM. That allows  to remove the boot medium after the operating system starts.

Applications such as SeaMonkey, AbiWord, Gnumeric, and Gxine/xine are included. The distribution is actively developed by Warren Willson and other active members of the community. Puppy is an independent Linux distribution (i.e. not based on Debian, Fedora, SuSE, etc.).

Puppy’s goals:

  • Puppy will easily install to USB, Zip, hard drive or other storage media.
  • Extremely friendly for Linux newbies.
  • Puppy will boot up and run extraordinarily fast.
  • Booting from DVD (or CD), Puppy can save all work to the DVD (CD).
  • Booting from USB flash drive (or other flash media), Puppy will minimize writes to extend its life..
  • Puppy will just work, no hassles.
  • Puppy will breathe new life into old PCs.
  • Here are all the applications what you need for daily use
  • Puppy will load and run totally in RAM for diskless thin stations.

Changes in Puppy Linux 8.1.1 “Raspup Buster” Beta:

  • new gui to set default boot option – in setup menu (brown mouse)
  • improved Vivaldi installer that fetches proprietary ffmpeg codec if you so desire – note it doesn’t install widevine needed for netflix. While it is possible it is convoluted. Instructions upon request. Please delete old vivaldi **.sfs as the naming is changed to reflect root or spot.
  • bugfix the showing of quicksetup on every boot in pi1 and pi0. This was a woof level bug in /usr/sbin/delayedrun (proebler)
  • added mhwaveedit – compiled (brown mouse)
  • rebuilt gnome-mplayer using new source developed by wdlkmpx
  • developed new drive icon to distinguish between the boot partition and the save partition (woof level)
  • new kernels – 4.19.71
  • fixed apulse pet – was broken
  • added some missing libs to devx which fixed cmake
  • add ralink wireless firmware (proebler)

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