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Auslogics Driver Updater – 15% OFF

Auslogics Driver Updater – 15% OFF
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Auslogics Driver Updater is a useful tool that helps improve the performance of computer hardware and devices. Also it promotes overall system stability by detecting outdated or missing drivers. Then automatically updates them to official manufacturer-released latest versions.

You save time and effort with this fast and easy tool. This Driver Updater is the best solution for keeping your hardware and devices working smoothly.

BUY NOW Auslogics Driver Updater – 15% OFF

However, you may have performance problems on your PC that are not caused by outdated drivers. These may include junk file accumulations, corrupt entries in the registry, incorrect system or network connection settings or other speed-reducing issues.

This Auslogics program will check your computer for potential driver problems. Then will give you a report on outdated or missing drivers. It detects, and let you quickly update them to the latest manufacturer-recommended versions.

Auslogics Driver Updater will give you:

  • Smoother device operation
  • Hardware conflicts eliminated
  • No more driver-related system errors
  • Latest device feature improvements
  • Fast and effortless updates

No more need to waste time searching the Internet for the right driver for each of your devices or risk getting viruses or spyware by downloading a rogue update. The Updater lets you get the exact driver version needed for your specific device model and ensures safe, quick and convenient updates, so you can enjoy smooth and glitch-free performance.

Saves you time

You can update all detected older drivers in one click compared to manually searching the web for the right update for each of your drivers.

Ensures compatibility

The application will download and install onto your PC only official driver versions made specifically for your device type and model.

Backs up for safety

The program will create backup prior to updating drivers so you can always go back to the previous driver version if you don’t like the updated one.

Industry-acknowledged quality

Auslogics software products have been proven safe and effective in multiple tests, used by PC manufacturers and recommended by experts.

Changes in Version (2024-05-01):

  • Improved scan algorithms for better efficiency
  • Fixed a minor bug

Changes in Version 1.26.0 (2023-10-09):

  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Made some interface enhancements
  • Introduced new libraries meant to improve most aspects of program operation

Changes in Version (2023-09-08):

  • Resolved an issue with server connection failure experienced by some users
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Changes in Version (2023-08-30):

  • Optimized some app components for added stability
  • Made minor interface enhancements
  • Resolved several reported bug

Changes in Version (2023-06-05):

  • Significantly improved driver update algorithms to reduce the chance of issues occurring after updates;
  • Search for new updates now takes less time;
  • Newly released updates are added to the database faster so you can get them onto your PC sooner;
  • Improvements made to installation flow and app’s interface;
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Changes in Version (2022-12-12):

  • Resolved an issue some users experienced with updating a specific driver
  • Made minor changes to the program interface with user convenience in mind
  • Resolved several minor bugs

Changes in Version (2022-06-28):

  • Made some interface enhancements
  • Fixed minor bugs

Homepage – https://www.auslogics.com

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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