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Available for:

Heimdal Threat Prevention Home 3.1.3 – 50% OFF

Heimdal Threat Prevention Home 3.1.3 – 50% OFF
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Heimdal Threat Prevention Home (formerly Heimdal PRO) is an advanced threat prevention for your PC. It closes all security holes found in your system and apps.

The program filters all your Internet traffic and blocks ransomware, next-gen malware, data leakage, APTs, exploits BEFORE they infect your computer. This software sees when cyber criminals try to steal your card data and blocks their attempts.

BUY NOW Heimdal Threat Prevention Home – 50% OFF

With this Heimdal Security Software keeping watch, you can safely shop online, log into your Internet banking or other important accounts. It updates your apps automatically and fast! No interruptions and no restarts required.

Heimdal Threat Prevention Home is not an antivirus engine, it can’t clean your local files. 100% compatible with any security product.

Thor Foresight Home Features:

  • Essential add-on to any Antivirus
  • Enhances any Firewall
  • Unique Traffic-based Malware detection
  • Blocks Malware before it reaches yor PC
  • Multi-layerd, AI Powerd Protection
  • Secures your Web-Browsing
  • Secures your Online banking and Payments
  • Phishing Protection
  • Automatically Updates your Applications
  • Secures 3 PCs (up to 10)

Heimdal Threat Prevention Home is a proactive cyber threat security suite with 3 key layers of protection: DarkLayer Guard, VectorN Detection, X-Ploit Resilience.

DarkLayer Guard

Blocks all incoming and outgoing communications to malicious servers, preventing APTs and other threats. Detects threats at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they reach your device, and prevents data leakage and compromise.

When this engine is enabled, Heimdal Threat Prevention will apply a filter on the network adapter that will scan for infected websites and other web locations (servers, online ads, etc) that can potentially install malware or be used as gateways for cyber-attacks.

VectorN Detection

The VectorN Detection engine is a new feature and its purpose is to search for patterns within the blocks that Thor’s Traffic Scanning records. By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, this technology enables users to detect and block advanced malware, regardless of the attack vector.

X-Ploit Resilience

It monitors and updates your installed apps anda database automatically. Keeping your software updated closes almost 85% of security holes used in cyber attacks.

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Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).
  • MacOS (10.13 and above)
  • Android (6.0 and above)