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Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.47 / for Android

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Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.47 / for Android

Microsoft Edge is a lightweight web browser for Windows, Android and iOS. It gives you one continuous browsing experience across your mobile devices to your Microsoft Windows 10 PC.

Your stuff syncs in the background, allowing you to browse across devices, without skipping a beat. It has new features, including integration with Cortana, annotation tools, and a reading mode.

You can view your favorites, reading list, browsing history, and downloads at the Hub. A sidebar providing functionality similar to Internet Explorer’s Downloads manager and Favorites Center. In addition, the browser includes an integrated Adobe Flash Player and a PDF reader. It also supports asm.js.

Microsoft Edge does not support legacy technologies such as ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects, and will instead use an extension system.

Familiar Microsoft Edge features like the Hub allow users to organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view and manage their content on-the-go.

Microsoft Edge Features:

Continue on PC: Go anywhere and pick up where you left off by seamlessly moving content between your mobile device and PC (requires Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update).

Data Sync: Your favourites, passwords and reading list are synced across your devices. So no matter the device, your browser is always personalised to you.

Hub View: Your favourites, reading list, history and books all in one place. Finding and managing your content is simple.

QR Code Reader: Easily read QR codes at the touch of a button. Microsoft Edge will pull up the reading and information right onto your screen.

Voice Search: You can now use your voice to search the web. Ask a question or speak a prompt to use the web in more natural, familiar ways.

InPrivate: When you browse with InPrivate mode, your browsing data (history, temporary internet files, cookies) won’t saved on your PC.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.47 (November 23, 2020):

Changes in Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.41 (November 19, 2020):

Feature updates

  • Automatic redirection for incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Starting with the Microsoft Edge 87 Stable update, public websites that show an incompatibility message on Internet Explorer will be automatically redirected to Microsoft Edge.
  • Kiosk mode privacy features enabled. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 87, kiosk mode features that will help enterprises around the privacy of user data will be enabled. These features will enable experiences such as clear the user data on exit, delete downloaded files and to reset the configured start experience after a specified amount of idle time.
  • Shopping features enabled by default. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 87 enterprise users can also benefit from shopping in Edge. With Shopping features, Microsoft Edge helps users to find coupons and better prices while shopping online. Coupon experience is available with this update and price comparison will be released in upcoming updates for Microsoft Edge 87. This feature can be configured through EdgeShoppingAssistantEnabled policy.
  • ClickOnce deployment enabled by default. ClickOnce is enabled by default in Microsoft Edge 87, which reduces the barriers for enterprises to deploy software and better align with Microsoft Edge Legacy browser behavior. Starting in Microsoft Edge 87, the ClickOnceEnabled policy’s “Not configured” state will reflect the new default ClickOnce state of Enabled (as compared to the previous default state of Disabled).
  • The enterprise new tab page (NTP) integrates productivity with customizable, work-relevant feed content. The enterprise NTP blends the Office 365 productivity page we offer to users signed in with their work or school account with personalized, work-relevant company and industry feeds that are organized in a single page. Users will be able to recognize the familiar Office 365 content and Microsoft Search for Business powered by Bing. In addition, they can easily customize “My Feed” by choosing the most relevant content to them from the available content and modules for their organization. IT Administrators can control the News feed settings for their organization, including the selected industry for the Edge new tab page by going to Microsoft 365 admin center.
  • Privacy and Security:
    • Support TLS Token Binding for policy-configured sites. TLS Token binding helps prevent token theft attacks to ensure that cookies can’t be reused from a device other than the device upon which they were initially set. The use of TLS token binding requires setting the AllowTokenBindingForUrls policy and requires that the sites listed support this feature.
  • Keyboard support for highlighter on PDF files. Users can use their keyboard keys to highlight any text on a PDF.
  • Printing:
    • Choose which side to flip on when printing on both sides. Users can choose to flip on the long side or the short side of a sheet when printing on both sides.
    • Choose print rasterization mode for the enterprise. Control how Microsoft Edge prints to a non-PostScript printer on Windows. Sometimes print jobs on non-PostScript printers need to be rasterized to print correctly. The print options are “Full” and “Fast”.

Policy updates

New policies

Ten new policies were added. Download the updated Administrative Templates from the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page. The following new policies were added.

  • ConfigureFriendlyURLFormat – Configure the default paste format of URLs copied from Microsoft Edge, and determine if additional formats will be available to users.
  • EdgeShoppingAssistantEnabled – Shopping in Microsoft Edge enabled.
  • HideInternetExplorerRedirectUXForIncompatibleSitesEnabled – Hide the one-time redirection dialog and the banner on Microsoft Edge.
  • KioskAddressBarEditingEnabled – Configure address bar editing for kiosk mode public browsing experience.
  • KioskDeleteDownloadsOnExit – Delete files downloaded as part of kiosk session when Microsoft Edge closes.
  • PasswordRevealEnabled – Enable Password reveal button.
  • RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerPreventBHOInstall – Prevent install of the browser helper object (BHO) to redirect incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.
  • RedirectSitesFromInternetExplorerRedirectMode – Redirect incompatible sites from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.
  • SpeechRecognitionEnabled – Configure Speech Recognition.
  • WebCaptureEnabled – Enable web capture feature in Microsoft Edge.

Deprecated Policy

NewTabPageSetFeedType – Configure the Microsoft Edge new tab page experience.

Obsoleted Policy

EnableDeprecatedWebPlatformFeatures – Re-enable deprecated web platform features for a limited time.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.69 (November 13, 2020):

  • This update contains CVE-2020-16013 and CVE-2020-16017, that have been reported by the Chromium team as having an exploit in the wild.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.68 (November 11, 2020):

  • Security updates

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.63 (November 4, 2020):

  • This update contains CVE-2020-16009, that has been reported by the Chromium team as being an active exploit.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.61 (November 2, 2020):

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.51 (October 22, 2020):

  • Security Updates

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.48 (October 20, 2020):

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.43 (October 15, 2020):

  • Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.38 (October 9, 2020):

  • Roll back to previous Microsoft Edge version. The rollback feature lets administrators revert to a known good version of Microsoft Edge if there’s an issue in the latest version of Microsoft Edge. Note: Stable version 86.0.622.38 is the first version you can roll back to, which means that Stable version 87 is the first version ready to rollback from.
  • Enforce enabling Sync by default across the enterprise. Administrators can enable synchronization for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) accounts by default with the ForceSync policy.
  • Automatic profile switching on Windows 7 and 8.1. The automatic profile switching currently available in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is extended to downlevel Windows (Windows 7 and 8.1). For more information, see the automatic profile switching blog post.
  • SameSite=Lax Cookies By Default. To improve web security and privacy, cookies will now default to SameSite=Lax handling by default. This means that cookies will only be sent in a first-party context and will be omitted for requests sent to third-parties. This change can cause compatibility impact on websites that require cookies for third-party resources to function correctly. To permit such cookies, web developers can mark cookies which should be set from and sent to third-party contexts by adding explicit SameSite=none and Secure attributes when the cookie is set. Enterprises that wish to exempt certain sites from this change can do so using the LegacySameSiteCookieBehaviorEnabledForDomainList policy, or can opt-out of the change across all sites using the LegacySameSiteCookieBehaviorEnabled policy.
  • Remove the HTML5 Application Cache API. Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 86, the legacy Application Cache API that enables offline use of web pages is being removed from Microsoft Edge. Web Developers should review the WebDev documentation for information on replacing the Application Cache API with Service Workers. Important: You can request an AppCache OriginTrial Token that allows sites to continue to use the deprecated Application Cache API until Microsoft Edge version 90.
  • Privacy and Security:
    • Replace MetricsReportingEnabled and SendSiteInformationToImproveServices policies for downlevel Windows and macOS. These policies are deprecated in Microsoft Edge version 86 and will become obsolete in Microsoft Edge version 89.
      These policies are replaced by Allow Telemetry on Windows 10, and the new DiagnosticData policy for all other platforms. This will let users manage the diagnostic data that gets sent to Microsoft for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and macOS.
    • Secure DNS (DNS-over-HTTPS) support. Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 86, settings to control Secure DNS on un-managed devices is available. These settings aren’t accessible to users on managed devices, but IT admins can enable or disable Secure DNS using the dnsoverhttpsmode group policy.
  • Internet Explorer mode: Let users use the Microsoft Edge User Interface (UI) to test sites in Internet Explorer mode. Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 86, administrators can enable a UI option for their users to load a tab in Internet Explorer mode for testing purposes or as a stopgap until sites are added to the site list XML.
  • PDF updates:
    • Table of contents for PDF Documents. Beginning with version 86, Microsoft Edge has added support for table of contents that lets users easily navigate through PDF documents.
    • Access all PDF functionalities on small form factor screens. Access all the capabilities of the Microsoft Edge PDF reader on devices with small screen sizes.
    • Pen support for highlighter on PDF files. With this update, users can use their digital pen to directly highlight text on PDF files, in the same way they would with a physical highlighter and paper.
    • Improved PDF scrolling. You will now be able to experience stutter free scrolling while navigating through long PDF documents.
  • Users will see auto complete suggestions when they start typing a search query on the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website. Auto complete will help users quickly complete their search query without having to type the entire string. This will be helpful because users won’t have to remember correct spellings and they can choose from the available options that are displayed.
  • Add a custom image to the New Tab Page (NTP) using a group policy. Beginning with Microsoft Edge version 86 the NTP has an option to replace the default image with a custom user-supplied image. The ability to manage the properties of this image is also supported by the group policy.
  • Match customized keyboard shortcuts to VS Code. Microsoft Edge DevTools now supports customizing keyboard shortcuts in the DevTools to match with your editor/IDE. (In Microsoft Edge 84, we added the ability to match DevTools keyboard shortcuts to VS Code).
  • Delete downloads from disk using download manager. Users are now able to delete their downloaded files from their disk without leaving the browser. The new Delete downloads functionality exists within the context menu of downloads shelf or the downloads page.

Changes in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  • Sign in with a Microsoft Family account to get real-time web activity reporting, content filtering and other secure features to help keep kids safe on mobile.
  • Some general bug fixes
  • Performance improvements.

Changes in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  • Tap on any word to trigger a contextual search and get results without leaving the page.
  • Choose to sync your favourites, passwords and other data with the new Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Edge Legacy.
  • Customise the layout of a new tab page.
  • Tracking prevention: Select a Basic, Balanced or Strict amount of blocking.
  • We’ve also made some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  • Tap on any word to trigger a contextual search and get results without leaving the page.
  • Choose to sync your favourites, passwords and other data with the new Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Edge Legacy.
  • Customise the layout of a new tab page.
  • Tracking prevention: Select a Basic, Balanced or Strict amount of blocking.
  • Some general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in Microsoft Edge for Android:

  • A new look and feel, plus an updated navigation for easier access to features like search, favourites and more

Changes in Microsoft Edge 44.10.7 for iOS:

  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in Microsoft Edge 44.5.3 for iOS:

  • As of this release, we’ll no longer support books on Microsoft Edge or related features.
  • This release includes general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
  • Android 4.4 and higher,
  • iOS 9.0 or later.

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    Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.568 - Microsoft Edge 86.0.622.568

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    Microsoft Edge All versions Stable Multilingual x86 and x64 bit installers .msi

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