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Brave Browser 1.15.76 Stable/ 1.17.47 Dev/ 1.17.46 Beta

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Brave Browser 1.15.76 Stable/ 1.17.47 Dev/ 1.17.46 Beta

Brave Browser is a free, fast, secure and open source web browsing application based on the Chromium and available for your all devices. Complete with a built-in ad blocker that prevents tracking and provides security protection with optimized data and battery performance.

The Brave is much more than a web browser, it is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

Brave is built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web, including the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla. It begins with giving you back power. Get unmatched speed, security and privacy by blocking trackers. Earn rewards by opting into our privacy-respecting ads and help give publishers back their fair share of Internet revenue.

Browse Faster – Load pages 3x to 6x faster

Watch Brave in action, head-to-head-to-head against Chrome and Firefox. Brave loads pages three times as fast out of the box with nothing to install, learn or manage.

Switching is easy – Import and continue where you left off

It’s easy to import your settings from your old browser. You can do it during the welcome tour or later through the menus. All of your old browser profiles will appear in a list. You can import other browser data through the main menu item called “Import Bookmarks and Settings.”

Support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards

Turn on Brave Rewards and give a little back to the sites you frequent most. Earn frequent flyer-like tokens (BAT) for viewing privacy-respecting ads through Brave and help fund the content you love.

Browsing the web with Brave is free: with Brave Rewards activated, you can support the content creators you love at the amount that works for you.

The browser can automatically distribute your contributions based on how much time you spend on sites. Or, you can choose to tip sites directly, and even offer a fixed monthly tip amount.

All of this works while keeping your browsing history private. Your funds are made available to site owners through an anonymous ledger system, so you can’t be identified based on the sites you visit and support. Over 10,000 publishers and content creators have registered to receive Brave Rewards.

Remember: these contributions are optional – browsing the web with Brave Browser is free.

Brave Browser Feature List:


Brave Rewards

  • Earn by viewing private ads
  • Tip your favorite creators
  • Contribute monthly to sites
  • Auto-contribute to sites
  • Verify with Uphold and move funds in and out of your wallet
  • Become a verified creator and start earning BAT from tips, contributions and referrals

Tabs and Windows

  • Private Windows
  • Pinned Tabs
  • Auto-unload
  • Drag and drop
  • Duplicate
  • Close Options
  • Find on page
  • Print page


  • Clear browsing data
  • Built-in password manager
  • Form autofill
  • Control content access to full-screen presentation
  • Control site access to autoplay media
  • Send “Do not track” with browsing requests


  • Choose default search engine
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for alternate search engines
  • Option to use DuckDuckGo for private window search

Address Bar

  • Add Bookmark
  • Autosuggest URLs
  • Search from address bar
  • Autosuggest search terms
  • Show/hide bookmarks toolbar
  • Show secure or insecure site

Extensions and Plugins

  • Brave Desktop now supports most of the Chrome extensions in the chrome web store

Changes in Brave Browser 1.15.76:

  • Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.111

Changes in Brave Browser 1.15.75:

  • Fixed “Estimated pending rewards” and “Ad notifications received this month” not being updated even though ads are being displayed in certain cases.
  • Fixed fingerprint sensor option missing from WebAuthn on macOS.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.99.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.15.72:

  • Added widget to the New Tab Page.
  • [Security] Added rel=noopener to webtorrent links as reported on HackerOne by d3f4u17.
  • [Security] Fixed webtorrent file detection issue as reported on HackerOne by d3f4u17.
  • Fixed ad notifications being delivered when not enough unblinded tokens available.
  • Fixed rewards restore modal displaying “Please re-enter keys or try different keys.” error before entering keys.
  • Fixed “Trackers & Ads Blocking” setting not persisting after restarting Brave in some cases.
  • Fixed WebGL and OpenGL being disabled in Linux due to “” and “” missing from Brave package.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 86.0.4240.75.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.14.84:

  • Implemented client ads pacing mechanism.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.121.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.14.81:

  • Implemented additional farbling protections for fingerprinters accessing CPU information.
  • Implemented additional farbling protections for fingerprinters accessing media hardware information.
  • Added “Event” tab under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support.
  • Added metric to better calibrate availability of Brave ads.
  • Removed backup and restore notifications for verified wallet users.
  • Fixed Brave accepting TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 certificates without warning users.
  • Fixed WebRTC Web APIs being modified when fingerprinting protection is set to “strict”.
  • Fixed overlapping text on Uphold promotional card under brave://rewards.
  • Fixed Brave Ads intermittently crashing when clicking on thumbs up, thumbs down, opt-in, out-out, save ad and flag ad under “7-day Ads History”.
  • Fixed Brave Ads page classification scores from locally persisting in the diagnostic log.
  • Fixed purchase intent parent only segments blocking page classification parent segments
  • Fixed crash on macOS when checking currently installed version in certain cases.
  • Fixed Gemini toggle appearing under brave://settings#newTab for unsupported regions.
  • Fixed not being able to authenticate and use the Google Keep extension.
  • Fixed not being able to authenticate and use the Google Calendar extension.
  • Fixed not being able to automatically set Brave as the default browser Debian systems with Chrome.
  • Fixed Brave registering as Chromium instead of Brave under Pulseaudio.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.13.86:

  • Fixed Brave Rewards service being associated to Tor profiles.
  • Fixed “setup.exe” not being signed.
  • Fixed Gemini widget being displayed in unsupported region(s).
  • Fixed clicks not being registered on ad notifications in certain cases.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.102.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.13.82:

  • Added Gemini widget to the New Tab Page.
  • Added external wallet data to brave://rewards-internals page.
  • Added handler for 410 response code when rewards promotion expires.
  • Added the ability to update user models for Brave Ads via brave://components.
  • Added link to “Reset Brave Rewards data…” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData.
  • [Security] Added “Always Show Full URLs” setting under brave://settings/appearance to display the full URL in the address bar.
  • Enabled OS location service on Windows.
  • Improved general performance by not downloading Tor component until a New Private Window with Tor is first opened.
  • Updated brave://adblock to always reflect available regional adblock lists.
  • Updated global autoplay content setting under brave://settings/content/autoplay.
  • Implemented fingerprint farbling for Plugins.
  • Implemented new wallet API for Brave Rewards.
  • Disabled ability to retrieve rewards logs via brave://rewards-internals and removed existing logs.
  • Removed anonymous addresses from Uphold flow in rewards.
  • Removed all fingerprinting exceptions in shields.
  • Removed all referrer exceptions in shields.
  • Removed Brave Account branding for password storage.
  • Fixed issue where ad conversions would fail when a site uses pushState.
  • Fixed GitHub creators not being added to the auto-contribute table in Brave Rewards when the “Allow contribution to videos” setting was unchecked.
  • Fixed issue where promotions for rewards would show in the UI if they had expired.
  • Fixed clearing history from brave://settings/clearBrowserData not removing top site tiles from the New Tab Page.
  • Fixed menu display for widgets on the New Tab Page when translations exceeded a certain length.
  • Fixed issue where menu items did not work for the widgets on the New Tab Page in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where “:style(…)” cosmetic filter rules for class selectors were not applied.
  • Fixed torrent and magnet link pages showing error message after browser restart.
  • Fixed New Tab Page performance issues on initial render.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 85.0.4183.83.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.12.114:

  • [Security] Reduce logging as reported on HackerOne by hihouhou.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.135.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.12.112:

  • Added Sync v2.
  • Added support for state level ads delivery.
  • Added the ability to reset Brave Rewards.
  • Added 25 BAT threshold before being able to verify Uphold two-way user wallet.
  • Added the ability for users to disconnect a pending Uphold user wallet from Brave Rewards.
  • Added the ability to import payment methods from Chrome.
  • Added farbling for WebGL API when “Fingerprinting blocking” is set to “strict”.
  • Added support for “$generichide” adblock rules under brave://adblock
  • Added the date of installation to the stats ping.
  • Added “x-brave-api-key” to the stats ping.
  • Enabled the “prefetch-privacy-changes” flag by default under brave://flags.
  • Improved web compatibility by changing behavior of local and session storage in third-party frames to not throw an exception when storage is blocked.
  • Updated pre-populated search engine list.
  • Updated referrer policy to improve privacy and prevent web compatibility issues.
  • Updated canvas maximum farbling to match balanced farbling.
  • Updated token options for purchase on Binance widget when “.us” is selected.
  • Updated the “Look & Feel” section under brave://settings/shields.
  • Updated the labels on the “Learn more” view of shields.
  • Updated the bookmarks bar on the New Tab Page to show even if there are no bookmarks when the “Always show bookmarks on New Tab page” setting is enabled under brave://settings/appearance.
  • Updated the backup and restore modal text for Brave Rewards.
  • Updated the close icon on the Brave Rewards notification which indicates that your wallet is unreachable.
  • Reduced size and improved performance of the publisher list for Brave Rewards.
  • Reduced the frequency at which promotions are fetched for rewards.
  • Removed the “Remote Debugging” setting under brave://settings/privacy.
  • Fixed crash with Canvas API in certain cases.
  • Fixed crash with BraveSessionCache in certain cases.
  • Fixed crash with Brave Ads when opening a new tab in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where “Bat Ledger Service” was running when Brave Rewards was not enabled.
  • Fixed issue where “Bat Ads Service” was running when Brave Ads were not enabled.
  • Fixed issue where auto-contribute wouldn’t process if contributions were to be made to more than four verified creators.
  • Fixed state level ads being shown on versions without support for state level ads delivery.
  • Fixed wallet summary display on brave://rewards to better accommodate three decimal places.
  • Fixed ads state being removed when Brave Ads are disabled.
  • Fixed “Estimated pending rewards” not being refreshed after claiming an ad grant.
  • Fixed web compatibility issue with on Windows.
  • Fixed Firebase authentication not working with default shield settings.
  • Fixed issue where Gmail image signatures were not loading.
  • Fixed display issue where URL bar background color did not change in private mode when dark theme was enabled.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.125.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.11.104:

  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.105.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.11.101:

  • [Security] Filtered sensitive information from brave://rewards-internals logs.
  • [Security] Added disclaimer to brave://rewards-internals page.
  • Fixed issue where browser would freeze on launch in certain cases.
  • Fixed crash with Wayback Machine info bar in certain cases.

Changes in Brave Browser 1.11.97:

  • Added an infobar to indicate that sync v2 is coming if sync v1 is currently enabled.
  • Added “aggressive” setting for “Trackers & ads blocked” which applies cosmetic filters to first-party ads.
  • Added ability to import history from Safari on macOS.
  • Added country code to ad confirmation calls for certain countries.
  • Added priority support for Brave Ads.
  • Added ability to view and download server error logs for Brave Rewards under brave://rewards-internals to improve rewards debugging.
  • Added date of contributions under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support.
  • Added contribution history under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support.
  • Added support for fingerprint WebAuthn on macOS.
  • Added keyboard accessibility to the Binance widget on the New Tab Page.
  • [Security] Fixed issue where WebTorrent URL was rewritten when redirect URL was not http:// or https:// as reported on HackerOne by xhzeem.
  • [Security] Fixed issue where private window autocomplete data could leak to normal window.
  • Updated design for “Customize Dashboard” modal on the New Tab Page to support more options.
  • Updated Brave Rewards to display BAT values to three decimal places.
  • Updated user model for page classifications for Brave Ads.
  • Updated Brave Rewards to only use first name for Uphold user wallets.
  • Updated favicons for certain brave:// internal pages.
  • Updated favicon on brave://bookmarks tab.
  • Updated labels and drop down values on brave://settings/shields for consistency.
  • Updated fingerprinting blocking levels to be “strict”, “standard”, or “disabled”.
  • Implemented additional Canvas API fingerprint farbling protections.
  • Implemented Web Audio API fingerprint farbling protections.
  • Implemented additional WebGL API fingerprint protections.
  • Migrated Brave Rewards settings from JSON to preferences.
  • Migrated data from ledger_state to preferences for Brave Rewards.
  • Removed Brave autoplay exceptions.
  • Removed unnecessary balance API calls from Brave Rewards.
  • Removed retry logic for auto-contribute if auto-contribute or Brave Rewards is disabled.
  • Removed known user tracking parameters from Doubleclick query strings.
  • Removed known email tracking parameters from HubSpot URLs.
  • Removed GUID and ENV fields from crash reports.
  • Removed Sync from brave://settings in Guest windows.
  • Fixed crash with brave://settings/content in certain cases.
  • Fixed immediate crash after upgrading in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where ads were not shown in certain cases due to confirmations not being initialized when joining rewards.
  • Fixed issue where ad confirmations were initialized on clean profile prior to joining rewards.
  • Fixed rewards balance appearing as “0.0 BAT” in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue where ad conversions would fail after a creative had expired.
  • Fixed “Ads notifications received this month” incrementing for confirmation types other than view.
  • Fixed saved passwords not being listed under brave://settings/passwords in certain cases.
  • Fixed non-critical memory issue related to farbling and fingerprint randomization.
  • Fixed issue where brave://components updates required a browser restart.
  • Fixed DuckDuckGo toggle change not being reflected in a Guest window.
  • Upgraded Chromium to 84.0.4147.89.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later
  • OS X Yosemite 10.10 or later
  • 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04+, Mint 17+, Debian 9+, openSUSE 15+, Fedora Linux 28+, or CentOS/RHEL 8+
  • iOS 12.0 or later.
  • Varies with Android device

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8 Comments on Brave Browser 1.15.76 Stable/ 1.17.47 Dev/ 1.17.46 Beta

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    Brave Browser 1.8.95 Stable - no such a thing (GMT 12:19) Oh my God, once again wrong info!!!! It's only the very first pre-release event not RC1.

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      There are three channels: Release, Dev and Beta. This 1.8.95 is the desktop release. Ff you think this version is not stable enough, wait a couple of hours and it will be officially announced stable.

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    17:27 GMT Why are you changing the title, and now that Barave 1.8.86, or Brave, was officially released about half an hour ago, it's still here, ie on page 6, not the first page as just released. Completely incomprehensible.

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    Brave Browser 1.8.85 RC2 have been released, but there is still no Brave Browser 1.8.85, be patient and stop posting wrong info!

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    Brave Browser 1.8.84 Stable has never appeared yet! Listen, stop it once and for all. Such a thing has not yet appeared. It is still only pre release version or otherways to say release candidate. Is it really very difficult for you to post the right information? Why to post absolutely regularly wrong info.

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    Not true, now it is updated and current is v1.7.98 RC2, ie Release Candidate 2...

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    Inaccurate Information - However, Brave Browser 1.7.98 Stable is still only a Release Candidate !!!

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      Someone says it's a stable version