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Wipe 2020.16 / Wipe 2019 18.09 by PrivacyRoot

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Wipe 2020.16 / Wipe 2019 18.09 by PrivacyRoot

WIPE is a free, easy to use and powerful security tool. It allows you to protect your privacy by clearing browser history and cache, cleaning index.dat files, securely removing cookies.

It also safely deletes autocomplete history and temporary internet files and erases any other tracks that you leave behind after having used your pc.

WIPE removes all traces of your online and offline activities in Windows OS. Also in the most popular browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) and in many of other, daily used software. Only the evidence of your activities, which is recorded and stored by your computer without your permission, is erased.

This data wiper incoporates US DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann (full 39 steps) and Russian GOST algorithms to completely erase your personal and private data. That makes deleted usage tracks unrecoverable.

WIPE Features:

  • Complete solution to remove user tracks. WIPE clears user browsing history, cookies, index.dat files, cache, logs, temporary internet files, autocomplete search history, recent document list, recent keywords list in toolbars, cached thumbnails of viewed pictures, registry cache and many many other areas.
  • Clear tracks collected by Windows. WIPE clears history records, tracks and evidences of computer usage made in Windows. Nobody will be able to find out what you did on your PC.
  • Clear tracks in 100s other applications. WIPE will also clear tracks, evidences, garbage files in many other programs that you might have installed on your PC.
  • Impressive list with tracks preview – after running Wipe will show you convenient list of all tracks that you have on your PC, calculates amount of files and registry records.
  • Tracks preview. You can click any item in the list to see which tracks (information) stored under it to deside if you need to clear it.
  • Separated by areas. Every program in the list (including Windows) have several options to clean. User can specify what to clean more carefully. Every area have its own checkbox.
  • Closing running programs. The app checks for running programs and will close those that necessary for successful cleanup.
  • Watching for success. WIPE will verify tracks removal and will notify you if any file or registry record wasn’t deleted correctly. This can happen if some running program locking files/registry records.
  • No restore. Wipe uses anti-recovery methods, even file names will be renamed to digits so noone will be able to guess content of deleted files.
  • Reminds you ro clean your PC. Wipe tray agent can remind you to clean your PC when you have finished with Internet browsing.

Changes in Wipe 2020.16:


  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps:
    • Slim_Browser (by FlashPeak)
    • SeaMonkey browser (by Mozilla)
    • PaleMoon browser
    • IrfanView image viewer
    • 7-Zip archiver
    • Java (by Sun)
    • GOM Media Player
  • Improved english translations.
  • Improved system menu (right top corner of an app window). Added few new options: language switcher and “About” window with general information about the app.
  • Improved language switcher moved from the Preferences area to the new system menu which is announced above.
  • Added new option to turn off “typing effect” which you see in the title bar while the program loading or changing scenes. You can find this option by clicking system menu icon on the top right side of the program’s window, then click menu option “About the app”. This option can improve performance of slow computers or you can turn it off if you simply don’t like it.


  • Fixed several small bugs. Indeed, we found few of them.

Changes in Wipe 2020.15:

  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps: Mozilla Thunderbird, Sharing MFU of Windows Explorer, Smart Screen Reputation, Store Purchase, Snip and Sketch, The Bat, Get Started Tips, uTorrent, Voice Recorder.
  • Improved cleaning of Twitter App.
  • Improved english translations.

Changes in Wipe 2020.14:

Meet the new design! Don’t worry, all objects are located on the same places as they were before, and you can easily find what you are looking for. But we made big change in style of the main window, which (and this is a secret) will be customizable in future versions!

  • Added system menu icon on the right top side of the main window with quick access to system’s functions. We will keep improving this menu later by adding customizations for colors and languages.
  • Improved design of the user interface.
  • Improved notification period for messages about upgrading to Professional version. Previously, reminder window appeared every time. Now, it will appear once per 3 days, and only for days when you have used this software. This is very good news for users who wants to keep using our software for free.

Changes in Wipe 2020.13:


  • Added support for cleaning garbage in the following major browsers: Torch, Comodo Dragon, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, Iron, Brave, Comodo IceDragon.
  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps: Windows Alarms & Clock, XBox Game Bar, Windows Get Help feature, iTunes app, Microsoft Messaging, Microsoft Network Speed Test, New reader for CNN.
  • Added function to reset activation for owners of Professional version. You can now easily transfer your license to another computer.
  • Improved installation procedure: you can now choose application language and location of the shortcuts during setup in a more convenient way.


  • Fixed bug when recent statistics are not included in the “My interesting stats” report.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect appearence of the progress bar.

Changes in Wipe 2020.12:


  • Added new function: all newly supported apps will be marked by green image “new”, thus you can easily find them in the list.
  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache, logs and other garbage for the following apps: Content Delivery Manager, DB Browser for SQLite, FileZilla, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Office Hub, Microsoft Your Phone.
  • Added new area (you will see new checkbox) for cleaning in Windows: D3DSCache.
  • Added link to report any issues.
  • Improved interesting statistics. We have added this function in recent release and link to it is available on the main screen of our application.
  • Improved cleaning in all metro apps (added more areas in various logs section).
  • Improved temporary storage, we no longer using system’s temp folder, instead of it we have our own, which have less campatibility problems and security issues.


  • Fixed small issue with OneNote and Ookla Speed Test.
  • Fixed several small, but annoying bugs.
  • Fixed issue when the app image during cleanup was bigger that it should be.
  • Fixed issue when you see “update” notification on Windows OS startup, even when you have newest version installed.
  • Fixed issue with “permission denied” error when third-party security software blocks access for our app.

Changes in Wipe 2020.11:


  • Added new function: areas where are amount of garbage is over zero will be now highlighted by red marker (see left part of navigation panel).
  • Added new function: Interesting stats. This is individual (per computer) anonymous (!!!) statistics. You can see details about deleted garbage in a convenient form and graphs. This option will appear on all computers, however, it will not be available to all users today, just to some of you. This function still needs a lot of programming. Check back later if you dont have it working yet.
  • Added support for cleaning temporary files, cache and other garbage in the following apps: browsers Opera and Slimjet, Netflix app.
  • Improved storage for images of the interface, they are now saved without encryption. This will improve perfomance (application startup time).
  • Improved interface of common dialog boxes.
  • Improved interface of window used for activation of software.
  • Improved error reporting system.
  • Improved all connections to our server will be processed via secure connection (SSL).


  • Removed several scripts related to data analysys, thus, software will work a little bit faster.

Changes in Wipe 2020.10:


  • Added cleaning of garbage in the following software: NVIDIA, OEM logs, OneNote, Ookla Speed Test.
  • Added function that not allow you to open more than one window of our software at the same time. We made this because if you open two or more cleaning processes they may conflict and crash.
  • Added deletion of previous version of Wipe, many of you still have very old version which is not working, but still installed.
  • Improved access to Windows temp folder, in some cases it can be missing and our app will re-create it.
  • Improved app initialization (now you see small window for few seconds if an app needs initialization).


  • Fixed issue when installation keep system files in the old folder (LocalAppData), now installation fixed to ProgramFiles folder, which is default for all apps.
  • Fixed bug when after uninstall startup record can still exists.
  • Fixed issue when you can see multiple messages that app has been updated when upgrading from very old version of software.
  • Removed an option to launch our app after installation directly from the installer.

Changes in Wipe 2020.09:


  • Added new option “Reset app settings” to all supported metro-apps. This option will not be selected by default, because it could delete many user-specific settings (in selected app) that you wish to keep. Use it on you own risk, at least give it a try. Most apps use this settings to keep technical data, and sometimes you can find there a list of recently used items in the app. Usually, thats all. This area does not have any user files, just a settings.
  • Added cleaning of various garbage in the following 10 apps: HandBrake, AVG, Bitdefender, BitTorrent, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader Touch, CCleaner, Facebook Messenger (metro app), Daemon Tools, Dropbox.
  • Added cleaning of various logs for ASUS computers.
  • Improved cleaning in Dr. Web: added more logs of this application.
  • Improved cleaning in Microsoft Camera: added cleaning of recent search keywords.
  • Improved installation: you can choose to create icons for current user or for all users, as well as you can choose installation folder. To try this new feature you will need to uninstall our app and install it again, because update procedure will not recreate shortcuts.


  • Fixed installation problem over the old version of Wipe.
  • Fixed issue that prevented our app to check for updates.
  • Fixed many other issues in uninstallation script.
  • Fixed issue when connecting to our SSL server over new TLS version.

Changes in Wipe 2020.08:


  • Added window that will notify you when the software update is available and you will be able to choose to install it now or later. Previously, the program installed all updates in hidden mode on the background. Now you can choose.
  • Added cleaning of Dr Web cache of certificates.
  • Improved cleaning of Windows Core: added logs of user’s USO.
  • Improved application startup time.
  • Improved speed of cleaning and speed of the interface: we have completely removed popup tooltips, they eat a lot of resources and their benefits are controversial. You can still access data which was in the tooltip box by clicking “info” icon.
  • Improved settings storage. Now all preferences related to our software will be stored not in the registry, but in the user folder.
  • Improved setup script. Now applicaton will be installed into the Program Files folder, instead of user data folder. From now on installation will always require administrative priveleges.


  • Fixed by default the program will not run with administrative priveleges.
  • Removed question at first startup if user wants to run application with administrative priveleges. We will not confuse you with this question. This option will be available in the settings.

Changes in Wipe 18.09:

  • Added support for browser Chrome 83 and 84 (future version).
  • Added support for browser Vivaldi 3.
  • Added support for browser FireFox 76 and 77 (future version).
  • Added support for browser Opera 69 and 70 (future version).

Changes in Wipe 18.08:

  • Added support for cleaning in browser Chrome 81.
  • Added support for cleaning in browser FireFox 74 and 75.
  • Added support for cleaning in browser Opera 67.
  • Added support for cleaning in browser Slimjet 26.
  • Added support for cleaning in browser Comodo Dragon 80 and 81.
  • Removed support for expired app: Chrome 64-74
  • Removed support for expired app: Dragon 52-74
  • Removed support for expired app: FireFox 56-66
  • Removed support for expired app: Flash Player 25-27
  • Removed support for expired app: IceDragon 50-59
  • Removed support for expired app: Opera 50-59
  • Removed support for expired app: SlimJet 50-72
  • Removed support for expired app: Yandex Browser 17-18
  • Removed support for expired app: WinZip 17-19

Changes in Wipe 18.07:

  • Added support for new browser Yandex 20
  • Added support for browser Comodo Dragon 79
  • Added support for browser FireFox 73
  • Added support for browser SlimJet 25
  • Added support for browser Torch 69
  • Also, the following apps received minot updates: Flash Player, Vivaldi browser, Palemoon browser.

Changes in Wipe 18.06:

  • Fixed bug that displayed popup browser window with expired advertising during installation or update.
  • Added support for future version of browser Chrome 80.
  • Added support for future version of browser FireFox 72.
  • Updated Palemoon browser to version 28.8.
  • Updated Flash Player to version 32.303.
  • Updated Yandex browser to version 19.12.

Changes in Wipe 18.05:

  • Cleaning improvement: added support for future version of browser Chrome 79.
  • Cleaning improvement: added support for future version of browser FireFox 71.
  • Cleaning improvement: added support for future version of browser Comodo Dragon 78.
  • The following browsers has received minor updates: Yandex, Slimjet, Palemoon, Vivaldi.
  • Security improvement: new code signing certificate has been used to extend software validation till 2022.

Changes in Wipe 18.04:

  • Interface translation to german language has been corrected by human. Many thanks to our volunteer who helped us!
  • Updated support for cleaning Yandex browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Firefox browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Slimjet browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Palemoon browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Vivaldi browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Chrome browser.
  • Updated support for cleaning Flash player.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1,10.

Wipe 17 screenshot

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