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Stellarium 0.21.1 – Update for ALL OS

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Stellarium 0.21.1 – Update for ALL OS

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. Visualization renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It shows a realistic sky in 3D. Just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

Stellarium displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulas and others things like ground, landscape, atmosphere, etc. There is an ability to add new solar system objects from online resources.

You can add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts. The plugin system adds artifical satellites, ocular simulation, telescope configuration and more.

Stellarium is available for Linux, Unix, Windows, macOS and Android. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

Stellarium Features:


  • default catalogue of over 600,000 stars
  • extra catalogues with more than 177 million stars
  • default catalogue of over 80,000 deep-sky objects
  • extra catalogue with more than 1 million deep-sky objects
  • asterisms and illustrations of the constellations
  • constellations for 20+ different cultures
  • images of nebulae (full Messier catalogue)
  • realistic Milky Way
  • very realistic atmosphere, sunrise and sunset
  • the planets and their satellites


  • a powerful zoom
  • time control
  • multilingual interface
  • fisheye projection for planetarium domes
  • spheric mirror projection for your own low-cost dome
  • all new graphical interface and extensive keyboard control
  • telescope control


  • equatorial and azimuthal grids
  • star twinkling
  • shooting stars
  • tails of comets
  • iridium flares simulation
  • eclipse simulation
  • supernovae and novae simulation
  • 3D sceneries
  • skinnable landscapes, now with spheric panorama projection


  • plugin system adding artifical satellites, ocular simulation, telescope configuration and more
  • ability to add new solar system objects from online resources…
  • add your own deep sky objects, landscapes, constellation images, scripts…

Changes in Stellarium 0.21.1:

  • Added ability to handling Stellarium scripts by file extension on macOS
  • Added disabling the proportional DSO hints in Oculars plugin in eyepiece mode (GH: #1572)
  • Added ability to get the lunar eclipse magnitudes through scripting (GH: #747)
  • Added new plugin: OnlineQueries (GH: #355, #962)
  • Added marker of the center of Earth’s shadow (GH: #1687)
  • Added workaround to displaying labels for umbra and penumbra (GH: #1560)
  • Added an attempt to fix the misplaced location on the planet map (GH: #1026)
  • Added tool to toggle visibility of intercardinal (or ordinal) directions and secondary intercardinal directions
  • Added scriptable method for panning the view a predetermined amount (degrees per seconds)
  • Added option for toggle place of the measurement’ visibility for Angle Measure plugin (GH: #1708)
  • Added actions to intercardinal and secondary intercardinal points
  • Added support proper motion for pulsars
  • Added code to recognition 3 new groups of satellites: IRNSS, TDRSS and QZSS
  • Added 2 new methods into scripting engine
  • Added a splitter in the satellite tab in the Satellites plugin (GH: #1696)
  • Added a reminder in the Description box in the Satellites plugin (GH: #1696)
  • Added ability to load an “old” telescopes (GH: #1651)
  • Added single asterism selection mode (GH: #541, #921)
  • Added meteor shower code/ID to search result table (GH: #1663)
  • Added support untranslatable names (like designations) for stars and DSO (skycultures)
  • Added 3 new scriptable methods into ConstellationMgr class
  • Added few new DSO textures
  • Added cosmetic fix for long list of designations for stars: split the data on few lines
  • Added cosmetic fix for long list of proper names for stars: split the data on few lines
  • Added scriptable methods for isolated selection of asterisms by the name (GH: #541, #921)
  • Added version number in file name for extended DSO catalog to improve data handling (GH: #1433)
  • Added missing ability to saving and loading values for ‘Draw only polygon’ and ‘Thickness of line in pixels’ options (LP: 1923489)
  • Added backward compatibility layer for scripting engine for search and select operation
  • Added scaling factor for line thickness on HiDPI devices (GH: #1618)
  • Added new nomenclature for Solar system bodies
  • Added computation shadow phenomena (Transits of shadow and eclipses) for planets with moons in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1563)
  • Added context for second name of beta Gemini to avoid conflict with constellation name (GH: #1599)
  • Added carbon stars filter for Search and AstroCalc tools (GH: #1583)
  • Added section “Moons of first body” into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1563)
  • Added Polar Circles into ArchaeoLines plugin (GH: #1555, #1573)
  • Added two custom altitude lines into ArchaeoLines plugin (GH: #1573)
  • Added ability to grabbing declination/azimuth/altitude data from selected object into ArchaeoLines plugin (GH: #1573)
  • Added ability to direct selection of locations from Stellarium’s location list into ArchaeoLines plugin (GH: #1573)
  • Fixed correctly saving sensor rotation angle (GH: #1756)
  • Fixed sorting hotkeys info in Help window (almost full synced with Keyboard shortcuts editor) (GH: #443)
  • Fixed scaling planets and the Sun by viewed through eyepiece (GH: #1578)
  • Fixed typo’s in Almagest SC description (GH: #1745, #1746)
  • Fixed display cardinal labels when NLS is disabled
  • Fixed displaying the native names of planets (GH: #1273)
  • Fixed work the method core.setObserverLocation() when planet is not defined (GH: #1749)
  • Fixed display of hotkeys (e.g. native look for macOS’ hotkeys) in Help window
  • Fixed proper names
  • Fixed designation for 2 UMa
  • Fixed UI text issue for binoculars in the Oculars plugin (GH: #1738)
  • Fixed flip issue for compass rose in the Oculars plugin (GH: #1535)
  • Fixed selection the newest added device in Oculars plugin
  • Fixed handling of the designations for variable and double stars
  • Fixed crash for the OnlineQueries plugin
  • Fixed show text in Angle Measure plugin on the HiDPI devices
  • Fixed display multiline AKA list for DSO
  • Fixed compiling INDILib by MSVC2019
  • Fixed crash when any device added into Oculars plugin (GH: #1673)
  • Fixed horizontal & vertical flip defect in Oculars plugin (GH: #1535, #1678)
  • Fixed bug in scripting engine
  • Fixed dead links in Stellarium User Guide (GH: #1694, #1692)
  • Fixed tabbing order in the Satellites plugin (GH: #1696)
  • Fixed cross-identification data for HIP stars (GH: #1657)
  • Fixed visibility of planet labels: the visibility of planet label is depend by extinction magnitude now (GH: #1652)
  • Fixed AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: added missing category for compute shadows phenomena
  • Fixed HiDPI issues in Script Console
  • Fixed show labels in scripts on the HiDPI devices (no need a rewriting scripts for HiDPI monitors)
  • Fixed search Hydra as a constellation and as moon in the Bookmarks tool (GH: #1609)
  • Fixed logical issue in StelSkyDrawer class
  • Fixed displaying cardinals on poles (no cardinals!)
  • Fixed mistakes for designations of double stars from Struve’s appendices catalogs (GH: #1604)
  • Changing visualization an atmosphere on the Galilean satellites: All Galilean satellites has atmosphere, but too thin of course (pressure at surface lesser 1 Pa), so, let’s turn-off the atmosphere on this moons (GH: #1676).
  • Updated AstroCalc tools (GH: #1679)
  • Updated GUI of AstroCalc tools
  • Updated Almagest SC: use almstars catalogues to improve sky culture (GH: #1647)
  • Updated al-Sufi skyculture
  • Updated native names of planets
  • Updated Help window: added special local hotkeys info (GH: #1679)
  • Updated Stellarium User Guide
  • Updated handling the designations of stars
  • Updated Bayer and Flamsteed designations of stars
  • Updated Angle Measure plugin: change mouse cursor in angle measure mode (GH: #1698, #1707)
  • Updated the installer for Windows: added links to Stellarium User Guide and ANGLE mode of Stellarium on the desktop
  • Updated scripts
  • Updated default catalogs in the plug-ins
  • Updated texture for M51
  • Updated list of locations
  • Updated Oculars plugin (GH: #1633)
  • Updated Satellites plugin: added description for China’s space station and updated default TLE catalog
  • Updated proper names of stars
  • Updated Russian translations of skycultures description (GH: #1645)
  • Updated support the double stars data: added ability to use multiple designations for double stars
  • Updated support the double stars data: revised all designations of double stars
  • Updated support the double stars data: uses parameters for double stars according to latest WDS data
  • Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: Section “Sun, planets and moons” renamed into “Sun, planets and moons of observer location” (GH: #1563)
  • Updated ArchaeoLines plugin: replace angle DoubleSpinBoxes by AngleSpinBoxes (supersedes GH: #1447)
  • Updated core: added QTextEdit StelProperty connections (GH: #1573)
  • Updated core: added property connector code for AngleSpinBox (GH: #1573)
  • Updated core: added code for AngleSpinBox to make sure cursor position does not change while mouse-wheeling an angle (GH: #1573)
  • Removed the resetting tracking the objects in Oculars plugin (GH: #1680)
  • Removed support the config option AngleMeasure/enable_at_startup to avoid automatically enabling the Angle Measure plugin at startup of planetarium (GH: #1698)
  • Removed bad URL in Western skyculture info.ini file (GH: #1720)
  • Removed support for legacy QGLWidget rendering

Changes in Stellarium 0.21.0:

  • Added accurate planet axis orientation and rotation (GH: #502, #151):
  • Added lunar libration (GH: #877)
  • Added lines for the Invariable Plane and Projected Solar Equator (GH: #358)
  • Added solar altitude to planetary feature nomenclature
  • Added describe planetary coordinates and changes in the nomenclature display into Stellarium User Guide
  • Added new language: Spanish (Latin America)
  • Added ability to scaling of Sun and planets (GH: #1263)
  • Added new magnitude algorithms for planets from Mallama&Hilton 2018 (GH: #574)
  • Added Earth shadow circles for topocentric observer (GH: #430)
  • Added new 4k texture for the Moon (required re-balancing planet shader brightness)
  • Added lower limit for aFOV parameter of ocular in the GUI to avoid input wrong data (GH: #1487)
  • Added visibility of an antisolar point for other planets (GH: #1481)
  • Added ability to get all designations of DSO in scripts (GH: #1477)
  • Added ability to show hourly motion in decimal degrees (GH: #1478)
  • Added more cardinal points (GH: #1522, #1529)
  • Added ability to switching off drawing of Solar glare (GH: #1538)
  • Added a new sky culture based on Al-Sufi “Book of Fixed Stars” written ~ 964 AD (GH: #1548)
  • Added Old Hindu calendars
  • Added Islamic (algorithmic) and Hebrew calendar.
  • Added French Revolution calendar (arithmetic version)
  • Added Persian (arithmetic) calendar
  • Added button to set standard atmosphere
  • Added ability to translation/transliteration of Roman (latin) terms (GH: #1511)
  • Added ability to use UTC time when navigational stars are displayed (GH: #1416)
  • Added acknowledgment section into Help/About window (GH: #1568)
  • Added cosmetic fix for radio communication data: no need extra precision to show data in Satellites plugin
  • Fixed compatibility of ToneReproducer shader with GLES (GH: #1549, #1550)
  • Fixed retranslation of calendars (GH: #1545)
  • Fixed vertical position of calendar info panel
  • Fixed height-dependent twinkle for star-like objects (GH: #1542)
  • Fixed capturing a screenshots under macOS High Sierra and later (GH: #102)
  • Fixed documentation for API
  • Fixed display the extincted magnitudes for all objects
  • Fixed reading textures (GH: #1547)
  • Fixed alignment of an intercardinal direction markers (GH: #1552)
  • Fixed work of multisampling mode when in Spout isn’t used (GH: #1537)
  • Fixed visualization zodiacal light at low Bortle values (GH: #1489, #1510)
  • Fixed the drawing a degrees on compass on HiDPI devices
  • Fixed search short phrases (GH: #1528)
  • Fixed orientation of Jupiter, Uranus and Venus (GH: #357)
  • Fixed inexact rotation of Moon (GH: #347)
  • Fixed wrong rendering of Jupiter (GH: #1261)
  • Fixed incorrect moon terminator (GH: #973)
  • Fixed a skybox.ssc script (GH: #1461)
  • Fixed crash when trails are enabled (GH: #1471)
  • Fixed crash when choosing Zero Horizon landscape (GH: #1466)
  • Fixed displaying labels of coordinate grids on HiDPI devices (GH: #1445)
  • Fixed a labeling hour angles (GH: #1457)
  • Fixed API docs
  • Fixed styles of QMessageBox and QColorDialog (GH: #1451)
  • Fixed WUI of Remote Control plugin
  • Fixed HiDPI issue for Observability plugin
  • Fixed the placement of cardinal marks when compass mark is enabled on the HiDPI devices
  • Fixed placement of the value of equation of time for HiDPI devices
  • Fixed crash at exit (GH: #1479)
  • Fixed work of Spout mode: inhibit multisampling when in Spout mode (GH: #1507)
  • Fixed DOI link for “Calendrical Calculations” (GH: #1562, #1566)
  • Fixed missing strings for translation (GH: #1562, #1566)
  • Fixed tooltips and placeholders (GH: #1562, #1566)
  • Fixed comments for translators (GH: #1562, #1566)
  • Fixed updating placement of calendars when visibility of calendars are changed (GH: #1567)
  • Fixed artifacts in the GUI when language is changed
  • Fixed images and typos in Stellarium User Guide
  • Fixed bibliography in Stellarium User Guide
  • Fixed the figure of Virgo constellation (GH: #1570)
  • Fixed stupid typos in satellites.json file
  • Fixed illumination during Lunar eclipse in Scenery 3D plugin (GH: #1506)
  • Fixed behavior “Clear” button in Script Console (GH: #1499)
  • Fixed lunar magnitude: try an accurate Lunar magnitude formula (GH: #1350)
  • Fixed lunar eclipses: redo the eclipse push effect for lunar eclipses
  • Fixed behavior of Bookmarks tool when pressed button “cancel” in import dialog (GH: #1497)
  • Fixed Mesa mode for Windows (GH: #1551)
  • Fixed multisampling on non-Windows systems (GH: #1553)
  • Fixed typos in Al-Sufi skyculture
  • Fixed bug for calculation the leap years: restore leap year rule in our astronomical year counting
  • Updated translations
  • Updated translations of landscapes descriptions
  • Updated translations of 3D sceneries descriptions
  • Updated translations of skycultures descriptions
  • Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #1520)
  • Updated planetary features data
  • Updated building instructions for Windows (GH: #1444)
  • Updated core: slight restructuring of Planets, Comets, MinorPlanets, SolarSystem loader
  • Updated core: using data from WGCCRE reports 2009, 2015 and Explanatory Supplement to the AA 2013 (with error fixed by the 1992 ed.) for rotation elements
  • Updated core: keeps original Stellarium planet rotation model (undocumented) where new rotation elements are unavailable
  • Updated core: make StelToneReproducer’s xyYToRGB.glsl core function reusable (GH: #1468)
  • Updated code of INDI client to version 1.8.5
  • Updated code for building Stellarium without NLS and Scripting support
  • Updated GUI (GH: #1204)
  • Updated Satellites plugin
  • Updated default satellites database
  • Updated GUI of Navigational stars plugin
  • Updated default pulsars catalog
  • Updated description of supernovae plugin (GH: #500)
  • Updated description of calendars plugin in Stellarium User Guide
  • Removed proper name for NGC 2194 (GH: #1530)
  • Removed Arabic skyculture: Arabic SC was replaced by more accurate “al-Sufi” skyculture

Homepage –

System Requirements:


  • Linux/Unix; Windows 7 and above; Mac OS X 10.12.0 and above
  • 3D graphics card which supports OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.3
  • 512 MiB RAM
  • 250 MiB on disk
  • keyboard


  • Linux/Unix; Windows 7 and above; Mac OS X 10.12.0 and above
  • 3D graphics card which supports OpenGL 3.3 and above
  • 1 GiB RAM or more
  • 1.5 GiB on disk
  • keyboard

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