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MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 by Firetrust

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MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 by Firetrust

MailWasher Pro is the ultimate innovation software that will help you to stop spam, phishing emails, email viruses, unwanted newsletters, unwanted email. It’s easy to use and very effective email management tool.

MailWasher Pro lets you preview all your email before it gets to your computer or mobile device, enabling you to read all your email securely, and instantly delete any unwanted or suspicious email. Your remaining good email is downloaded to your PC or mobile device, saving you from receiving any spam or email viruses.

You’ll be safer with the knowledge of what’s waiting for you on the server, allowing you to quickly inspect and read your email and remove any unwanted messages quickly and easily.

Over 10 million downloads! Delete spam, viruses and other unwanted emails right at the server. Apart from being the most effective software to fight spam, you’ll find that MailWasher Pro is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use.

MailWasher Pro Benefits:

  • Stop spam, viruses and phishing emails so they never get to your inbox.
  • View email on the server before it gets to your computer. Never lose an important email!
  • Save time by only getting the mail you want.
  • Dynamic antispam filter updates so you always have the latest spam fighting technology.

Install MailWasher Pro today to screen all your email accounts in one place and allow only the email you want in your inbox. Receiving spam is like those telemarketers who call at dinner time, completely annoying and you didn’t ask for it. Luckily you can stop this now! Now with free Android, iPhone and iPad version!

MailWasher Pro Features:

  • Delete unwanted e-mails before you download the whole message. You’ll be able to see who the email is from, the subject, and the attachment. This will enable you to decide if you want to delete the email or keep it. A great way to stop viruses or large attachments.
  • Analyse. MailWasher analyses each email as it arrives. And warns you if it is suspected junk mail or a virus by heuristic checking and filtering. The standard status categories are – Normal, Virus, Possibly virus, Possibly spam, Probably spam, Chain letter, Blacklisted, Blacklisted by (ORDB, Spam Cop etc).
  • Blacklist. Any e-mails you bounce back get their senders details put on the blacklist for easy removal if they come back. You can even set it to automatically bounce and delete blacklisted e-mails, or whole domains off the server. In addition, MailWasher can use external blacklists such as ORDB and Spam Cop or you can specify your own.
  • Friends List. Add your friends email addresses to MailWasher and they will always be recognised. You can even hide your friends from the screen so the spam is easy to recognise.
  • Preview. Easily preview the message in your email to see what the sender has to say before downloading it. Just double click on the message.
  • Bounce back unwanted e-mails. So it looks as if your email address is not valid. This will make the sender think your address is no longer active so your name can be removed from their list.
  • Filtering. Effective filtering to automatically spot spam. In addition, it uses a customisable list of blacklisted e-mail senders and/or regular expressions to filter out potential spammer addresses and messages.

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 (April 15, 2021):

  • Fix for MailWasher Mobile login blank error
  • Fix for some messages showing blank Subject/From

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.53 (February 11, 2021):

  • Fix for crash on email with many nested URLs
  • Fix for some messages showing black Subject/From
  • Fix for regex filter crashing MailWasher when checking mail
  • Fix for crash on email with badly formatted From

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.49 (December 24, 2020):

  • Fix for crash on some custom filters

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.48 (December 4, 2020):

  • Fix for crash on badly formatted email
  • Fix for crash on grid load after hibernate
  • Fix for Classify column not always working correctly
  • Fix for Yahoo account sometimes failing when checking via POP
  • Fix for some messages showing blank Subject/From
  • Fix for special characters in Blacklist/Friends List wildcards causing incorrect match
  • Fix for program hang when adding certain addresses to Blacklist/Friends List
  • Fix for possible crash on startup
  • Fix for possible crash when bad data is written to Display.xml
  • Fix for SHIFT + mouse click not always selecting a group of messages
  • Fix for MailWasher Mobile create account and sync problem

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.38 (June 2, 2020):

  • Fix for crash when toggling HTML/Plain Text
  • Fix for arrow key selecting wrong message after classifying an email
  • Fix for single mouse click not always selecting a message
  • Fix for installing on network drives
  • Fix for MailWasher reclassifying already retrieved emails
  • Fix for Custom Filters not handling line breaks in email headers
  • Fix for crash on Wash Mail
  • Fix for restore not working on Internode
  • Fix for crash on loading many emails
  • Fix for long headers not displaying Subject/From in message list.

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.29 (April 3, 2020):

  • Fix for irregular display of Thumbs Up/Down on emails
  • Fix for filter re-evaluation freezing MailWasher
  • Fix for crash during Wash Mail
  • Fix for crash on HTML toggle
  • Fix for Friends List and Blacklist column checkbox behaviour
  • Fix for HTML not displaying when button clickeds
  • Fix for being unable to install with networked user data folder

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.25 (March 3, 2020):

  • Feature Updated Xceed datagrid to latest version
  • Fix for deleting many emails in account
  • Fix for install problems when # is in username
  • Fix for malformed FROM crashing MailWasher
  • Fix for crash when pressing DEL on certain emails
  • Fix for crash when right clicking certain emails
  • Fix for autodelete display showing negative value
  • Fix for MailWasher unable to retrieve malformed message
  • Fix for certain emails crashing MailWasher on evaluation
  • Fix for ‘Invocation of the Instructor’ errors
  • Optimised REGEX filters for email headers
  • Added account import from MS Exchange
  • Increased timeout for IMAP commands
  • Language file updates

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.6 (May 13, 2019):

  • Updates recommended action in Error tab for Gmail accounts

Changes in MailWasher Pro 7.12.5 (May 11, 2019):

  • Fixes Recycle Bin crash we introduced in last beta
  • Importer no longer imports Google Contacts.
  • POP accounts no longer display incorrect date range when fetching messages.
  • Added 2 day option for IMAP fetching.
  • GMail POP accounts no longer use OAUTH.

Homepage –

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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2 Comments on MailWasher Pro 7.12.56 by Firetrust

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    Mailwasher 6.5x was better than mailwaher 2010. But since last year, the version 2012 or 2013 (7.10) are the best. And now, you have a mobile version with 7.10 Of course, if you have a pentium 3 with 1Go RAM, version 6.5x is better.

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    I don't understand why some people using this copyrighted software instead of Spamihilator