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Tweak-10 1.0 Build 1071

Tweak-10 1.0 Build 1071
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Tweak-10 is is all you need to tweak, customize and optimize Windows 10 operating system. It established a new standard in system tweaking, as it concentrates on an easy to use user interface.

This Totalidea program is packed with hundreds of system tweaks, and system optimization features, without demanding any special ‘geek’ knowledge from its’ users.

Tweak-10’s state of the art user interface, with all main tweak and optimization categories listed in one left main navigation panel, makes it easy for the user to find the right way in the jungle of performance and customization tweaks.

Beside system tweaking and optimization Tweak-10 includes registry cleaning and defragmentation features, a system cleanup tool and much more.

The registry cleaner is extremely fast and removes unneeded entries from the Windows system registry database. The system cleaner wipes your disk and finds and deletes unneeded and redundant files, program libraries, system update backups and much more.

Tweak-10 Overview:

  • Designed especially for Windows 10 – unlike competitive products!
  • Performance tweaks and optimizations included
  • Speed up your CPU, your internet connection and much more
  • Heaps of features to customize, optimize and tweak Windows 10
  • Make Windows 10 work and look the way you want it to – Tweak-10 includes everything you need for that
  • No need to dig into the system registry: activate hundreds of tweaks by a mouse click only

Tweak-10 Details:

  • System optimization. Optimize your system with the included system tweaks, registry cleanup, and registry defragmentation
  • System cleanup. Cleanup your system and remove unneeded files, unneeded system update backups, temporary files and a lot more
  • System tweaking. Tweak your system with hidden and usually inaccessible system hacks
  • System customization. Customize your system with hundreds of special customization tweaks
  • System information. Access detailed system information, product keys, hard disk information, network bandwidth information
  • System memory optimization. Optimize your system’s physical memory with the included memory optimizer
  • System restrictions. Easily restrict access to applications, system features, taskbar, start screen
  • System tweak migration. Export and transfer your tweaks to other machines running Tweak-10

Tweak-10 runs on any edition of Windows 10, both x86 and x64 systems. The setup installs the correct version depending on your system’s architecture.

It includes an English and a German user interface, but it surely works on any version of Windows 10.

Changes in Tweak-10 1.0 Build 1071 (2020-02-20):

  • Service release
  • Some adjustments to the latest Windows 10 updates
  • Several internal improvements

Changes in Tweak-10 1.0 Build 1070 (2019-09-23):

  • Service release including a few fixes and some global optimizations

Changes in Tweak-10 1.0 Build 1060 (2019-01-29):

  • Some adjustments to the latest Windows 10 updates
  • Several internal improvements

Size: 23.5 MB

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