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PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 2.0 Build 116

PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer 2.0 Build 116

Raxco PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer is a state-of-the-art suite of tools that provide a comprehensive solution for improving your computer’s health by optimizing your drive.

It uses patented SMARTPlacement technology, SafeCleaning your computer’s registry, reclaiming disk space by deleting temporary files/duplicate files, erasing traces of personal information, and tweaking Windows for faster performance and better security.

This powerful suite of tools makes your PC faster, cleaner, and better protected. PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer ensures that your Windows systems maintain the best performance possible.

  • All-in-one Defrag, Registry, Duplicate File and Privacy Protection
  • Completely automated using AutoPilot Scheduling
  • Proven safe and effective from a brand you trust
  • Perfect for novice users as well as PC experts

The PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer features are as follows:

  • Drive Optimization. Defragments files and consolidates free space to improve drive performance.
  • Registry Cleaning. Safely deletes invalid registry keys.
  • Reclaims Free Space. Deletes temporary files, web browser cache and identifies duplicate files.
  • Erase All Traces. Secures your computer by removing information stored about you.
  • Tweaking your Computer. Improves your Windows experience and helps secure your computer.

Customize To Your Preferences

Enable or Disable some of the most common PC tweaks available in the following areas:

  • Performance (Menu speeds and Window animation)
  • Security (ActiveX and Browser Extensions)
  • Appearance (Balloon Tips and Error Beeping)

Homepage – https://www.raxco.com

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