WinZip Registry Optimizer

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WinZip Registry Optimizer repairs, reorganizes, and compacts your Windows registry for best performance and maximum speed. It helps prevent crashes and system errors by cleaning your Windows registry automatically.

Prevent system crashes and optimize your Windows registry for peak PC performance with WinZip Registry Optimizer. It’s a two-in-one utility that takes the work out of cleaning, repairing, and organizing your PC’s registry. It lets you remove deleted registry entries, gaps, and fragmentation.

Use less disk space and consume fewer memory resources. Boost your PC’s performance and keep your Windows registry clean, healthy, and efficient with WinZip Registry Optimizer!

Scan for and remove unnecessary registry entries with one click. Minimize issues when installing new software applications. Reduce the likelihood of data corruption due to conflicting registry entries.

WinZip Registry Optimizer features:

  • Includes a registry cleaner and a registry optimizer in one simple utility
  • Improves your computer’s response time
  • Prevents system crashes
  • Drastically improves overall PC performance
  • Includes automated features and easy-to-use functionality

At the core of your PC’s operating system is the Windows registry, a collection of entries for every hardware and software component installed on your computer. Created every time a component is added or changed, registry entries capture vital information and settings that help your system operate smoothly.

Over time, as more and more components and applications are installed, upgraded, or deleted, the Windows registry becomes congested with entries that may be obsolete or unnecessary. A clogged registry can lead to erratic system performance and a slower PC.

The following symptoms may indicate Windows registry issues:

  • Your PC is fairly new but its performance is already slow
  • Your computer takes forever to start up
  • Your PC freezes frequently
  • Your PC crashes without reason
  • You encounter Windows errors regularly
  • Your applications open slowly and freeze often

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just a reg optimizer and size is 18MB lol wat they have putten inside...winzip or some toolbar too !
size now over 19MB. Installation files account for 12MB, which is still alot for 1 program