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The Bat! – Secure Email Client

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The Bat! – Secure Email Client

The Bat! 9 is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes. Furthermore, it has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features.

The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties.

The Bat! 9 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages.

The program offers a system of automatic message filtering, easy system of templates, message editor with the spell checker. And many other useful features.

The Bat! 9 protects your information using different methods. It includes the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption.

This email client protects your data through multiple encryption streams. It also ensures your correspondence stays private.

Finally, it protects confidential data by working without Web interfaces and without using global email providers that keep your messages in the cloud. The Bat! is perfect for work or at home. It has no restriction on the number of email accounts or messages you can have, high security and built-in features like automatic filters, templates, a spell-checker and more,

The Bat Features:

  • Strong Encryption
  • Backup and restore
  • PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME support
  • The own Address Book
  • Message Parking
  • Internal HTML Viewer
  • Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML images
  • Selective download
  • Antivirus interface
  • Safe handling of attached files
  • ASLR and DEP
  • 64-bit version
  • Electronic discovery protection
    • Easily import .mbox and other file formats from a variety of third party email clients.
    • Sort email messages based on addressee or issue with Sorting Office.
    • Quick and powerful search features allow for easy retrieval of archived messages.

Productivity Improvement:

  • Smart Sorting Office
  • Handy Message Templates
  • Quick Templates
  • Address Book features
  • Address History
  • Mail Synchronization
  • Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
  • Extended Support of National Codepages
  • Convenient Message Dispatcher
  • Multilanguage Interface
  • Image Viewing
  • Import Wizard
  • IDN support
  • RSS feed subscriptions

Changes in The Bat! 9.2.1 (2020-07-01):

Major improvements

  • Toolbars library is reverted to Toolbar 2000 components (GUI became much faster)
  • HTML rendering engine is set to solely Chromium (CEF library v83.3)

New features

  • Offline Mode (menu item “Options\Work Offline”) and detection of the absence of the Internet connection to avoid useless mailbox checking attempts
  • Automatically generated colors are used for different email addresses in the Summary View


  • Message List and Folder Tree Tabs can be handled using the mouse wheel (scrolling, pressing and tilting)
  • Changes in message’s memo are automatically saved
  • By default the newly created IMAP folders are added to the Mail Ticker’s watch list
  • Messages with the empty “To:” fields are saved as draft instead of trying to send them
  • Changes in the appearance of the items in the message list and account/folder tree view
  • Added the option for the “old style” tree views and row density under “Options\Preferences\Other options”
  • Loading of the external media for HTML messages (to be extended) can be configured under the menu “Options\Preferences\Viewer/Editor\HTML Viewer”
  • (#0002014) Better automatic recognition of URLs with matching brackets
  • (#0002017) The “Select/Deselect” buttons for folders have been reorganized in the Message Finder (F7) window
  • Changes in the program’s default layout for the first time run


  • Applying the left alignment by Alt+L in the MicroEd plain text editor called out the system’s warning sound
  • The Escape key did not close the Address Book window
  • Quick Search was not activated by typing in the message list
  • HTML viewer popup menu was improperly positioned on high DPI
  • SmartSpace Reading is now working in any kind of text viewer
  • (#0001761) The issue which caused cascading error messages when replying to a message still being downloaded has been resolved
  • (#0001832) Inactive Internal PGP implementation was displayed in the list of available PGP engines
  • (#0001837) An Access Violation error message appeared in the Address History after deselecting folders for scanning
  • (#0001844) On the profile layout settings page the text was not displayed until a profile was manually selected
  • (#0001934) Buttons on the preview pane’s header were too wide
  • (#0001961) Memo Autoview visibility is now maintained between sessions
  • (#0001967) Memo editor does not close when repeatedly pressing Shift+Ctrl+I
  • (#0002006) Message list tabs were not restored from Backup
  • (#0002021) Icons of the program’s additional windows were not displayed
  • (#0002025) Unnecessarily deep nesting for the “Format\…\” color settings in the message editor has been eliminated
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication was not working for Mail.Ru
  • No default address book was created on the first start of the program
  • Superfluous empty spaces in the main window of the program appeared after restoring the data from the Home directory
  • Checkboxes on accounts’ selection on restoring from Home folder were missing
  • The window for “Create New Account” appeared in the background and wasn’t noticeable to the user

Changes in The Bat! 9.1.18 (2020-04-22):

New features

  • On TLS connections, The Bat! sends Signaling Cipher Suite Value (SCSV) “TLS_EMPTY_RENEGOTIATION_INFO_SCSV” cipher suite (described in RFC 5746) to indicate that it is not prone to insecure renegotiations (see section 3.3 of the RFC). Some servers did terminate the connection immediately when there were no SCSV in TLS “ClientHello” (as described in the section 4.3 of the RFC). In such cases, The Bat! added the following message to the log file: “The server has closed the connection during TLS handshake”


  • The Bat! did try to change associations from the Preferences dialog even if nothing in this configuration was changed by the user
  • The Bat! didn’t start if Windows interface language was set to Korean
  • (#0001976) Shortcuts in message list tabs do not work
  • (#0001982) Adding a shortcut in the customizer leads to an Access Violation error
  • (#0001991) Toolbar customization was not saved in the message list window (the window of an opened email message)
  • (#0001996) Hidden Quick Search by customization let it reappear as field in mail header pane

Changes in The Bat! 9.1.16 (2020-04-18):

New features

  • The /TLS_DISABLE_ECDSA command line parameter to disable the cipher suites with Ellipric Curve DSA server certificates
  • The Bat! QR Code generator now includes an ECI block to indicate theat the text has UTF-8 encoding for those texts that could not be encoded with Kanji or ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) encoding, for example Greek or Cyrillic characters separated by spaces or Unicode emoji characters


  • In an ECDSA signature, if a hash function had larger digest length (in bits) than the field size (which is not a good practice), The Bat! treated these signatures as invalid. It might lead to invalid ECC certificates, e.g. signed by “sha512ECDSA” algorithm. It might also lead to the following error: “TLS protocol error: Internal error BuildClientKeyExchange”. For more information, see section 6.4 of FIPS.186-4 “ECDSA Digital Signature Generation and Verification”: it is recommended that the security strength associated with the bit length of n and the security strength of the hash function be the same unless an agreement has been made between participating entities to use a stronger hash function. When the length of the output of the hash function is greater than the bit length of n, then the leftmost n bits of the hash function output block shall be used in any calculation using the hash function output during the generation or verification of a digital signature. A hash function that provides a lower security strength than the security strength associated with the bit length of n ordinarily should not be used, since this would reduce the security strength of the digital signature process to a level no greater than that provided by the hash function
  • A certificate used to sign a message may also have a “Content Commitment” (non-repudiation) key usage instead of the “Digital Signature”
  • When determining connection settings (host, port, encryption type) to an unknown mail server, TLS connection settings didn’t take priority over plain text ones
  • File type associations (default programs) can no logner be changed from an application since Windows 8 or later. So, if The Bat! is running under Windows 8 or Windows 10, the relevant elements are not shown in the “Applications” tab. Besides that, the dialog to associate file types no longer appers when The Bat! starts


  • The Bat! did require “Key Encipherment” or “Key Agreement” in “Key Usage” certificate attribute for TLS even if the certificate was only used to sign ephemeral keys to provide perfect forward secrecy. If a server only supports perfect forward secrecy TLS cipher suites, the certificate used by this server may have no “Key Encipherment” or “Key Agreement” in the “Key Usage” attribute. As a result, the following error is fixed with Google (GMail) servers: “TLS handshake failure. Invalid server certificate (The certificate cannot be used for this purpose)”
  • The Bat! QR Code generator didn’t support Kanji character set
  • (#0001785) Ctrl+mouse wheel doesn’t zoom in/out in the “plain text” editor and “Windows editor”
  • (#0001942) Search in QuickTemplates causes error on closing the window
  • (#0001972) The message popup menu does not contain the option “Test filters”
  • Added showing of secondary shortcuts (if a popup or menu item has two shortcuts)
  • Fixed toolbar position after loading
  • Fixed order of items in popup menus
  • Added possibility to put toolbars to the right of the main menu
  • Fixed deletion of customized sub-menus (tags, colors, etc.)
  • Fixed image insert from Browsers into HTML editors
  • Fixed an error when selecting some images in toolbar customization
  • The default mail server configuration data was missing in The Bat! in all versions released after June 9th, 2019
  • Fixed issues with menu images on 175% DPI
  • S/MIME did not work since v9.1.10
  • The Bat! did try to change associations from the Preferences dialog even if nothing in this configuration was changed by the user

Changes in The Bat! 9.1.14 (2020-04-13):


  • The Bat! v9.0.14 is in compliance with the Google’s recently updated security standards related to the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication with Gmail

Changes in The Bat! 9.1.6 (2020-03-10):

New features

  • Added icons for the commands (menu items, toolbar buttons) that did not have icons
  • Added SHA-384 cipher suites for TLS: TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384 & TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA384
  • “/CRC32_CCITT_BENCHMARK” and “/CRC32_CASTAGNOLI_BENCHMARK” command-line parameters to calculate performance of CRC32 implementation used by The Bat!


  • Enabled the following ciphers suite for TLS: TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA256 cipher suite (it was disabled because it had largest AES key size, but DHE which is slower than ECDHE)


  • ECDHE TLS ciphers didn’t work on TLS version 1.0 (but did work on TLS version 1.1 and later)
  • Added Shortcuts Customization (it was missing since version 9.0)
  • MailTicker font style was incorrectly saved
  • Added correct categories in menu customization
  • Fixed Favorites Menu (there was an issue since version 9.0)
  • A memory leak is fixed (the TGoogleAuthTask object was not released)
  • Fixed AV in customizing menus (64bit-only)
  • (#0000329) Link to folder missing from the “Information” tab
  • (#0001736) Message Dispatcher is not terminated
  • (#0001811) The Sorting Office option “Do not preserve header of the original messages” is always applied regardless of the settings
  • (#0001873) Can’t change font styles of selected text
  • (#0001874) Editor: Menu-Item “Format” contains an unnecessary item divider (it was an issue since version 9.0)
  • (#0001896) “Esc” does not close the “Address Book”, “View Message Source”, “Print Preview” and “Enter Registration Key” windows
  • (#0001917) “Cannot remove shell notification icon” error popup during shutdown
  • (#0001923) After language change, a button was missing (it was an issue since version 9.0)
  • (#0001930) Clicking an URL in HTML message opens two browsers
  • (#0001936) Access Violation on “OK” in the Print Setup Dialog
  • (#0001937) The items in the main menu “Workspace -> Show Connection Centre” are not mutually exclusive (it was an issue since version 9.0)
  • (#0001941) Access Violation errors in print setup dialog and cancelling password dialog
  • (#0001953) Message tags are not displayed in the column “Tags”
  • (#0001957) Alternative Deletion shortcut (Shift+Delete key combination) did not work in v9.1
  • Fixed secondary shortcuts. For example, if a single command had two shortcuts (primary and secondary), only primary worked. This affected the following shortcuts: Move to Next Unread (Ctrl+Right,Ctrl+Alt+Right) & Move Previos Unread (Ctrl+Left,Ctrl+Alt+Left)
  • Fixed “invalid class typecast” error when using RC4 (stream) cipher in TLS (introduced in v9.1)
  • (#0001811) If the option “Do not preserve header of the original messages” is turned off for the “Create formatted message” action in the Sorting Office, then the RFC-822 headers of original message are added as an attachment (with Content-type “text/rfc822-headers”, as described in RFC-1892) to the newly created message

Changes in The Bat! 9.0.16 (2019-12-24):

  • Fixes: MailTicker font style was incorrectly saved

Changes in The Bat! 9.0.14 (2019-12-19):

  • The Bat! v9.0.14 is in compliance with the Google’s recently updated security standards related to the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication with Gmail

Changes in The Bat! 9.0.8 (2019-11-27):

Major improvements

  • New interface controls in the main window of the program and in the editor window. DevExpress controls are used instead of TB2K/TBX/SpTBX
  • New way of handling the user interface layout configuration. Also, there is a new file – “userdef.xml”, instead of “tbuser.def” previously used

New features

  • Possibility of recording and logging of the time it takes to open the following configuration dialogs: “Account Properties”, “Folder Properties”, “Sorting Office/Filters”, and the following windows: message editor, the folder view. The time is measured if the following command-line parameters are used to run The Bat!: “/BENCHMARK_STARTUP_TIME” and/or “/STARTUP_TIMING_LOG”. With the “/STARTUP_TIMING_LOG” option only, the results will only be saved to the ex_log.file, while with “/BENCHMARK_STARTUP_TIME” they will be displayed on the screen as a message dialog


  • Updated spell checker dictionaries (Hunspell) for the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English (British), English (U.S.), French, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Spanish, Swedish
  • Removed PGP internal implementation (RFC-1991) from The Bat!
  • There is now a random delay before sending the TLS alert code to a remote computer in order to prevent eventual timing attacks
  • The Preferences dialog now displays an hourglass when it opens


  • (#0000427) Tab order was wrong in some dialogs, e.g. in the “Create Mail Filter” dialog box
  • (#0001327) Access Violation errors on exit have been eliminated
  • (#0001545) Email was added twice to the “To:” line if the address entry in the address book contained multiple addresses
  • (#0001662) Incorrect rendering of certain HTML messages has been resolved
  • (#0001718) An issue with an option during the address book import has been resolved
  • (#0001719) After adding an account using the mail account assistant the The Bat! main window did not show up
  • (#0001755) Address Viewer incorrectly displayed the email address of the sender
  • (#0001780) 64-bit version of The Bat! silently closed upon trying to send a PGP-signed message
  • (#0001785) Ctrl+mouse wheel did not zoom in/out in plain text editors
  • Fixed Access Violation errors which could sometimes happen infrequently, and which were caused by improper CPU thread handling, especially when exiting The Bat!
  • Fixed errors when The Bat! process could hang on exit and stay in the Task Manager while exiting The Bat! when active connections to RSS feeds were in progress
  • Fixed an issue when all tags became ignored
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Image Crop did not work in message templates

Runs on any Windows PC and Windows tablets.

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