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The Bat! 9.5 Christmas Edition

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The Bat! 9.5 Christmas Edition

The Bat! 9 is a popular email client that allows to work with unlimited number of the mailboxes. Furthermore, it has powerful sorting filters, fully customizable message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more other features.

The main task of the program is to secure protection of the correspondence from data theft and monitoring by third parties.

The Bat! 9 is able to handle an unlimited number of e-mail accounts and to process and store an unlimited number of messages.

The program offers a system of automatic message filtering, easy system of templates, message editor with the spell checker. And many other useful features.

The Bat! 9 protects your information using different methods. It includes the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption.

This email client protects your data through multiple encryption streams. It also ensures your correspondence stays private.

Finally, it protects confidential data by working without Web interfaces and without using global email providers that keep your messages in the cloud. The Bat! is perfect for work or at home. It has no restriction on the number of email accounts or messages you can have, high security and built-in features like automatic filters, templates, a spell-checker and more,

The Bat Features:

  • Strong Encryption
  • Backup and restore
  • PGP, GnuPG and S/MIME support
  • The own Address Book
  • Message Parking
  • Internal HTML Viewer
  • Image Download Manager for background retrieval of HTML images
  • Selective download
  • Antivirus interface
  • Safe handling of attached files
  • ASLR and DEP
  • 64-bit version
  • Electronic discovery protection
    • Easily import .mbox and other file formats from a variety of third party email clients.
    • Sort email messages based on addressee or issue with Sorting Office.
    • Quick and powerful search features allow for easy retrieval of archived messages.

Productivity Improvement:

  • Smart Sorting Office
  • Handy Message Templates
  • Quick Templates
  • Address Book features
  • Address History
  • Mail Synchronization
  • Microsoft Exchange Connectivity
  • Extended Support of National Codepages
  • Convenient Message Dispatcher
  • Multilanguage Interface
  • Image Viewing
  • Import Wizard
  • IDN support
  • RSS feed subscriptions

Changes in The Bat! 9.5 Christmas Edition (2021-12-21):

New features

  • /SMTPHOST= command line parameter to specify domain passed in the SMTP greeting (EHLO/HELO). This command line parameter can be added as a line into an account’s memo for account-specific use


  • The format (plain text or HTML) used last time for a new Quick Template is now remembered
  • %SetEditor template macro accepts parameters “plain”, “text” and “HTML” for setting desirable message format
  • More straight-forward logic of HTML templates usage for replies and new messages


  • Some attachments could be hidden from the attachment list as HTML-related parts
  • Automatic switching to the HTML format was not available in the template editor
  • (#02090) Re-filtering log was “white on white” in dark themes

Changes in The Bat! 9.4.5 Halloween Edition (2021-10-27):

New features

  • New options for folder re-filtering: current folder only, current folder and its subfolders and a custom folder set
  • (#002094) It is now possible to reply to all with a Quick Template from a dropdown menu of the toolbar button
  • List-Id header is now included into standard message headers list


  • Updated Root CA certificate list to prevent errors with Let’s Encrypt certificates used for TLS connections
  • Images inserted from clipboard into HTML messages had generic content type
  • Empty lines from plain text were pasted as zero-height paragraphs
  • Folder re-filtering with an existing profile was not selecting the right profile when started from a menu/hotkey
  • Modifications of HTML source in the template editor could be lost when no other changes were performed
  • Embedded images copied from HTML messages and pasted into the HTML message editor could be empty
  • Username is now used for OAUTH instead of the “From” address
  • S/MIME (.p7m) attachments are now displayed properly

Changes in The Bat! 9.4.4 (2021-08-25):

New features

  • Always show the Download button” option for HTML viewer
  • “Re-download images” command in the Image Download drop-down of the HTML viewer
  • Quick rule creation for the Image Download Manager


  • Better names for options for external resource download
  • Prevent entering invalid font names using font drop-down
  • Reduce flicker when downloading images explicitly


  • Manual spell checking was checking words from quotation in the HTML editor
  • Misspellings were not highlighted at the HTML editor startup
  • Address Book command “View messaging history with this person” did not activate the main window
  • Spell checker in the HTML editor was not immediately invoked
  • Current selection was cleared upon right clicking in the HTML editor
  • Paste HTML as quotation was adding extra text at the start
  • Images dropped into HTML messages were embedded with a wrong content type ID
  • Some HTML messages could cause AV errors when forwarded
  • Manual spell checker could freeze at the last misspelled word

Changes in The Bat! 9.4.3 (2021-08-04):

New features

  • Option for minimum font size in the HTML viewer
  • HTML message background settings are now functional
  • The ability to edit HTML source code is now available in the Utilities menu in the templates (F9)
  • Image Download Manager for downloading images from external resources
  • The “Clear Cache” button and the current cache size information at the HTML Viewer settings page
  • The “Authorization code” input for OAUTH login using system web browser


  • Chromium Engine (CEF) updated to v91.1
  • Images referenced by https/http links remain intact after saving
  • Automatic follow-up when replying from a “Sent Mail” folder
  • Better URL detection and wrapping in the HTML editor


  • %CLEAR macro was not effective in HTML Quick Templates
  • “Paste as plain text” was adding extra paragraphs
  • Error message when switching between HTML and plain text formats in the editor window
  • Opening a URL from an HTML message might have caused crash
  • Some non-ASCII characters could be lost when quoted in the HTML editor
  • Access Violation error when trying to insert Quick Templates using Ctrl+Space in HTML
  • Color combo box was not displayed properly with High DPI modes
  • HTML messages could be displayed without embedded images in other email clients
  • “Interface not supported” error on some Windows 7 systems
  • Keyboard shortcuts from local popup menu in the HTML editor were not active
  • “Ignore” was not working in HTML editor spell checker
  • Forwarding HTML messages with non-ASCII characters works properly now
  • (#02144) Clicking internal links was not working
  • HTML code was inserted in the text when forwarding HTML messages
  • Original text was quoted when the “Edit as new” command was used
  • The issue with non-breaking space characters in the HTML editor was fixed
  • Issues with words’ deletion/replacement in HTML editor have been resolved
  • Username + password input will no longer appear for accounts with OAUTH authentication

Runs on any Windows PC and Windows tablets.

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