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Kerish Doctor 2024 4.95 (Build 2024.02.19)

Kerish Doctor 2024 4.95 (Build 2024.02.19)
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Kerish Doctor 2024 is an usefull and complete software solution for the Windows Operating System automatic maintenance. This suite includes PC Troubleshooting, Cleaning, Performance Optimization and Anti-Malware. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

The application uses the unique and unparalleled Real-Time Failure Detection technology, therefore it can prevent Windows crashes in real time. It is completely easy to use and can run on full autopilot. Game Booster technology also helps you increase game performance.

Kerish Doctor 2024 regularly cleans your computer of accumulated digital “trash”, including system and software cache files. This prevents the accidental deletion of any temporary system or software files that are still needed.

In addition, the program has the most comprehensive database of solutions to the most common Windows problems. You can appy them with just one click. Just select the solution from the list.

Kerish Doctor 2024 will analyze your system and make recommendations to improve your computer’s performance that can then be applied with a single click.

The program makes it possible to optimize your operating system configuration, the operation of system services, and internet connection settings in order to achieve maximum performance.

Kerish Doctor 2024 protects your computer against malicious and potentially unwanted programs and also secures vulnerable Windows settings.

In addition, this program also provides timely warnings when new vulnerabilities are reported in installed software and will help you update this software. The Kerish Deblocker function effectively combats malicious software, blocking your computer even if it is already blocked.

Changes in version 4.95:

  • Product renamed to Kerish PC Doctor
  • New powerful hardware monitor
  • Desktop widget for hardware monitor
  • Monitoring the physical condition of the device battery
  • Monitoring the power supply voltage on the motherboard
  • Portable version install mode
  • Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category Control Panel
  • Improved garbage cleaning algorithms. Became more efficient
  • New category of digital garbage Delivery Optimization Files
  • Added auto-shutdown of PC by timer
  • Updated file shredder. Configuring information cleaning methods
  • Updated Internet Booster tool. Added new settings and improved interface
  • Added new recommendations to prevent user spying
  • Improved Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added support for Touch screens
  • Interface improvements
  • Network code improved

Changes in version 4.91:

Technical release to change the version of a program due to legal reasons.
This release does not carry changes, please wait for the annual version update this year.

Changes in version 4.90:

  • New interface design
  • New Disk Defrag tool
  • Full integration with S.M.A.R.T disk technology
  • Disk Cleanup component has been upgraded to Disk Optimization: background defragmentation has been added when the PC is idle
  • Added a reminder about new versions of device drivers
  • Ability to add shortcuts to program tools on the desktop by right-click
  • Added the ability to create system restore points in the scheduler
  • Improved scan for vulnerabilities in installed software
  • Added the ability to make a process as priority in the Running Processes tool
  • Added disk rating score to the System Information tool
  • Added many small improvements

Changes in Kerish Doctor 2021 version 4.85:

  • Added the “Driver Update” tool that contains over 100,000 device drivers
  • Added the “Disk Map” tool for analyzing disk space
  • Added the “Driver Manager” tool, which allows you to make backup copies of drivers
  • Cleaning of digital “garbage” is accelerated several times
  • Added the ability to search in the application
  • Added the ability to change the view of sections (icons/list/small list)
  • Update the “Software Update” tool – version updating now appears in the list
  • Update the “Windows Updates” tool – better responsiveness
  • Update the “Empty Folder Cleaner” tool – added basic paths of empty folders + safer delete settings
  • Update the “Search for Large Files” tool – added basic paths of large files + safer delete settings
  • Update the “System Restore” tool – add ability to set a name for the created system point
  • Increased number of program settings
  • Improved display of the report on found problems
  • Added the ability to import, export or reset program settings
  • Added the ability to remember the choice of action for potential vulnerabilities
  • Added new issues solved by the Real-time Failure Detection System
  • Added new recommendations
  • Many small improvements added

Homepage – https://www.kerish.org

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Interface languages:

English English
German German
Russian Russian
Polish Polish
Bulgarian Bulgarian
Spanish Spanish
Italian Italian
Ukrainian Ukrainian
Slovenian Slovenian
Indonesian Indonesian
Portuguese Portuguese
Dutch Dutch
Czech Czech
Finnish Finnish
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
French French
Danish Danish
Hungarian Hungarian
Turkish Turkish
Brazilian Brazilian

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