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RegVac Registry Cleaner 5.02.14

RegVac Registry Cleaner 5.02.14

RegVac is a System Registry cleaner consisting a lot of different tools to clean the registry of unneeded entries and stashes.

This utility cleans your registry, history lists, recent lists and tips. It also removes 27 of the most common stashes and allows you to add more locations to clean. It finds keys and file lists that may be left over from long deleted files, and removes them.

RegVac Registry Cleaner has 6 cleaners, 3 editors, and 7 tools that get the registry sparkling clean, speed up your computer, avoid computer crashes, and repair Windows and applications.

Stronger cleaning power than other registry cleaners. Some of the tools in RegVac Registry Cleaner are not available anywhere else. Novice and Expert modes. Automation. Easy to use.

Robo Vac is a bonus tool that with one click of the button cleans up to four sections: Classes, Software, Stash, and File Lists. Robo Scrubber can be set up to run on startup daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Better Performance:

  • Speed up your Computer. Because your computer accesses the registry frequently, keeping it clean allows your computer to run faster and more efficiently.
  • Avoid Computer Crashes. Sloppy programmers exist in the most popular software companies. Their sloppiness puts your computer in danger of a crash. RegVac regularly cleans out their bugs.
  • Get your Registry Sparkling Clean. Besides the normal dirt that RegVac and other registry cleaners clean, there are thousands of dirt piles hiding which other registry cleaners don’t even attempt to get. You will find them in RegVac’s Stash Vac, OpenWith Editor, and AutoComplete Editor. If you want to do a complete job at cleaning your registry, RegVac is the tool to have.
  • Repair Windows and Applications. When something goes wrong in the registry, it can cause Windows and/or applications to mess up. Reports are coming in from all over the world about how RegVac has fixed stubborn software problems.

Six Cleaners:

  • Classes Cleaner. Complex algorithms not found in any other registry cleaner ensure that your classes are properly structured and clean.
  • Stash Cleaner. The registry is littered with history lists, recent lists, and tips. This tool removes hundreds of the most common stashes and allows you to add the location of stashes that you discover. Other registry cleaners do not clean the stashes.
  • Lists Cleaner. Many lists in the registry require special handling. This cleaner uses extra processes to discover concealed problems in the following lists: Known Drivers, Static VxD, Open GL Drivers, Shared Drivers, Start Menu, Startup, Help, Fonts, AppPaths, Extensions, HTML Help, Installed Files, Add/Remove Cache, Installer, and MUICache.
  • Software Cleaner. The largest part of the registry is the Software section. This cleaner searches through the Software section and finds keys that may be left over from deleted and uninstalled programs.
  • Bad Link Cleaner. This cleaner looks from one end of the registry to the other for references to files that do not exist on your computer. Remove all of the found entries or use the Show Key button to examine each one.
  • Junk Cleaner. Spyware and Adware love to put entries in your registry. This tool checks to see of you have any of the common ones and removes them.

Three Editors:

  • Add/Remove Editor. Checks your Add/Remove Programs list for programs that have already been deleted and allows you to uninstall programs, remove entries, and test entries.
  • OpenWith Editor. Lists the extensions that are configured through the Open With… dialog box in Windows and allows you to remove them.
  • AutoComplete Editor. Every time you type something in a web form, it is saved in a secret locked part of the registry. This editor opens that area up and allows you to remove the ones you want.

Seven Tools:

  • System Configuration Utility. MSConfig is a neat little Windows utility that gives you behind-the-scenes access to your system’s configuration. This tool opens msconfig for you with the click of a button and removes disabled entries in it from the registry.
  • Software Cleanup. Even when you properly uninstall software, fragments may be left behind. This unique tool uses three methods to find the remains and remove them.
  • Registry Pack. Removes fragmentation and rebuilds the registry files.
  • PC Optimizer. Goes through certain registry settings and optimizes them so that Windows runs in its optimal condition.
  • Monitor. Tells when the registry changes. Specify where to have the monitor watch in the registry.
  • Registry Backup. Makes full backups of the registry for your protection.
  • Registry Restore. Restores registry backups.

Size: 1.11 MB


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