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WebSite-Watcher 2017 is a powerful yet simple website monitoring tool. It automatically checks web pages for updates and changes. Automate your daily routine, boost your productivity!

WebSite-Watcher 2017 perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. If you can work with an email client, you can even work with WebSite-Watcher! Save Time, Stay Informed!

The software places you in complete control over what gets checked, when it gets checked, and even how you are notified.

WebSite-Watcher 2017 allows you to monitor your favorite websites for updates and changes with a minimum of time and effort. This prevents you from visiting each page manually looking for changes.

When changes in a page are detected, WebSite-Watcher 2017 saves the last two versions to your hard disk and highlights all changes in the text.

Many features give you control, when and how a page should be monitored for updates. For example to get only an update notification when a specified keyword is available within the changed content.

WebSite-Watcher 2017 works as client on your computer, similar to an e-mail client. All bookmarks and configurations are stored locally on your hard disk. WebSite-Watcher doesn’t require our servers to check pages for updates and changes.


  • Monitor web pages
  • Monitor password protected pages
  • Monitor forums for new postings and replies
  • Monitor RSS feeds, Newsgroups and local files
  • Highlight changes in a page
  • Powerful filter system to ignore unwanted content
  • Many more features to stay up-to-date!

Video Tutorials:

Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Changes in Website-Watcher 2017 17.2 (2017-08-25):

  • [+] Troubleshooting: Convert to simple HTML version (This option converts the page into a very simple version. You can use that option if the checked page cannot be displayed or if opening the bookmark causes a crash).
  • [x] Various performance improvements
  • [x] Performance boost when checking very large pages
  • [+] Filter Assistant: Find function (Ctrl+F) works for Ignore and Watch filters
  • [+] Bookmark properties / Advanced / Open page: New options “Tile vertically” and “Tile horizontally”
  • [+] Custom colums: New variable to display entered BCC e-mails
  • [+] .xlsm files can be checked via Excel plugin
  • [+] Bookmark properties: If the option “Delay after page has loaded” is activated, WebSite-Watcher automatically suggests 10 seconds
  • [+] Plugins: New function AddSlash
  • [+] Plugins: Bookmark_GetProperties supports 4 new fields: “ignore_filter”, “watch_filter”, “ignore_filter_unused” and “watch_filter_unused”
  • [+] Restore previous version also restores old change date
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More types of buttons supported
  • [x] When recording a new macro, WebSite-Watcher automatically pre-selects the option “Internet Explorer Macro”
  • [x] Improved support of links with anchors
  • [+] Report/Export works with Virtual Folders when the Folder View is selected
  • [+] New program tweak: HighlightChangesExactHigh=1 – Improves accuracy of the highlight method “Excact”. This tweak uses a more exact algorithm to highlight different words in similar paragraphs. This method requires more resources and might work a bit slower. Use it only if the default behavior of the “Excact” method is not accurate enough.
  • [-] .xlsx files could not be converted under rare circumstances
  • [-] Running AutoBackup could cause a crash under certain circumstances
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher could crash when using the program tweak ActionsSendMailAttachAsZip=1
  • [-] Report/Export: Links in extracted changes could be broken under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

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this is a very usefull software. 10x