Pale Moon 28.1.0 – Final

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Pale Moon 28 is a custom-built and speed optimized Firefox browser. The project uses contributed Open Source code to create a full-featured, speed optimized browser based on the popular Firefox browser.

Having seen the advantages on other systems (e.g. Linux) with regards to programs being compiled specifically for the capabilities of the machine it is installed on, it became obviously clear that Windows users were at a disadvantage.

Mozilla only releases windows executables with maximum compatibility in mind, meaning that Firefox is made to run on as many different systems as possible, sacrificing efficiency and speed in the process to be compatible with, by current standards, absolutely ancient hardware.

Mozilla does not provide optimized browser packages for Windows. That means you may be lose speed and efficiency when you use your browser.

That needs to change. Therefore Pale Moon project offers custom-built and optimized Firefox browsers for Windows Operating Systems. Make sure to get the most speed and efficiency out of your browser!

Users will find a slightly more conservative approach to changes in the user interface in the Pale Moon browser. It, although very close to Firefox, is (now more obviously so than before) a different product. However, these differences in layout do not prevent anyone from configuring their browser interface to exactly the way they want it to look and work. Including like Mozilla Firefox’s default layout if they so wish.

Pale Moon Main features:

  • Highly optimized for modern processors
  • 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
  • Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
  • Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
  • Stability: experience fewer browser crashes.
  • Support for SVG and Canvas, and downloadable fonts including WOFF
  • Support for HTML5 and WebGL (v4)
  • Support for Firefox extensions (add-ons), themes and personas
  • Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)
  • Able to use existing Firefox profiles, bookmarks and settings with this migration tool

Changes in Pale Moon 28.1.0 (2018-09-20):

Homepage –

Size: 33.3 MB

DOWNLOAD for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD Portable for Windows x86

DOWNLOAD Portable for Windows x64

DOWNLOAD Portable for Linux x86

DOWNLOAD Portable for Linux x64

DOWNLOAD for Android

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9 Comments on "Pale Moon 28.1.0 – Final"

Agree Very Nice Alternative
Upodate This got me back into FF. Great Browser and Fast.....But with these updates into 5 many thins still don't work  Netflix?????
Yes it is more Stable than FF.
The competition is fierce with the Waterfox. But both are faster and more stable than Firefox
I"m liking this browser a lot..
I'm liking this too, I like it considerably more than Waterfox
I tried Pale Moon and Waterfox both of them would crash on me. I found the cause. It was Flash player locking up.
Interesting, @soundping ...This problem with flash player, I've never had this difficulty. Both Firefox and Pale Moon works well here. However, I do not use Java on both. Java only in IExplorer.
all these extra firefox browser's have problem with flash,plugins...So bad... poor mozilla company :(