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Windows 10 Manager 3.3.3 by Yamicsoft

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Windows 10 Manager 3.3.3 by Yamicsoft

Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager is an all-in-one utility that helps you optimize, tweak, repair and clean up Microsoft Windows 10. It will increase your system speed, eliminate system fault, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.

This is a bundle with more than 30 different utilities in one to help your system be faster and more stable. Also it optimizes, tweaks, cleans up, repairs and personalizes your copy of your Windows 10.

Windows 10 Manager has an uninstaller which can fully delete programs from your system without residual files. Also it will display the detailed information about all hardware on your system.

Also you will able to find and clean junk files, registry entries and defrag the registry. The 1-clicking Cleaner cleans your system automatically.


Creates the system restore point manually. Gets detailed information about your system and hardware, helps you find out the Micrsoft product key such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Shows and manages all running processes and threads. Repair Center helps to diagnose and fix the various system problems. Cleans up your system just one clicking. Optimization Wizard is useful to the user who is unfamiliar with computers.


Tweaks your system to improve performance and increase speed. Manages and configures the Windows boot menu to your preference. Startup Manager controls all the started programs with Windows start. Also checks and repairs the advanced starup items to restore the malicious change by viruses. Manages and optimizes system services and drivers to improve performance. Manages and optimizes the scheduled tasks to speed up your system.


Disk Analyzer can analyze and view the disk space usage of all programs. Cleans up WinSxS folder securely to reduce the component store size. Smart Uninstaller can fully delete programs from your system without residual files and registry entries. Desktop Cleaner can analyze and move unused shortcuts, files and folders on desktop to specified folders. Searches and deletes junk files to save disk space and improve performance. Also the duplicated files to save your disk space. Registry Cleaner searches Registry to find out and delete the invalid items. Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexes your Registry to reduce registry access time. Therefore it improve application responsiveness and eliminate mistakes and corruption in Registry.


Customizes system parameters according to your preferences by tweaking File Explorer, Desktop, Start, Taskbar and Notification area. Adds files, folders and system items to This PC, and Desktop. Moreover, pins the files or folders to your Desktop, Taskbar or Start. Creates the quick startup items for jumplist on Taskbar. Manages the context menu when right click the file, folder, etc. Edits the shortcut menu that right-click Start button (Win + X shortcut). Customizes the look of your system. Edits and adds the shortcuts that executed on Run dialog box. Also tweaks the Windows Apps and Microsoft Modern UI settings.


Tweaks system, components, UAC, Sign in settings, adjusts various settings and restricts access to drives and programs to improve system security. Safeguard your sensitive files and folders security. Moreover, encrypt files, move system folders to safe locations. Privacy Protector ensures privacy and keeps sensitive information secure by eliminating tracks. File Undelete recovers and restores deleted or formatted files on logical disks. Also locks some system features to improve security.


Optimizes and tweaks your internet connection and network settings. Tweaks Microsoft Edge browser settings. IP Switcher can switch between different network settings easily. Also edits the Hosts file to speed up system surfing internet. Wi-Fi Manager can view and manage all your wireless network.

Miscellaneous Utilities.

Creates scheduled tasks or the monitorings that trigger tasks. Shows and run the useful collection of utility that built-in your Windows. Splits a file into several smaller files or merges back to the original file. Super Copy is the powerful tool to copy files or backup automatically. Operates your Registry easily using the Registry Tools.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.3.3 (2020-09-16):

  • Perfect the tweak “Disable executing Registry file”
  • Add the Port Scan in Network Tools.
  • Perfect some features.
  • Fix some bugs.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.3.2 (2020-09-03):

  • Fix the bugs in WiFi Manager.
  • Perfect some functions.
  • Perfect the UI icons.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.3.1 (2020-08-15):

  • Fix the bugs and Perfect some functions.
  • Add the IP Scanner in Network Tools.
  • Perfect the UI icons.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.3.0 (2020-07-25):

  • Add Network Tools.
  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix some bugs.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.9 (2020-07-06):

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix the bug that cannot backup Start Menu tile layouts.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.8 (2020-06-15):

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix some bugs.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.7 (2020-05-25):

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix some bugs.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.6 (2020-05-05):

  • Remember window size and location.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • You can view the jump list and compatibility cache in Privacy Protector.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.5 (2020-04-15):

  • Perfect Navigation Pane Manager, you can sort navigation pane items.
  • Add the option that save the window size when you resize window.
  • You can view the Windows Prefetch information in Executed Programs.
  • You can add folders in WinX Menu Editor.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.4 (2020-03-25):

  • Perfect the search function.
  • Perfect the Privacy Protector.
  • Fix the bugs in Optimization Wizard.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.3 (2020-03-05):

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Add some features in Privacy Protector.
  • You can disable Windows Update completely.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.2 (2020-02-15):

  • Add the Favorites Checker.
  • Perfect some functions.
  • Add the Arabic.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.1 (2020-01-25):

  • Perfect some functions.
  • Add the function that delete all visited folder history.
  • Add some tweaks.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.2.0 (2020-01-08):

  • Add Settings Security.
  • Perfect the Privacy Protector.
  • Add the option that adjust aspect ratio of a resizable window at startup.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.9 (2019-12-18):

  • Add the option to fix live tiles in Repair Center.
  • Add the Lock Screen image Extractor.
  • Fix and perfect the Privacy Protector.
  • Fix bugs.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.8 (2019-11-28):

  • Add the function that chang Windows Font in Visual Customizer.
  • Add the Screen Snip in Context Menu Manager and Windows Utilities.
  • Perfect some functions and tweaks.
  • Only download English and your current language update files in Live Update by default.

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.7 (2019-11-08):

  • Add and perfect some functions.
  • Solve the problem that “Could not create ssltls secure channel” when using Live Update

Changes in Windows 10 Manager 3.1.6 (2019-10-21):

  • Add some functions.
  • Add the search function for tree list.
  • Fix the bugs in Bing Images.

Homepage –

Suported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 10.

Windows 10 Manager screenshot

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5 Comments on Windows 10 Manager 3.3.3 by Yamicsoft

  • Gravatar

    Youssef SALAMA

    Windows 10 Manager : la meilleure application de nettoyage pour Windows 10… efficace et riche en fonctionnalités Windows 10 Manager est une solution tout-en-un pour rendre votre Windows génial. L'app ajustez, nettoyez et optimisez divers aspects de votre système Windows 10. Windows 10 Manager est une solution logicielle extrêmement complexe mais facile à comprendre, conçue spécifiquement pour les appareils exécutant Windows 10 en tant que système d'exploitation, son objectif principal étant de vous aider à optimiser son exécution, à supprimer les fichiers indésirables et à augmenter ses performances. Interface graphique de Windows 10 Manager est bien structurée mais pas entièrement nouvelle Étant donné que cette application a été développée par les auteurs de Windows 8 Manager, Windows 7 Manager, WinXP Manager et Vista Manager. Windows 10 Manager organise ses principaux composants sous des onglets spécifiques : *Information; **Optimizer; ***Cleaner; ****Customization; *****Security / Network; ******Misc Utilities Cette organisation est pour vous aider à trouver et travailler rapidement avec l'instrument précis dont vous avez besoin. Windows 10 Manager reste est une application très complexe visant à vous aider à personnaliser l'apparence, la sensation et le comportement de votre système. Il peut vous aider à augmenter sa vitesse globale, à améliorer ses défenses et à le rendre plus adapté visuellement à vos besoins. Cependant, les nombreux outils, fonctions et fonctionnalités peuvent sembler assez accablants à première vue, ce qui peut dissuader les individus moins expérimentés de travailler avec, de peur de passer par-dessus leur tête.

  • Gravatar


    There are now new files and at first glance it seems to work. The links are the same and the version number is also the same. Windows 10 Manager 3.0.5

  • Gravatar


    Windows 10 Manager 3.0.5 W10MPCL.dll is damaged and many subprograms don't work.

  • Gravatar


    Now is installer changed/repaired and this one works.

  • Gravatar


    2.2.7 Installer doesn't work, to get it, use the update function.